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Mary Skelter 2 Coming West for Switch, PS4 Version Skipped

Mary Skelter 2 Coming West for Switch, PS4 Version Skipped - News

by Adam Cartwright , posted on 10 May 2019 / 7,177 Views

Idea Factory International have announced that Mary Skelter 2, the sequel to the dungeon crawling RPG Mary Skelter: Nightmares which originally released on PlayStation Vita, will be coming west for Nintendo Switch as a digital-only title. A release window was not announced:

Mary Skelter 2 originally released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan in 2018, but it appears that Idea Factory International will not be localizing this version - possibly due to Sony's new policies on censorship.

Read a description of the game from the official website below:


"Mary Skelter: Nightmares is a 3D dungeon crawling RPG that was released on the PlayStation®Vita in September 2017. 

Merging puzzle-solving, heart-racing chases, and interactive dungeons, the game tells a tale of blood and madness, which are laced into the game's mechanics.

Mary Skelter™ 2 evolves these core elements, to bring to you a world teeming with twists and turns, topped with an innovative system working off of the game's previous concept of blood and madness.

Mary Skelter 2 revisits the previous game by including the full remake of Mary Skelter: Nightmares. Improvements made in the remake have been reflected in Mary Skelter 2, for an even more intense experience. (Of course, you can enjoy Mary Skelter 2 on its own.)"

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LivingMetal (on 10 May 2019)

I was REALLY looking forward to this game. I have no beef on which platforms this game comes to and was originally planning on getting it for the PS4 since I have yet to buy a Switch. But since a Switch has been in my cross hairs for the summer anyway....

  • +5
COKTOE (on 10 May 2019)

Yay! Go Sony go! Protect your adult clientele from the bad things in the world. You pack of impotent putzes.

  • +4
Cerebralbore101 (on 11 May 2019)

A true hidden gem on the Vita! I hope the first one comes to Switch as well. If not there's always the Steam edition.

  • +2

The second will come with an updated version of the first. So the Switch will get both versions.

  • +2

@LivingMetal Nice!

  • +1
Rafie (on 11 May 2019)

See Sony?! See? This is only the beginning. Games developers aren't going to even trouble with releasing a game or localizing it on PlayStation when you have those draconian policies intact. Looks like PS4 will miss the new Senran Kagura pinball game as well. Niche titles, but still sets a precedent.

  • +1