Two Anonymous Members Say Anonymous Likely Behind PSN Attacks

by Alex Co, posted on 07 May 2011 / 6,672 Views

Two members of the internet group Anonymous are saying that they think their group is behind the recent attacks on Sony’s PSN service.

Speaking to the Financial Times, the two veteran Anonymous members have acknowledged that members of the group are likely the source behind the attacks, even though Anonymous has issued a press release denying any involvement whatsoever.

According to one person within the group, an individual or group of people within Anonymous dubbed “OpSony” went further than the rest of their Anonymous members when they broke into Sony’s PSN network and stole account details.

One Anonymous member said that he saw technical details of vulnerability in Sony’s network that enabled the break-in discussed on an Anonymous chat room, shortly before the attacks took place.

“The hacker that did this was supporting OpSony’s movements,” the Anonymous activist said.

Another Anonymous member that goes by the nickname Kayla feels the same way.

“If you say you are Anonymous, and do something as Anonymous, then Anonymous did it," Kayla said. “Just because the rest of Anonymous might not agree with it, doesn’t mean Anonymous didn’t do it.”

So we have Anonymous issuing a press release that denies their involvement in any of this, but we now have two Anonymous members saying their group is most likely behind this. The problem with groups like Anonymous though is that there is no vetting process for admission, so assigning group blame for individual actions can become dicey.

More on the situation as it develops.

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DonFerrari (on 10 May 2011)

@Grievous549: Haven't you heard it? hackers are saints that wouldn't ever lie.

viewtiful_jon (on 08 May 2011)

The problem is that a few members could of planned this without the rest of the group knowing about it. Likely someone who just lurks on there message boards and follows them to get information and uses it for there own ends.

xToNy4 (on 08 May 2011)

Anonymous hacked the PSN for the "LuLz"

Icyedge (on 08 May 2011)

I thought it was pretty much an evidence considering the time it happens and that PSN remained un-hack for a couple years.

Grievous549 (on 08 May 2011)

I agree the article is stupid, but I find it funny how many people say that they didn't do it just because they said they didn't. That's new, someone lying!? Who ever heard of such a thing!

CaptainObvious (on 07 May 2011)

@Kudistos Megistos So Konata Izumi framed Roger Rabbit i knew it all along!

Kudistos Megistos (on 07 May 2011)

@firelink I'm from anonymous, and yes, we did it. We also killed Kennedy. And we did 9/11. And we framed Roger Rabbit. I don't know why vgchartz doesn't just cut out the middleman and make a thread on /b/ and report the posts as news.

Vertigo-X (on 07 May 2011)

In all seriousness, the hacker of the PSN network might not have been involved with Anonymous at all yet can claim otherwise and nobody could prove otherwise. That's one bad thing about Anonymous: they're so disorganized that even a corporate exec from Sony could pretend.

Vertigo-X (on 07 May 2011)

@firelink No, no. Your name gives it away. The whole point is that nobody involved in Anonymous has names. You can't fool me! HAH!

Albion (on 07 May 2011)

You want to blame someone in this stupid fight? Blame the Courts for Telling Google to give user information to Sony in the Geohotz Court Case. If that would not have happened then None of this PSN attack would have ever happened. Thats why some hackers attacked Sony's User Information. To Revenge there own privacy being robbed. I don't care if its right or not. Sony, Annon, and the Courts are all to blame for handling this in the worst way possible

firelink (on 07 May 2011)

I'm from Anonymous, and they had nothing to do with it. See how easy it is to say that? Yeah, words are real valid these days *rolls eyes*

djneibarger (on 07 May 2011)

@gctechs it's sad how something so small and insignificant would get your panties in a bunch. you're pathetic.

o_O.Q (on 07 May 2011)

" Their leadership even said they had their most devastating attack planned on the 17th of April" ...exactly anyone denying their involvement in this at this point in time is quite frankly a moron... its funny how even now people are desperately trying to defend these guys... i wonder if that would change if they attacked xbl next

gctechs (on 07 May 2011)

@djneibarger - it's sad how much political correctness did brainwash you. "he/she" my ass.

mouse_clicker (on 07 May 2011)

If you go through and read this article with each instance of proper noun "Anonymous" as lowercase "anonymous," this report sounds absolutely ridiculous. And it should, because they're called Anonymous for a reason.

APKenna (on 07 May 2011)


djneibarger (on 07 May 2011)

too funny. whoever OpSony is, guilty or not, he/she just shat their pants. is that the FBI knocking?

SlySonji (on 07 May 2011)

I don't think VGChartz actually knows what Anonymous even is......

Dodece (on 07 May 2011)

Two words about sums this article up for me. IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM.

Jumpin (on 07 May 2011)

Well, it is obvious Anonymous did it. Their leadership even said they had their most devastating attack planned on the 17th of April, the exact day the Sony servers got hacked. Plus Anonymous was launching DDoS attacks at the PSN earlier in the month, as well as harassing people at Sony and their families. Of course not EVERY member of the organization took part in this operation, but they took part in other operations which were also illegal, and they belong to the "legion" which is responsible.

welshbloke (on 07 May 2011)

This is when being anonymous is actually a disadvantage you cannot deny or prove anything unless we decide you did it even if you have or have not.

the2real4mafol (on 07 May 2011)

that is so true “If you say you are Anonymous, and do something as Anonymous, then Anonymous did it," Kayla said. “Just because the rest of Anonymous might not agree with it, doesn’t mean Anonymous didn’t do it.” lol!

binary solo (on 07 May 2011)

I recommend the FT guys go watch 'The Yes Men'. and I'm not talking the Jim Carry movie.

Rath (on 07 May 2011)

I'm a member of Anonymous and I say that Anonymous is behind the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

LOLOLOLOLOLOL (on 07 May 2011)

this is BY FAR the funniest article I've read on this psn hack. BTW I'm top tier general in anonymous and I say that we were not involved in this whatsoever and those 2 were lying 100%. YOU HAVE MY WORD. LOL LOL. OMG Kayla and whatever bullshit name the other guy gave you trolled you so hard lol. ITS TRUE BECAUSE IM TOTALLY ANONYMOUS!!!

deskpro2k3 (on 07 May 2011)

well, i told you so

JazzyJeez (on 07 May 2011)

Something like this was bound to happen, with no clear leadership or chain of command you'll always get splinter groups who have their own little agenda.

bannedagain (on 07 May 2011)

This is only speculation at best.

Mr.Ashtear (on 07 May 2011)

that shows the true nature of anonymous, they arent an organized society of hackers.