Xbox 360 $50 Price Cut is a Temporary Promotion for the Holidays - News

by William D'Angelo, posted on 17 October 2012 / 7,797 Views

Microsoft has confirmed the $50 price cut to certain Xbox 360 bundles in the U.S. is a temporary price promotion for the holidays only. The 250GB Xbox 360 model, as well as the 4GB model bundled with Kinect has been reduced to $249 from $299. The 250GB Kinect bundle has been cut to $349 from $399.

The temporary price cut will help boost sales during the holiday period. Amazon, GameStop and Wal Mart, are among some of the major US retailers which are participating in this promotion.

The promotion is also affecting certain games as well as the Halo 4 250GB Xbox 360 bundle, which has been reduced to $349, down from $399. Pack-in games which have been reduced include Kinect Sports, Dance Central 2, DisneyLand Adventures, Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13.

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Dampfi (on 18 October 2012)

I just cannot imagine the price going up again in 2 months time.

spaceguy (on 18 October 2012)

They need to just cut the price. It is to high.

Michael-5 (on 17 October 2012)

What about the core 4GB model? Does it go down to $149 from $199????

trunkswd (on 17 October 2012)

Nope. The cheapest model remains at $199.

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Heavenly_King (on 17 October 2012)

"it is a temporary promotion to ruin the WiiU launch" Fixed XD

Michael-5 (on 17 October 2012)

lol, Microsoft is greedy, they can't even make a full out price cut.

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NobleTeam360 (on 17 October 2012)

Suddenly that Halo 4 bundle becomes even more of a great value.

VGKing (on 17 October 2012)

Not great value at all. $350 for an Xbox 360 this late in the generation is a rip off.

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Dark_Lord_2008 (on 18 October 2012)

It should be a permanent price cut to slow down the momentum of the Wii U.

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 17 October 2012)

that's expensive this late in the gen.

kmcroc (on 17 October 2012)

Just saved me 50.00 towards COD BL OP 2