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The Last of Us Remake for PS5 is Reportedly 'Nearly Finished' and Could Release in 2022

The Last of Us Remake for PS5 is Reportedly 'Nearly Finished' and Could Release in 2022 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 January 2022 / 1,901 Views

It was reported last year that Naughty Dog is currently developing a remake of the popular PlayStation title, The Last of Us, for the PlayStation 5. The remake was originally in development Sony's Visual Arts Service Group before it was moved to the original creator of the series.

Video game insider Tom Henderson via Twitter says he has heard from multiple sources that development on The Last of Us PS5 remake is "nearly finished" and he could see it releasing in the second half of 2022.

"Heard from multiple people now that the TLOU remake is nearly finished and could release during the latter half of 2022," said Henderson.

A live-action The Last of Us HBO TV series is currently in production. Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog co-president and co-creator of The Last of Us, spent several weeks in Canada filming the TV series. After several weeks he finished his work on the filming of the series and returned to Naughty Dog in November 2021.

"Alas… my time in Canada has come to an end," said Druckmann at the time. "To the best tv crew in the world, thank you for your incredible work, your passion, and for making me feel so welcome! I will miss you terribly! Excited to return to Naughty Dog."

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thevideogameninja (on 06 January 2022)

Y'know, I love the Last of Us (in fact it is one of the best games of the last 10 years.) but I just can't see how much better this remake will be from the original let alone the remaster.

With a game that already has aged extremely well the idea of a remake is kind of unnecessary. I mean, how much better graphically/gameplay wise is TLOU2 over TLOU HD remaster? It's not like we are talking about a Playstation 1 or 2 game that is being remade a la FF7/RE2 but rather a title that came at almost the end of the PS3's life cycle/beginning of the PS4's life with the remaster.

Then there are the other issues I'm sure will be thrown in this game. Let's face it, if Druckmann is in charge than this isn't going to be a simple remake with updated visuals.

If they decide to leave the game and the story exactly the same I might be convinced to pick it up but I just know Druckmann is going to start "adding things" and changing storylines to "expand" on characters back stories not realizing that in doing so he will actually take away from the characters he introduced in 2013 to begin with.

When the news first came out that Naughty Dog was developing a TLOU remake there was a collective groan among the gaming community for many of the reason I mentioned above and frankly I actually see this remake hurting the brand as opposed to helping it.


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Otter thevideogameninja (on 06 January 2022)

As little interest as I have in it, this is clearly a huge financial opportunity if the TV show blows up. It could sell another 10m within a single year and reach a new audience as well as reigniting sales for TLOU2 which I'm sure will be bundled/ported to PS5. This alongside a stand alone multiplayer experience which due sooner rather than later... it may be a very boring move from Sony/ND, but I can't see it backfiring finacially

For reference, Witcher 3 sold more units in 2020 than any prior year. Price cuts help, but I'm sure the show was a major driver too

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SecondWar thevideogameninja (on 07 January 2022)

So to be clear, you are approving of a remake that you say is unnecessary? Sounds like you are contradicting yourself.

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TheTitaniumNub (on 07 January 2022)

they probably just wanna change the story to be as equally sh**** as the 2nd game, then fans wont be able to say how great the first one was over the 2nd.

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Mr Puggsly (on 08 January 2022)

I am curious to see what they are doing. I mean if its cutting edge PS5 graphics, that would by default make this an interesting project.

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gtotheunit91 (on 06 January 2022)

I wonder if it'll launch on PC around that time as well!

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Doctor_MG (on 06 January 2022)

Remakes are happening sooner and sooner, I suppose. But I get where they are coming from. A straight port of the original wouldn't have the impact of a remake, and Part 2 still holds up incredibly well graphically (one of the best looking games to date still, IMO). So a remake could be a driver of sales for those who start watching the show.

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