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We experienced PSN downtime today (though it didn’t hamper me much). Meanwhile you can check out Nintendo’s eShop and other download services (you should check in to the eShop anyway) for Thursday updates. If you want to see Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda symphony in London and you are a “UK Club Nintendo” member, you’ll soon be given the chance to win tickets for free. The official Nintendo magazine recently interviewed Yoshiaki Koizumi about Super Mario 3D Land who said, “We’ve gone back to basics.” The 3DS is available in flame red as of today. UK residents can get a 3DS for just £115.

In Street Fighter news (technically from very late in the day yesterday) GameSpot got a 30-minute demo of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike from Capcom's Seth Killian and Derek Neal.

OnLive will be available to UK residents as of September 22 at the Eurogamer Expo (where they’ll be handing out hundreds of free systems) with over 100 “top-tier” games to try.

A first-look at Madoka Magica Portable is available via AndriaSang. Also Disgaea 3 Return has been officially confirmed for the PlayStation Vita. Here’s a first-look, and a price.

The Splatters is a “physics puzzler” developed by SpikySnail available to play at PAX Prime in the Microsoft booth. It’ll be available for everybody else via Xbox LIVE Arcade sometime next year.

VG247 did a very comprehensive article explaining DOTA 2. It’s worth checking out despite their unfortunate use of the word, “Fangasm.” Ew.

Here’s a trailer for still-in-development-title Light of the Darkness, which looks very cool.

A new GT-5 Seasonal event features German Touring Cars.

Here’s how to get access to weird/fun “asymmetric multiplayer espionage” indie title SpyParty.

Here is probably the last PSP deal ever, August 30 for $160.The pack is succinctly titled: "Madden NFL 12 & Need for Speed SHIFT PSP Entertainment Pack." I had to copy/paste that just so I wouldn’t pull a hammy. In other PSP news here’s a graphic video of a kid who had his jaw broken in the London riots only to have the PSP stolen out of this bag. If you know the thief, please punch him in the face for me. Good news is that Sony’s offering the victim a free PSP and free games. Riots initially started to protest murder-by-cop but the message seems to have gotten lost somewhere. In other London news, ex-Undertones frontman Feargel Sharkey will speak at the London Games Festival about what the music industry has to teach the video games industry on November 10.

Here’s a trailer for Konami’s Terror of the Stratus’ two gameplay modes, called “Defense” and “Extermination”.

You’ll be able to watch “gamescom” press events from PlayStation Home starting August 16 4pm BST.

Sniper Elite V2 offers a super-realistic kill cam, which puts you as close to the impact of the bullet as possible. There’s a video after the link as well. Try not to lose your lunch.

GAMEFest 2011 will be the first chance UK residents will be able to get hands-on with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Writer for the first two Deus Ex games has revealed he’s making his own game called Cell: emergence. It’ll be available before the end of September for PC and Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

MineCon tickets are on sale now.

At an Edinburgh Interactive event today Edward Williams, managing director at BMO Capital Markets, said skyrocketing development costs cause skyrocketing marketing costs.

Here are new Battlefield 3 screens from “Thunder Run” and “Operation Metro”.

We’re told that Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is “a movie you can play.” Here’s a new developer diary discussing the process of making “blockbuster entertainment.”

Here is the “art and sound of RAGE Also, John Goodman.

Electronic Arts is announcing Grand Slam Tennis 2 for PS3, 360 2012 launch.

Square Enix’s worldwide technical director says that you can expect still better graphics from today’s technology.

Lord of the Rings Online has a new expansion called “Rise of Isengard” available September 27 and here are new screenshots.

Here are the first 16 minutes of gameplay for Dead Island.

Here’s the new Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Albino Gaming Mouse

Games have started appearing on Google+

GamaSutra interviews Mobigame’s Edge. Learns “What’s next?”

Here are some new Kirby: Mass Attack screenshots.

DICE started with the gun, and built Battlefield 3 around it.

Image Metrics might be the new buzzwords in animation circles.

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