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PS5 Restock Boosts Sales, Switch Sales Top 107M - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Apr 10-16

PS5 Restock Boosts Sales, Switch Sales Top 107M - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Apr 10-16 - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 26 April 2022 / 6,941 Views

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 280,576 units sold for the week ending April 16, 2022, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 107.03 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 183,969 units to bring its lifetime sales to 18.99 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 150,483 units to bring their lifetime sales to 14.16 million units.

PS5 sales compared to the same week for the PS4 in 2015 are down by nearly 20,000 units, while the Xbox Series X|S compared to the same week for the Xbox One are up by nearly 64,000 units. PS4 sold 203,787 units for the week ending April 18, 2015 and Xbox One sales were at 86,692 units.

The PlayStation 4 sold an estimated 15,716 units, and the Xbox One sold 965 units.

Nintendo Switch sales compared to the same week a year ago are down by 108,447 units (-27.9%), while the PlayStation 5 is up by 24,236 (15.2%) and the Xbox Series X|S is up 63,432 units (72.9%).

The PlayStation 4 is down 37,540 (-70.5%) and the Xbox One is down 17,929 units (-94.9%).

Looking at sales week-on-week, Nintendo Switch sales are down by over 29,000 units, Xbox Series X|S sales are down by nearly 23,000 units, and PlayStation 5 sales are up by over 61,000 units.

PS5 Sales, Xbox Series X and S Sales, Switch Sales

Global hardware estimates (Followed by lifetime sales):

  1. Switch - 280,576 (107,032,877)
  2. PlayStation 5 - 183,969 (18,987,627)
  3. Xbox Series X|S - 150,483 (14,157,408)
  4. PlayStation 4 - 15,716 (116,783,904)
  5. Xbox One - 965 (50,523,917)
Americas (US, Canada, Latin America) hardware estimates:
  1. Switch - 116,612
  2. Xbox Series X|S - 93,941
  3. PlayStation 5 - 82,104
  4. PlayStation 4 - 9,417
  5. Xbox One - 798
Europe hardware estimates:
  1. Switch - 70,322
  2. PlayStation 5 - 69,663
  3. Xbox Series X|S - 36,707
  4. PlayStation 4 - 5,814
  5. Xbox One - 149
Asia (Japan, mainland Asia, Middle East) hardware estimates:
  1. Switch - 81,978
  2. PlayStation 5 - 27,364
  3. Xbox Series X|S - 14,573
  4. PlayStation 4 - 246
  5. Xbox One - 11
Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) hardware estimates:
  1. Switch - 11,664
  2. Xbox Series X|S - 5,262
  3. PlayStation 5 - 4,838
  4. PlayStation 4 - 239
  5. Xbox One - 7

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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Doctor_MG (on 26 April 2022)

Here comes the slowdown during the summer for Switch. Hopefully they can keep a baseline of at least 300k on average though.

  • +8
Kakadu18 Doctor_MG (on 26 April 2022)

Some bigger weeks with new releases should keep the baseline from dropping to low but I think it'll still be below 300k.

  • 0
Sogreblute Doctor_MG (on 26 April 2022)

I wonder if Switch Sports will have a Summer effect on it. Splatoon 3 will push sales also.

  • 0
SvenTheTurkey Sogreblute (on 27 April 2022)

Hard to say. The thing about switch sports is that I don't foresee it having a big initial splash. It will probably in the top selling games for a while and slowly add up.

So yeah, I think it will prop the sales up during the summer, but it will probably be minor on a weekly basis.

  • 0
loy310 (on 26 April 2022)

Damn, PS4 outselling XBone 15:1 now.

  • +6
ironmanDX loy310 (on 27 April 2022)


  • -1
thomas995 loy310 (on 27 April 2022)

PS4 is still being produced, while X1 stopped being made towards the end of 2020.

  • -1
SanAndreasX (on 26 April 2022)

Switch to PS4: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

  • +3
PaulGaleNetwork (on 26 April 2022)

It’s great seeing everyone enjoying the pie. Nintendo Switch Sports coming out this Friday, followed by a steady release of games all throughout the year and a price drop whenever they want/the fact that even right now they can’t pump out as many as they’d like due to the chip shortage and I think the console will have no problem staying quite relevant.

  • +2
VMCJonCarter (on 26 April 2022)

Also i wonder how many people have Multiple Switches either for themselves or Families

  • 0
jvmkdg (on 26 April 2022)

Just a curiosity. How many weeks does vg chartz think it takes for all ps5 units to reach the end consumer?

  • 0
Comment was deleted...
Amnesia (on 26 April 2022)

I have no Switch, I love only ONE game from it: Breath of the Wild, that I have enjoyed on my old Wii U... I could actually buy the OLED just for BotW II, but except this one, I really don't see anymore HW sales booster coming in the future.

  • -2
darthv72 Amnesia (on 26 April 2022)

I used to think the same thing, how there would not really be any games Id want to play on the switch. but then i got one and having that as an option has actually made me buy more games for it because i can just as easily toss it in my bag for work or going on trips. I cant do that with my series x or PS5 (not as conveniently anyway). I been using my switch to play the new tracks in Mario Kart, play some really good shmup compilations and all those indie games that still use the 8/16 bit art style just feel more at home on the OLEd screen. If you like games (not just BotW) you should look into getting one, it might surprise you.

  • +2
Doctor_MG Amnesia (on 26 April 2022)

It's not a good idea to take anecdotes and apply it to the whole. If everyone felt like you did, Switch would have never gotten to 100M+ sold in the first place.

  • +2
xMetroid Amnesia (on 26 April 2022)

Gen 9 and Splatoon 3 will def boost some hardware especially in japan.

  • +1
JWeinCom Amnesia (on 27 April 2022)

That's right. That cliff is definitely coming! Any day now. #nintendoom #don'tstopbelieving

  • -1