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Switch Shipments Reach 1 Million Units in China

Switch Shipments Reach 1 Million Units in China - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 March 2021 / 1,937 Views

Nintendo with a partnership with Tencent officially released the Nintendo Switch in Mainland China on December 10, 2019. The Tencent version of the Nintendo Switch has officially shipped one million units in China.

Sales for the Switch weren't the highest due to a limited number of available games and COVID-19, however, the release of Ring Fit Adventure in August helped boost sales. 

Tencent has released 13 games for the Switch in China, which does not include some bigger titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The one million units shipped is bigger than the combined figures of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in China over the same period, according to senior video games analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad. 

The Xbox One launched in China in 2014, while the PS4 launched a year later. 

Thanks, Reuters.

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Darwinianevolution (on 11 January 2021)

While it's good Nintendo is selling more consoles, I hate they have to go to Tencent to do it. I'm dreading the future implications their partnership will have in the long run.

  • +6
SvenTheTurkey Darwinianevolution (on 11 January 2021)

Yeah, Tencent is getting their tendrils into too many companies.

But I don't think this partnership will extend outside of china. Nintendo doesn't need them except for how the government is so restrictive when foreign companies are involved.

They've partnered with companies like this with previous consoles though.

  • +5
Doctor_MG (on 11 January 2021)

I know that the Switch is considered a pretty decent success in the Chinese market already compared to other consoles, but does anyone know what the sales are for other consoles in the area?

  • +4
Kakadu18 Doctor_MG (on 11 January 2021)

Including the gray market, the Switch sold arround 4mil units in China which makes it marketleader.

  • +3
TheBraveGallade Kakadu18 (on 11 January 2021)

yeap, around 3 mil probably came in through hong kong and the like since 2017

  • +1
Ayla (on 11 January 2021)


  • 0