Fallout: New Vegas Week One Sales In - News

by Brett Walton , posted on 25 October 2010 / 15,579 Views

Following the news of over 1.4 million units of Medal of Honor sold worldwide in week one, October looks to be a very strong month for videogame sales with preliminary VGChartz data showing that Fallout: New Vegas has posted almost identical figures for week one.

Of the 1.4 million units sold, nearly 850,000 units were on Xbox360, 460,000 on PS3 and the remainder on PC with nearly three-quarters of total sales in the Americas. Overall week one figures were more than 30% higher than Fallout 3, which released this time two years ago.

Fallout: New Vegas screenshot

With Fable III releasing next week then the onslaught of Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Donkey Kong Country Returns, the final three months of 2010 should see much stronger year-on-year comparisons than the rest of 2010.

Keep checking VGChartz for all the latest sales news.

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BeLiKeCLuTcH (on 27 October 2010)

Nice Sales.

Killiana1a (on 27 October 2010)

The bugs are bad. After completing the sidequest "Wang Dang Atomic Tango," I got the blackscreen of corrupted autosave whenever entering the Vegas Strip. Thankfully this has happened to a lot of players and is easily prevented by wearing an "old cowboy hat" whenever you enter any part of the strip after completing "Wang Dang Atomic Tango." As for the game itself, worth every sale. It is a masterpiece in moral dilemmas compared to Fallout 3.

heruamon (on 27 October 2010)

Let's hope for some major patch that fixes many of these bugs. It might be a slight to call it a overblown expansion, but at any rate, the game should have been far more polished than Fallout 3 was on ship, but it is not...and that is a dissappoinment.

indodude (on 26 October 2010)

Should deserve at least 2M week 1. <3 this game

Rawnchie14 (on 26 October 2010)

Too bad the console counterparts came with bugs, damn shame.

Skeeuk (on 26 October 2010)

well done for fallout team. hopefully they can fix it. it has a brill opening week, so many games on hd systems now

FaRmLaNd (on 26 October 2010)

So far this game is far better then fallout 3, its a bit buggier but nothing game breaking. There are more side quests, more towns, more factions. The re-introduction of the karma and reputation systems is also a great addition as is having the ability to look down the sights. This is a significantly better opening then fallout 3 and is indicative of a growing property considering most of Bethesda's properties sell well over time.

Boutros (on 25 October 2010)

@ioi Well that's what Seece did in his thread about Fable 3 for example. He actually predicted even more than two times the pre-orders :P http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=118390&page=1

Serious_frusting (on 25 October 2010)

Wouldn't fallout have lots of pre-orders because of it coming from a PC fan-base originally? What i mean by this is that the people who would want the game first week would most likely pre-order the game. Fallout is not casual nor is it main stream. It just has a large dedicated following. I would bet that starcraft would have been the same had it been on consoles.

heruamon (on 25 October 2010)

Great sales for a decent game...it would have been nice to see Oblivion do a bit more of bringing improvements to the engine.

ioi (on 25 October 2010)

Boutros, only a handful of games (Nintendo mainly) would ever double from final pre-orders to week one sales - most will be more like 25-50% higher. Not sure why anybody would have expected 1.5m from 885k pre-orders?

Cirio (on 25 October 2010)

WRPGs on the 360 are beast.

binary solo (on 25 October 2010)

I hope those saying excellent sales aren't the same as those who said MoH was phail with almost the same sales.

Boutros (on 25 October 2010)

Well since it had 885k pre-orders, most people (including me) were expecting FW to be over 1.5 million (and that's in America alone). But then you report that it sold 1.4 million worldwide. And then I'm thinking that's odd because pre-orders were at 885k for America (while I still had in mind that FW is ~usually~ two times the pre-orders). So since I expected something like 1.5 million (in America alone), and the actual sales are 1.1 million (in America), it's even worse than 1.4 million (what you thought I thought) hence why I'm saying that it reinforces my point that the chart was innacurate (even though now I know the chart is not inaccurate, Fallout was simply very front-loaded). Anyways lol Bottom line, I'm more interested to know why Fallout was so front-loaded. And I guess that means we can't expect great legs and that the drop for week two will be major. And I'm not saying the pre-orders chart is inaccurate, like I mentionned just above. Well I thought so at first but like I said, I wasn't expecting Fallout to be so front-loaded hence why it seemed to me like the chart was off. Because it really is one of the first time we see such a low increase for FW based on pre-orders.

ioi (on 25 October 2010)

How does it reinforce your point that nearly 1.1m were sold in the Americas based on 885k pre-orders? Why would that make the pre-orders chart inaccurate?

Boutros (on 25 October 2010)

@ioi Yeah I read that part and it actually reinforce my point. But I wasn't expecting the game to be so front-loaded. I thought games like Reach were considered front-loaded but now I have to change of perspective.

yo_john117 (on 25 October 2010)

Well deserved since this is a most excellent game!

ioi (on 25 October 2010)

@Boutros - it clearly says nearly three quarters of sales were in the Americas

enrageorange (on 25 October 2010)

well fallout 3 was extremely buggy and still is buggy and has shown great legs. I love bethesda, but they really have issues with fixing all the bugs, although that is probably due to how massive their games are. And total America sales are over 1mil so the preorders don't seem to be too off. Fallout isn't really a casual game so a large percentage of first week buyers preordered the game for the bonuses or the amazon $20 gift card.

Mr Puggsly (on 25 October 2010)

@ Boutros Fallout 3 had a significantly smaller opening in Europe. Also, Fallout:NV was released on Tuesday in NA. While it was released on Friday in Europe. Hence, 5 days vs 2 days.

Mr Puggsly (on 25 October 2010)

Fantastic numbers on the 360. Unfortunately, the bugs is probably going to hurt legs across all platforms.

Boutros (on 25 October 2010)

So that's WW? The pre-order chart wasn't very accurate then because it ended up at 885,291 combined in America alone.

Carl (on 25 October 2010)

I should be getting my copy tomorrow finally!! Can't wait, excellent sales!!!