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Most Anticipated Game of 2021

Most Anticipated Game of 2021 - Article

by Kelsy Polnik , posted on 18 January 2021 / 2,940 Views

New years always bring exciting new possibilities and games to look forward to. 2021 is not just a new year, but coincides with the start of a whole new generation of consoles and new games that promise to look better, load faster, and push boundaries further than ever before. It will be a year when developers need prove to us why we need to invest in those new consoles. Beyond that, all five of our nominees are also from fan favorite franchises and have a strong lineage to live up to.


Note that only games with official 2021 release windows, or which were considered likely to release in 2021, were eligible for this award.


The Shortlist:


God of War: Ragnarok


Halo Infinite


Horizon Forbidden West


Monster Hunter Rise


Resident Evil Village



The Winner:

God of War: Ragnarok

Runner-up: Halo Infinite

2018's God of War was our, and many other outlets', Overall Game of the Year. It took the franchise in a much welcomed, story-focused direction. It fleshed out the character of Kratos in a way that caught many of us by surprise, and added a whole new pantheon of gods and creatures into the lore. Even with this drastic change of focus, the action that the franchise was known for wasn't sacrificed, but was instead concentrated into a more basic and visceral form. The world design, exploration, writing, and voice acting were all top shelf examples of game design.

Even with the many other great games scheduled for 2021 it’s not a huge surprise then that the sequel to God of War is our Most Anticipated Game of 2021. It’s got a lot to live up to, not just because God of War (2018) was so good, but also because it needs to help show us why the PS5 is a future you should be a part of.

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Shiken (on 18 January 2021)

Unless it is cross gen with PS4 and started development a while ago, I don't see Ragnarok releasing in 2021. Get ready for a lot of delays, but I think Forbidden West could land in 2021. It is cross gen and Zero Dawn released a bit longer ago, leaving for a bigger head start.

  • +10
WoodenPints Shiken (on 20 January 2021)

Yeah God of War is the only game on the shortlist I'm sure won't release in 2021.

  • 0
shikamaru317 (on 18 January 2021)

I know Sony claimed God of War is 2021, but I don't really believe it. Sure it would have 3.5 years of development as a Holiday 2021 release, which seems like it would be enough, but you have to take into account Covid work from home effect slowing development during much of that time, as well as the fact that they likely would have taken the time to upgrade the engine for PS5, unless it is a cross-gen game using the same engine as God of War 4. I just can't see God of War releasing in 2021.

Glad Halo Infinite got runner-up, I just hope it actually makes 2021, already got delayed once, would hate to see it delayed again.

  • +8
Bandorr (on 18 January 2021)

Of those? Probably Horizon.
I'm not sure God of war or Halo are making 2021. Cyberpunk is going to make companies take a second look at their games. Specially the ones that are new, or had a heavy delay already.

  • +8
brute (on 18 January 2021)

Is God of War even confirmed fir 2021? Doubtful since we havent even seen actual footage.

  • +8
UnderwaterFunktown (on 18 January 2021)

I don't even remeber what I voted for on this one. Probably Tales of Arise, due to a lack of options for the BotW sequel and Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. I wish I could be excited for Ragnarok, but since I don't plan to get a PS5 anytime soon, I can't really say that I am.

  • +6
xMetroid (on 18 January 2021)

I swear half this list won't make it.

  • +5
Red_Beard (on 18 January 2021)

Ys IX, let's go! Also hype for HZD and GoW.

  • +5
Eric2048 (on 18 January 2021)

Really doubt we'll see GOW releasing in 2021 tbh

  • +4
Shadow1980 (on 18 January 2021)

I'm really looking forward to Halo Infinite. The art style looks more like classic Bungie-era Halo. The gameplay looks slowed down a bit from Halo 5, with some Halo 3 elements. The levels look huge. It's in some ways a return to form and in other ways a change of pace from how 343 Industries has handled the series so far.

  • +4
Qwark (on 18 January 2021)

Outside of Monster Hunter and Resident Evil the chance thst either Horizon, God of War and or Halo don't make 2021 are significant. In case of God of War I would even say probable.

  • +3
VAMatt (on 21 January 2021)

As an owner of all hardware and fan of both series, I can confidently say that Ragnarok is not even in the same league as Infinite in terms of fan anticipation. Halo Infinite wins this by a mile in countries that have sizeable XB fanbases.

  • +1
Leynos (on 18 January 2021)

Still Bayonetta 3 for me

  • +1
Otter (on 22 January 2021)

GOW Ragnarok being a direct continuation seems a given (ala Majoras Mask/BOTW2) and so a 2021 release date isn't crazy imo, I just struggle to believe that sony would not put at least 6 months of breathing space between it and Horizon Forbidden West.

But for now Ragnarok is confirmed as a 2021 title so thats the narrative we should stick with and its absolutely at the top of my anticipated list.

  • 0
jamesmarkus87 (on 20 January 2021)

I'm going to say Resident Evil Village and the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster. I didn't like Halo 5, so I'm a bit skeptical about Halo Infinite.

  • 0
yvanjean (on 19 January 2021)

Sony knows there no consequence to lying to their fans and delaying a game and build up hype. No way God of War: Ragnarok is a 2021 game. I would have voted Horizon over God of war, but obviously, as an Xbox fan can't wait for Halo infinite.

  • 0
LivncA_Dis3 (on 18 January 2021)

Hzd or ragnarok or gran turismo 7,
I think we will truly see the horsepower of ps5!

  • 0
Ka-pi96 (on 18 January 2021)

Don't agree with this one. Horizon for me. No interest at all in God of War.

Not particularly interested in Halo either. Love the franchise, but haven't been excited for a Halo game since Reach and 4/5 didn't change that. Haven't actually even played 5 yet (and barely played 4) so might not even play Infinite either.

  • 0
VAMatt Ka-pi96 (on 21 January 2021)

Halo 5 is a very good game. It is definitely worth playing, IMO. Halo 4 is very good as well. But, it's old now. I probably wouldn't go back to that one right now. Definitely play 5 though, if you have the hardware to do so.

  • 0
Ka-pi96 VAMatt (on 21 January 2021)

I'll give 4 another go sometime for sure.
Won't be playing Halo 5 until it releases on Steam though. If it doesn't release on Steam I just won't ever play it.

  • 0