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Rumor: Metroid Prime Remaster 'Definitively' Coming This Holiday

Rumor: Metroid Prime Remaster 'Definitively' Coming This Holiday - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 July 2022 / 2,097 Views

Nintendo is hosting Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase tomorrow that will focus on upcoming third-party Nintendo Switch games.

While it likely won't be shown tomorrow, Jeff Grubb has said he heard a Metroid Prime remaster is "pretty definitively" is "going to be one of their big holiday games. In the past, this is something I heard was in the works. They have thing happening with that game.

"Now I've been told their plans is to release that game this holiday. I think almost certainly to lineup with the 20th anniversary in November."

Grubb added Metroid Prime 2 and would release separately and not be getting the "big remaster treatment," according to what he has heard. He does expect them to have updated controls. 

Metroid Prime released for the Nintendo GameCube in North America on November 18, 2002.

Metroid Prime 4, which has been in development for years, has been a no show at Nintendo Directs for a while now. Development for the game was restarted in 2019.

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mZuzek (on 27 June 2022)

The way these rumors have been going, I wouldn't be surprised to see this exact same story this time next year.

  • +6
DonFerrari (on 27 June 2022)

Rumor and definetely in the same phrase is something very odd =p

  • +4
Medisti (on 27 June 2022)

Has anyone in gaming "leaks" not read The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

  • +2
CaptainExplosion Medisti (on 27 June 2022)


  • +1


  • +1
Imaginedvl (on 27 June 2022)

So... Is it a rumor or is it definitely coming? :)
Would be nice if true; my GameCube is long dead, and I installed this on my SteamDeck with Dolphin but playing a remaster with updated controls would be sweet.

  • +2
NextGen_Gamer Imaginedvl (on 27 June 2022)

Sounds like Metroid Prime will be the getting the full remake treatment, not just a remaster. This will be more like Shadow of the Colossus, from PS2 original to the PS4 version. It's a beloved classic and definitely deserves it. And then after that, we would be getting "regular" remasters of Prime 2 and 3. So those would be the GameCube original assets, just running at higher resolution and updated controls.

  • +3
Imaginedvl NextGen_Gamer (on 27 June 2022)

Well... This would make me VERY happy :) I mean, the first time I started the game on my GameCube and that first time you get out of the ship on the planet... This game is/was amazing and if it is a full remake treatment; this is for the best.

  • +1
IcaroRibeiro (on 27 June 2022)

I hope this is something like Xenoblade, not a straight port like Skyward Sword

  • +1
Kakadu18 (on 27 June 2022)

If it's real, we'll see it in the September direct.

  • +1
NextGen_Gamer Kakadu18 (on 27 June 2022)

Agreed. With a lot of games, and especially in the Switch era, Nintendo doesn't seem to enjoy having a big lead up from announcement to actual release. A ton of N's first-party games are released within 6 months or less from when they are shown for the first time.

  • +1
No9tro (on 27 June 2022)

Rumored to have been restarted? They straight up confirmed it, what are you talking about?

  • +1
trunkswd No9tro (on 27 June 2022)

You are right. I've updated the article.

  • +1
CaptainExplosion (on 27 June 2022)

"Definitely coming" means not at all.

  • -1
VAMatt CaptainExplosion (on 27 June 2022)

His actual words are "pretty definitively" which may as well mean nobody has any fucking idea.

  • +6
CaptainExplosion VAMatt (on 27 June 2022)

I get it, but at this point these rumors are stating to feel like just some douchebagey some twat face is churning out every day just to laugh at our disappointment. Whoever it is can fuck themselves.

  • -2