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Quantum Break Sells an Estimated 267K Units First Week at Retail

Quantum Break Sells an Estimated 267K Units First Week at Retail - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 19 April 2016 / 44,440 Views

The science fiction third-person shooter - Quantum Breaksold 267,147 units first week at retail, according to our estimates, which can be viewed on the VGChartz Global Weekly Chart for the week ending April 9th.

Breaking down the sales by region, the game sold best in the US with 146,403 units sold (55%), compared to 80,817 units sold in Europe (30%) and 3,105 units sold in Japan (1%). Looking more closely at Europe, the game sold an estimated 28,282 units in the UK, 11,446 units in Germany, and 16,008 units in France. 

Quantum Break released worldwide on April 5th.


A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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darkenergy (on 19 April 2016)

Good enough, hope it has great legs.

  • +14
ironmanDX (on 20 April 2016)

Easily cleared 300k with digital I assume. Excellent game. On my second play-through now to get the achievement completion. Hoping the legs are great.

  • +8
RexSad ironmanDX (on 20 April 2016)

Same can be said with every game but digutal is not bug enough to include it or else it would have been tracked.This idea that every Xbox game is selling more than usual because of digital is ridiculous lol.

  • 0
Trunkin ironmanDX (on 20 April 2016)

Digital is excluded because VGChartz has no way of tracking it, not because it's too small to matter.

  • 0
ice (on 19 April 2016)

Honestly not THAT bad, thought it would do around 190k in USA and around 300k WW

Now let's see NPD

  • +8
Jranation ice (on 20 April 2016)

But isn't NPD counts the whole month not the FW?

  • 0
FloatingWaffles (on 19 April 2016)

Not bad.

  • +6
binary solo (on 19 April 2016)

Do I believe that? I'm not sure. Feels lower than it should be. But I guess new IP, simultaneous PC release, digital sales, small install base outside the USA. Probably equals an all right start.

  • +6
spurgeonryan (on 20 April 2016)

Actually seems like on par with Wii U game sales. Not too great. But decent. What was the budget?

  • +5
Swordmasterman spurgeonryan (on 20 April 2016)

Probably a Normal Triple A's Budget, i think that is between 40-80 Millions of US$.

  • 0
Naufraguito (on 20 April 2016)

It seems a little weird to me, that with several reports that the game top charts on France, Italy, Uk, and being above Dirt Rally in Spain, Dirt Rally (PS4) have outsold QB by a good margin in Europe.

I think is a little undertracked.

  • +5
barneystinson69 (on 19 April 2016)

Not mind-blowing, but decent enough. Hope it has good legs, and congrats to remedy!

  • +5

Why is this getting disliked? From 4 to 1.

  • +4
desosav (on 20 April 2016)

this game should have performed pretty well in digital sales considering that W10 version of the game was included for free plus alan wake plus alan wake dlc plus alan wake nightmare. It wouldn't surprise me if digital sales are close enough with retail sales.

  • +4
malistix1985 (on 20 April 2016)

Alan wake was better but Quantum Break was a good attempt at something really cool but overall I didn't like it as much as I hoped. Its good to see people like the concept, idea and story direction with the sales.

I hope future DLC will add something that was missing, an awesome ending.

  • +4
Azzanation (on 20 April 2016)

Digital sales for this game should be good

  • +4
naruball (on 19 April 2016)

Here's hoping this is good enough for now.

  • +4
think-man (on 19 April 2016)

I think it should have been alot higher given the hype and that this is one of the few X1 exclusives out in a while.

  • +3
Wagram (on 19 April 2016)

I expected a lot more considering the Microsoft PR on it.

  • +3
TheSting Wagram (on 19 April 2016)

Doesn't include digital which only MS knows about. Probably Remedy

  • +4
barneystinson69 Wagram (on 19 April 2016)

It is true though

  • +1
AsGryffynn Wagram (on 19 April 2016)

Allan Wake didn't do all that better, so this is "above average" for Remedy...

  • +3
Valdath (on 20 April 2016)

wow huge bomb lol

  • +2
pokoko (on 19 April 2016)

That doesn't sound that great for what was probably a very expensive game. I'd love to know how much that live action production added to the bottom line.

  • +2
viewjet (on 20 April 2016)

Is this really good news? AAA game that has had years of hype? The numbers should be better than this.

  • +1
Skratchy (on 20 April 2016)

Only 146K in the US? Whoa.

  • +1
RexSad (on 20 April 2016)

It has already fallen extremely fast. I expect no more than 500, 000 total until it gets discounted and given away for free in the next Xbox multiple games bundle that will be available this fall.

  • 0
jason1637 RexSad (on 21 April 2016)

Your gonna end up disappointed if you expect only 500k

  • 0
tkw829 (on 19 April 2016)
  • -9
bettergetdave (on 19 April 2016)
  • -10
Comment was deleted...