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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 13 August 2011 / 2,735 Views

These are early scans of Borderlands 2

Today we acquire updated info on Resistance 3. Head here to receive specific region-specific information.

Here’s 20 minutes of 1080p Splinter Cell gameplay.

Herman Cain, who doesn’t like to read, does like quoting Pokemon.

Battlefield 3 requires that your Origin account be linked with one Battlefield 3 profile, and only one. Rage will also be on Steam.

Nintendo files a patent for 'massively single-playing online games'.

Here’s some new, sketchy details on Spider-Man: Edge of Time 3D.

This is why you should have been in L.A. attending iam8bit’s event.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution devs explains that cyberpunk sounds like awesome.

The first 500 gamers to register for Minecon (which is in 96 days and change) get some cool stuff. Also everybody who buys Minecraft gets a gift copy because Markus 'Notch' Persson is getting married. These are also MineCraft sneakers.

Today the 3DS is $169.99.

Grand Theft Auto 4 gets a makeover in the form of the iCEnhancer mod. These are photos of the 1.3 beta in the second stage. Here’s a video of an earlier version.

Joe Danger has a sequel incoming.

Guns of Icarus Online sounds like a bad idea on the face of it. Wax wings, explosives… But it’s actually a very fun game. Check out the following, in order: Game Website  and browser-version.

Trion’s End of Nations will be free to play.

Valve announces Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS GO) forXBLA, PSN, and Steam. Here’s Bitmob exploring why Valve may not be good for the industry.

Child of Eden will receive PS3, PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D support on September 27 instead of the third week of September.

Here’s a cool editorial on Runescape’s latest update.

This is the NBA 2K12 soundtrack.

What’s the impact going to be of Nintendo’s cheaper 3DS? Nintendo Life explores.

Here’s a very comprehensive hands-on of Dark Souls.

Did lil wayne steal a sample from a video game? Sounds like it.

Gargoyle’s Quest: Ghost and Goblins gets a rating by the OFLC.

Here’s a review of Earth Seeker.

Kojima reveals regional versions of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and images of the trophy icons.

Here’s a roundup of iOS games.

This weekend hosts the Pokemon World Championships.

A new Rise of Nightmares video features a foul-mouthed granny.

Those of you who missed out on the Dead or Alive: Dimensions DLC before the 3DS price cut will get a second chance.

Your Bethesda forum password has been reset due to hacker infestation.

The Indie Games Summer Uprising gets a schedule. Which isn’t very uprising-y.

Japanese analyst predicts 2.5 million Vita sales by the end of March.

These are the first three songs from Dead Island. Translated from Polish by Google.

Here’s an interview with Operation Moonfall.

These are shots of The Dark Eye - Demonicon.

This is the first Heroes of Ruin trailer in English. Enjoy.

MDK2 from BioWare recently got a Wiiware port, now it’s getting ready for an HD debut in September for $14.99, available exclusively from one website.

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kthsdlr (on 14 August 2011)

Fixed, thanks for mentioning it!

Tespian (on 14 August 2011)

MDK2 getting a PC debut? It's hard to debut a game in a plataform when it was already launched 11 years ago.

kthsdlr (on 14 August 2011)

Haha... thanks guy. :)

Michael-5 (on 14 August 2011)

I like this feature. Most of the information is useless to me, but on a side link to The Grinder Review, I found out Charlie Sheen is a voice actor for GTA V, which comes out fall 2012. Keep it up, I hope Fire Emblem and Advance Wars come to 3DS