Square Enix Working on a New MMO

by Robbie Hastings, posted on 25 May 2011 / 2,300 Views

Square Enix are busy at work on a new massively multiplayer title, according to CEO Yoichi Wada. The project was mentioned during the company's May 13 earnings call, the same event where the company posted "extraordinary losses" (about $150 million) and were forced to address the dismal failure of Final Fantasy XIV, on which quite a bit of work still needs to be done for them to begin charging a monthly subscription.

Square Enix hope to announce the in-progress title before the end of the fiscal year, and believe that operating two-to-three large-scale MMOs will supplement their income with some amount of stability. Final Fantasy XI continues to service a loyal user base, and though XIV launched to thunderous outcry, Wada believes that the game is nearly to a place they are comfortable with.

You can take a look at the laundry list of improvements planned for Square's most recent massively multiplayer offering, and hope beyond hope that whatever they are working on now releases in better shape.

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SONYisBP (on 26 May 2011)

If these stupid asses for square enix dont figure out they need to build on remaking FF7 in hd and some others that will guarantee money in the bank for them then they deserve to go under and be bought by someone who will. and stop with the stupid chick versions of FF that is stupid and will not be bought by the masses, other than a few gender challenged and girls who are even comfortable picking up a controller.

NoirSon (on 26 May 2011)

They need it. They can't survive on the next FF game nor the next DQ to off set the loses they are currently experiencing and the other issues they are going to have. That being said, you'd think there would be a safer way to get subscription money. Maybe the MMO will be a Monster Hunter clone or a cell phone game?

Mr.Ashtear (on 25 May 2011)

They didnt learn, it seems...They should focus on Versus.

Reebokanonymous (on 25 May 2011)

Looking to throw away some more money, Squeenix?

wfz (on 25 May 2011)

It's going to be a Facebook MMO. I'm calling it now.

Cirio (on 25 May 2011)

How about we get FFvXIII PLEASE? If you're worried about making money, then FFvXIII and FFXIII-2 will make you millions. People don't care about your crappy MMOs. Speaking of which, where is the PS3 version of FFXIV? Has it been secretly canned like the Last Remnant?

Salnax (on 25 May 2011)

@dunno001 At least they wouldn't be FF2 remakes.

MattAnderson (on 25 May 2011)

Deus Ex MMO made by Eidos. Legacy of Kain would be cool also.

Robbie_Hastings (on 25 May 2011)

@Wagram: Did you SEE the armored assless chaps in that XIII-2 reveal trailer? I'm sorry, to each their own, but if THAT is what Final Fantasy has become then I no longer want any part of it.

dunno001 (on 25 May 2011)

Right, because they're not going through the cash fast enough with FF14. But they have a plan for subsidizing these losses- remakes of FF1 incoming for Cafe, 3DS, and NGP! (Because really, who's not already bought this game at least 3 times?)

Wagram (on 25 May 2011)

Actually I wanted XIII-2 and so did a bunch of other people. Just as many like it as those who dislike it.

Robbie_Hastings (on 25 May 2011)

@elcido: They seem to be working on everything except for games that their fans actually WANT. Nobody asked for this, or for XIII-2, but they're coming.

elcido (on 25 May 2011)

SE seems to be working on everything but putting out VERSUS XIII this year.

gustave154 (on 25 May 2011)

i hope the PS3 version of FFXIV will be good!