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Super Epic: The Entertainment War To Get Limited Physical Release

Super Epic: The Entertainment War To Get Limited Physical Release - News

by Evan Norris , posted on 09 March 2022 / 1,169 Views

Strictly Limited Games, in partnership with publisher Numskull Games and developer Undercoders, recently announced the upcoming limited physical release of action-adventure game Super Epic: The Entertainment War. The Metroidvania-style title, which originally launched in 2019, is coming soon to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as a boxed Limited Edition and Special Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition is limited to only 500 individually numbered copies for Nintendo Switch and 300 for PlayStation 4, at a price of 29.99€, including unique cover artwork and an art booklet with game manual. The Special Limited Edition is limited to 700 copies for Nintendo Switch and 500 for PlayStation 4, for 49.99€, including the following additional collectibles: Enamel Character Pin Set with Magnetic Latch; Original Game Soundtrack; Die-cut Character Sticker Set; Art Booklet with Game Manual; Special Limited Edition Box.

Super Epic features a satirical take on video game conglomerates, microtransactions, and game preservation.

About the game:

The year is 2084. After a series of mergers, buyouts and hostile takeovers, only one video game development company is left in the world: RegnantCorp. A huge enterprise run by greedy piggies. All the fun in video games has been replaced with intrusive addiction algorithms used to control people’s minds and behavior. But a rebellion of game enthusiasts is fighting back, replacing RegnantCorp’s software with classic games. Following a distress signal, Tan Tan the raccoon and his valiant llama steed Ola prepare to take on RegnantCorp and confront the pigs...


  • Classic story-driven mode with handcrafted levels and multiple endings
  • Gorgeous 16/32-bit era cartoon sprites
  • RPG-like weapon and armor upgrading system, with tons of items to collect and discover
  • Extensive combo-based combat system
  • An unlockable procedural "rogue-lite mode"
  • Fast-paced, non-linear exploration
  • Optional cross-media content

Pre-orders for Super Epic start Thursday, March 10th, at 4PM CET, only at the Strictly Limited Games Store and its partnered fan store Gamesrocket

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JWeinCom (on 09 March 2022)

The main character looks like The Coon from South Park.

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