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Report: PlayStation's Project Q Handheld to Launch in November

Report: PlayStation's Project Q Handheld to Launch in November - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 25 May 2023 / 5,126 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment during the PlayStation Showcase announced the Project Q handheld device.

Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson, who had leaked the handheld was in development in April, is reporting Project Q will launch in the mid-to-late November of this year.

"Currently scheduled to release mid-late November 2023," said Henderson.

Project Q is designed to play games installed on your PS5 that are streamed over Wi-Fi. It will have an 8-inch LCD screen that can run games up to 1080p and 60 frames per second.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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Slownenberg (on 25 May 2023)

So basically a handheld device purely for cloud gaming, where your PS5 is the cloud. So it's not a handheld system but just a likely expensive peripheral to PS5. And one that will only be useful if you're indoors somewhere with wifi as data amount would kill any mobile internet.

I don't see this selling much. Maybe 3-5 million, if that. It's clearly only for 'power users' (those willing to spend a ton of money on games) but usually those are the people who want to be playing on their big expensive 4k tvs, not on a handheld screen. I mean its a cool tech idea, just seems like a terrible business idea. It's kinda like a bit better WiiU concept, except wayyyyy more expensive. And we all know how good WiiU was as a concept.

I'd say this is similar to PSVR - an expensive Playstation peripheral that gives you a new way to play your playstation games - except much less cool because VR is at least a cool sorta futuristic way to play games. Whatever PSVR2 sells, which it looks like won't be much, this will sell less.

It's like if Nintendo had released a console, and then after that released the Switch as a cloud streaming-only peripheral for the console. Think about how bad that woulda have been. And that's what Project Q is.

  • +9
JackHandy Slownenberg (on 25 May 2023)

I feel like if they had just included internal storage, and let you download the titles you want to take with you as an option, everything would have been completely different.

  • +1
VAMatt JackHandy (on 25 May 2023)

Sure. But it would have to be able to run those games that you downloaded. And then it would cost several times as much.

  • +14
Slownenberg VAMatt (on 25 May 2023)

haha yea exactly. Then we are talking about a portable PS5 which obviously isn't even doable unless people wanted a $500 handheld that's even bigger than the Steam Deck and with like a 45 minute battery life haha

  • +5
JackHandy VAMatt (on 26 May 2023)

You're right. Somehow, I didn't even think about that. Wow... this thing really is a mess, isn't it?

  • +4
Bandorr JackHandy (on 25 May 2023)

That's just the vita. Which failed - badly.

  • -1
Shikamo (on 25 May 2023)

Wii U was ahead of it's time

  • +4
V-r0cK Shikamo (on 25 May 2023)

You mean the Wii U was before the PSP and remote play? lol

  • -2
Shikamo V-r0cK (on 25 May 2023)

Sorry, i forgot about the PSP :/

  • 0
Leynos V-r0cK (on 25 May 2023)

You mean PSP was after SEGA Nomad and Turbo Express

  • +11
V-r0cK Leynos (on 25 May 2023)

This isn't about handhelds. We're talking about a home console that uses a secondary screen device to play games linked from the home console or else Shikamo could have easily commented and listed some random earlier handheld before Wii U cause it clearly wasn't the first.

Sega Nomad and Turbo Express were separate portable versions of their home console, not used with the home console at all as a secondary screen. You didn't need their home console with it to play their games at all. But if we're not comparing apples to apples then we might as well go way back to the earliest of portable handheld gaming device, the Microvision? But it's irrelevant to this topic, just like the Nomad and Turbo Express.

You should at least try to think about the topic at hand rather than list random handhelds. It just looks like you'll say anything to discredit Sony but you're better than that.

  • 0
Leynos V-r0cK (on 25 May 2023)

"random" lol ok even tho Nomad docked to the TV. As for second screen experience. Q isn't doing that and the concept has been around a while. Dreamcast with both VMU and connecting to Neo Geo Pocket but sure the tech was not able to stream or replicate home console visuals yet. Only point was both concepts been around before Sony tried it.

  • +1
V-r0cK Leynos (on 26 May 2023)

The connection between Wii U and PSP/Vita was that they have a based home console that can play the 'actual games' on the secondary screen rather than on TV. No other handheld device has that exact feature to my knowledge.

You can't really say that's what the Dreamcast with VMU and Neo Geo Pocket was supposed to be because the tech wasn't there, because you can say that about any old tech. This is about who created this particular feature first.

I know what the Nomad does and I remember you even discussed in a thread way back how it started the "docking handheld to play on TV" before Switch and PSP/PSP Go, and I agreed with you there. That's where the Nomad is more relatable, but not with up against the Wii U and Project Q. If Project Q was a completely separate handheld device then nobody would be comparing this to Wii U.

  • -1
VAMatt Shikamo (on 29 May 2023)

I think one of the biggest problems with the Wii u was that the gamepad was huge at a time when tablets were coming to market that looked much more sleek. The thing looked old on launch day.

  • +4
Paatar (on 26 May 2023)

I always play my Switch on my couch In front of my TV in handheld, so if the price for this isn’t absurd, when I get a PS5 I’ll definitely be interested in this. I know I’m in the minority but 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • +3
CosmicSex Paatar (on 27 May 2023)

I want this as my bedroom player. I have my PS5 in my living room. I want to be able to lay in my bedroom and still be able to play my games. I can do that with my phone but this is way better being as though it has DualSense and a nice size screen. I think it's gonna support a WiFi 6 connection so it will probably work very well.

  • +1
siebensus4 (on 26 May 2023)

Streaming over Wi-Fi means that it has more latency than the Miracast Wii U Gamepad, right?

  • +1
NextGen_Gamer siebensus4 (on 26 May 2023)

Wi-Fi has come a long way since the Wii U days. Assuming it's Wi-Fi 6 (maybe 6E even), and you also have a decent Wi-Fi 6 router, it would definitely be much improved over Wii U's tablet controller. That said, it would be hard to call this a truly portable handheld. Tethering it to your phone I'm sure would result in a terrible experience, but even just using it at your friend's house over Wi-Fi would never be a guaranteed good play experience, as you would need to take into account their Internet connection speeds.

  • +1
VAMatt NextGen_Gamer (on 29 May 2023)

How many people have a Wi-Fi 6 router?

  • +1
NextGen_Gamer VAMatt (on 30 May 2023)

I would think a lot at this point. At least where I live, they have been included for free with our two major ISPs for something like 4+ years now lol

  • 0
VAMatt NextGen_Gamer (on 30 May 2023)

Where do you live?

I haven't been paying much attention to Wi-Fi protocol adoption. But, I'm not aware of any residential internet service that can even take full advantage of Wi-Fi 5 speeds, so I would assume that adoption of Wi-Fi 6 is slow. I know that I do not use a Wi-Fi 6 router, and I'm relatively certain that nobody in my close circle has

I should note that I do have a Wi-Fi 6 router, as it was provided by my ISP. But I'm not using it. And I'm pretty sure that they just upgraded to that as their standard router last year. So only new sign ups have that thing at this point. For the record, I have Verizon FiOS service.

  • +1
VAMatt VAMatt (on 30 May 2023)

That said, it probably is reasonable to assume that there will be a lot of Wi-Fi 6 routers in use within another couple of years, if the ISPs are offering them as their standard equipment.

  • +1
NextGen_Gamer VAMatt (on 30 May 2023)

I'm up in North Dakota. We only have local ISPs here - no Comcast, Verizon, etc. providers. Each have offered Gigabit services for a few years now as well, for $99/mo. I myself have gigabit cable (1Gbps down and then 50Mbps up), and I'm using Vilo's super cheap Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers. At launch, they were $70 for a 3 pack :)

  • 0
tslog (on 25 May 2023)

Big games Media should be demanding who at Sony made to silly self-defeating decision to limit this handheld to Home Wi-fi only needing a PS5.
No accountability asked for.

  • +1
twintail tslog (on 26 May 2023)

Sony already confirmed they had plans for cloud over the next few months. You can very much expect this to be part of that when they finally refresh what their cloud plans are

  • 0
KLAMarine (on 25 May 2023)

Why is the Vita pictured?

  • +1
gtotheunit91 KLAMarine (on 25 May 2023)

It's a follow up tweet to Tom Henderson's original from a month and a half ago when there were no pictures to go off of and Vita was the closest thing he could've mocked up since it was going to be a handheld.

  • +3
Imaginedvl (on 25 May 2023)

I like this. I'm using remote play a lot for both my Xboxes and my Play Station 5.
I'm using my iPad usually with an Xbox or Play Station controller; but having a dedicated devices is nice.
I have an Xbox in almost every room I want to play (bedroom, living room, etc..) but only one Play Station 5 so having a dedicated device is def. a + for me.
I'm curious about the price tho...

  • +1
Manlytears Imaginedvl (on 25 May 2023)

likely $200-300.
At $300 it's DoA
At $200 it's rather interesting, not amazing, but interesting.

  • +2
VAMatt Manlytears (on 29 May 2023)

I think $150 is the price it needs to be at if they want to sell a ton of units. But, since it's an accessory, and accessories are expected to bring in fat margins, I think it's likely to be priced higher than that.

  • +4
Imaginedvl VAMatt (on 29 May 2023)

Yah150$ would be good but I cannot see this thing priced lower than 200$. Maybe it will come with other features that will make it attractive enough but it will be steep price for sure

  • +1
Manlytears VAMatt (on 29 May 2023)

Yup, $150 is the sweet spot.

  • 0
GProgrammer (on 30 May 2023)

I will be surprised if this sells more than 5 Million lifetime

  • 0
TheLegendaryBigBoss (on 29 May 2023)

Should have shoved a Ryzen Z1 Extreme in it, then I could be tempted to buy

  • 0
Radek (on 28 May 2023)

This is what we get instead of PS5 Slim? What happened to that rumoured PS5 Slim? With detachable Blu-Ray drive? In PS4 generation we got Slim 3 years into generation and PS4 Pro as well...

  • 0
LivncA_Dis3 (on 26 May 2023)

If it's cheap people will buy it,

If it's expensive it going to be like psvr2 again enuf said.

Both devices are desirable only if the price is right.

  • -2
Moseskyle83 (on 25 May 2023)

I love the way everyone keeps saying it’s an expensive waste of kit yet we don’t even know the price and it helps families when someone wants to watch the tv in the main room. I think as long as it’s priced right this could be a nice little compliment to the ps5 family where sometimes you may not have access to the tv but wanna game a bit

  • -2
VAMatt Moseskyle83 (on 25 May 2023)

The thing is though, accessories are not loss leaders like consoles are. Sony is selling this thing to make money. Typically a lot of profit is expected from accessories. So, the assumption is that it's going to sell for a couple of hundred dollars, so that Sony can make a decent profit on it.

  • +7
Slownenberg VAMatt (on 25 May 2023)

Would it even make much money at $200? I assume this is gonna be $250-$300. But maybe just doing cloud streaming is less expensive than I assume. Though I guess you did say "couple hundred" so maybe you meant $200-$300. And yeah, unlike a system, you're not selling any extra games by selling this thing. So they are definitely gonna be wanting to make a pretty penny off each one sold, when you consider R&D costs as well.

  • 0
VAMatt Slownenberg (on 25 May 2023)

My guess is that It will cost around $200. That seems a little low for them to be making much money on, but I just can't see how they could justify selling it for more than that. If they try to charge $300 for this thing, nobody is going to buy it. I don't even think it'll sell very well at $200.

  • +3
Bandorr (on 25 May 2023)

I guess streamed over wi-fi is not the same as remote play.
1080p, 60fps sounds great when all I'm doing is not wanting to use my TV.
Still very much price dependent.

  • -2
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