BioWare Writer Angers Some of the Homosexual Community

by Alex Co, posted on 29 March 2011 / 3,146 Views

A petition calling for BioWare writer David Gaider to be fired has started online. Several members of the homosexual community are upset by what Gaider did in Dragon Age 2.

Gaider is accused of putting homosexual people in a negative light in the game by having players lose friendship points if your character spurns their advances.

The folks over at Gay Gamer seem to have a very one-sided take on the matter. They're against the petition, even calling it "trollish." It’s a good read if you want more info about it.

Interestingly enough, Ken Levine, creator of Bioshock, tweeted in Gaider’s defense, stating that "Writers don't have a responsibility to make exclusively noble gay characters, they have a responsibility to portray human gay characters. You know, good and bad, smart and dumb, well intentioned and not. Ditto jews, asians, the dutch and hobbits."

What do you think? Is this a case of overreaction or is there truth to what they’re saying? There’s a fine balance between treating each demographic as equals and knowing when to give one a little nudge, but in most cases – you’d still anger one sector of that demographic, whatever decision you choose.

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Recon1O1 (on 03 May 2011)

Blub, blub. I had homosexual inter-species relations with a greasy, turncoat, assassin in DA:O for 5 gs pts. I did feel dirty afterwards. Should I apologize to someone? Lazy, one-bisexuality-fits-all writing caused this fairly minor issue imo. EA also sucks.

pariz (on 15 April 2011)

This is a stupid claim. Don't buy nor play the game if you feel stupidly offended. I personally love Gaider's writing, both for the game and for "The Stolen Throne". I don't think it is homophobic in any way.

Machina (on 30 March 2011)

How ridiculous. Levine and Gay Gamer are spot on.

Wandamaximoff (on 30 March 2011)

I think bioware should be aware that there is a very strong homophobic attitude to gaming in general. you dont need a case study to know that if ur crap at something ur a FAG. i do think its a stupid choice, so no one wants to be ur friend of you listen to a gay guy? REALLY? ALL gay guys loose you friendship points in real life? maybe thats true of a narrow minded high school demographic. I dont think we need to promote or make game play out of it. he obv shouldn't be sacked but bioware are big enough to be respectable and responsible about it. or soon in GTA u will loose health points flying with a muslim.

avrwc2 (on 30 March 2011)

Question is why have this at all. I mean... must a game also have flashers? Transvestites? Jews for Jesus? Bestiality enthusiasts? Tree huggers? Global warmists? Anorexics? Party animlas? I am NOT sure this much diversity is needed or even practically achievable.

kabelfritz (on 30 March 2011)

you also lose friendship when you refuse hetero chars... if you wanna blame gaider its gotta be for negative view on mankind overall... lol.

SxyxS (on 30 March 2011)

Yes my homosexual friends.You"ve been waiting all the time to have a reason to cry out and finaly you"ve found one.Congratulation. The_"I"m a minority and always always a good person"_ games are going on and on. I think the games in future should only show"shiny,happy, gay people with sunrays coming out of their buts and a magic aura of pure love and innocence surrounding them. by the way:a guy with the name Gayder?lol

armchair_cynic (on 30 March 2011)

Lesson for Bioware: Spend more time crafting romances properly. Stop writing these 10 minute disposable screwjobs aimed at all players and actually structure the romances properly. If you had taken the time to write genuinely hetero, homo and bi characters that fit certain characters and genders than this might not have happened. Since you instead chucked out a bunch of one-size-fits-all rush jobs, Id say the criticism is deserving. Not sure if these folks criticism is deserving. It sounds like whining. "Straight" characters dont like being shot down either. At least they wouldnt if they were actually in the game, but they arent. Two games now from Bioware have thrown out disposable, cheap, lazy 10 minute romances, namely ME2 and DA2 (ME1 was better, but not by a long shot - it was still to brief and short on content). If you dont want to piss people off, heres my simple advice: TRY. HARDER. Give them more content, more interaction with the player and other characters, more opportunities to express themselves. Either do it right, or not at all. I mean its not coincidence that with much lesser technology that a romance from Baldurs Gate II stands head and shoulders above anything else Bioware have done. Key reason for it? Simple. Good writing, and lots of it.

binary solo (on 30 March 2011)

Well if you come on to someone and they shoot you down in flames aren't you going to have a bit of a negative opinion of the person? Is it only in the homosexual context that there are friendship points at stake? I think it's a bit of a mountain and mole hill situation.

dirkd2323 (on 30 March 2011)

Typical gays, so over the top , a bunch of drama queens, RELAX,

Mojo (on 30 March 2011)

Typical over-the-top PCBS!

Packie (on 30 March 2011)

Ken Levine's response was just awesome.

excaliburps (on 30 March 2011)

Just wanted to reiterate what SSDNina said, the people at Gay Gamer actually sided with Gaider. Even calling the petition trolling and questioning the petition starter's motives. I updated the story with that as some people are assuming just because it's Gay Gamer, they're automatically rooting for the gay demographic - Sorry bout that. I actually know one of the people in-charge there. Very nice guy.

Rath (on 30 March 2011)

@Liu777. Given how gamers often treat gays you can't blame them for ganging together. Also Gay Gamer seems to be very much in support of the bioware guy.

NightDragon83 (on 30 March 2011)

Ken Levine's tweet is the best thing I've read in a long time lol!

yo_john117 (on 29 March 2011)

Who the hell cares?

Bl00dSaint (on 29 March 2011)

Total Overeaction.

viperlegendkiller (on 29 March 2011)

u can play tennis with a gay person its just afterwards that things get awkward. 'hey man wanna grab a beer? 'nah, i think ill go suck somebodys dick'

gergroy (on 29 March 2011)

Silly thing to be upset over

Sevengen (on 29 March 2011)

gays and lesbians can be so hypocritical it's mind boggling, well to be fair.... I guess every race/orientation/gender has their moments but c'mon. Differences between people come with both positive and negative aspects and the gay/lesbian folk seem to forget immediately that others are allowed to have and express negative opinions about alternative lifestyles. Can't have it both ways.... but, the hypocritical, banner waving segment of the gay/lesbian community... who are honestly just as close minded and disapproving as the people that stand opposite them, keep on trying to.

Teo (on 29 March 2011)

I don't think it is an overreaction because detailed gay characters in games is a new thing, and new things always set stereotypes. If we look at the film industry, we find evidence of gay stereotype characters that plagued movies. It has gotten better because the gay community has reacted accordingly and today we can find both bad and good gay characters and the gay community does not object to that. So back to DA2, they need to be careful when exploring new waters and make sure they address sensitive issues accordingly or just leave it alone.

dunno001 (on 29 March 2011)

*sighs* Yes, there is some overreacting on both sides, however, let's not get into flaming entire groups of people. A ban has been issued in here already for it.

SSDNINJA (on 29 March 2011)

Also, @Liu, majority groups generally don't make common-interest groups because because the purpose of groups like Gay Gamer are for people to find common ground. Members of majority classes have enough common ground that banding together because of it is pointless. It's a way of finding other people who are more like you and share the same ideas.

SSDNINJA (on 29 March 2011)

Gay Gamer is actually very much in support of Gaider, just to let everyone know. Read the link in the article.

liu777 (on 29 March 2011)

Gay Gamer?!?! Even the title reeks of hypocrisy. Why would gamers who happen to be gay brand themselves by sexual orientation??? Do I see heteros branding themselves by their orientation? No i don't think so,

Gimgak (on 29 March 2011)

I think its kinda funny, but I mean its INTERNET RAGE no one cares lol. There are 2 gay characters, one of them is like that. DAO was worse with the only gay guy being a dickhole assassin lololol

L.C.E.C. (on 29 March 2011)

Gay people overreact to fucking everything. Prove my point by flaming me why don't you?

Nirvana_Nut85 (on 29 March 2011)

Oh , GTFO. These "Gay Gamers" need to get lives and stop trying to create an issue out of something so small as this. I honestly hope that in Dragon Age 3 they make all the characters straight just to spite these idiots.

late_release (on 29 March 2011)

Neither homosexual or heterosexual should be offended, is just a game man...

Jumpin (on 29 March 2011)

Why "Gay Gamer", they missed out on the opportunity to take the obvious route of cleverness, and call themselves "Gaymer".

enditall727 (on 29 March 2011)

smh "gay" is a sexuality AND THAT'S ALL IT WILL EVER BE! It is not a gender nor is it a race

naruball (on 29 March 2011)

@Teo Agreed! But I also think that gaymers should not complain about DA:2 considering the lack of gay characters in video games.

thedaftman (on 29 March 2011)

@Heavenly_King you do know lesbians are gay..yeah I knew you did

Teo (on 29 March 2011)

@Heavenly_KIng no likes your homophobic comments either.

Teo (on 29 March 2011)

"homosexual community" Really? Last time I heard that was from a antigay pastor at my school.

mantlepiecek (on 29 March 2011)

Overreaction. And heterosexual people were offended too, saying that they couldn't "say no" without losing friendship points. DA 2 is just a not so well made game like ME 2 and DA Origins.

LastRambo341 (on 29 March 2011)

Who cares? I don't like gay people

DonFerrari (on 29 March 2011)

Yes, Ken "We portray gays as they are" didn't help much if people are complaining about what you done... just makes things worse, so you think all gay are bad and people should be disliked for having gays friends?

Seece (on 29 March 2011)

Complete overreaction. Touching on what Ken said, I'd love a gay villian in a game!!