X10: No Traditional Health Indication in Fable III

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 12 February 2010 / 1,871 Views

Do you remember what Peter Molyneux, Lionhead boss (because head of Lionhead just sounds wrong), said you should expect from him at X10 regarding Fable III? Correct. News that will make you "super pissed".

Well, I don't know whether he overhyped them (well, it is Molyneux, after all) or is his perception of being "super pissed" is simply uncommon, but the news he was talking about a few days prior to X10 are the lack of any health indication in Fable III - no HUD, health bar, flashes, some figure on screen (like in Gears of War), no darkening of the screen... nada. He didn't go into any specific details regarding how you will know your health status, but did say that he will be taking cues from recent action titles and their environmental (character look) changes in purpose of showing how you health is doing.

I really think he missed his mark with "super pissed" here, but this new change to the gameplay could contribute well to the feel of the whole game itself - if your ambition is to be as close to "life simulation" as you can, then this change is bound to help your cause.

Sources: Destructoid and VG247

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naznatips (on 12 February 2010)

As a side note, I still have massive expectations for the game, I just wish he'd shut the hell up. :-P

naznatips (on 12 February 2010)

@ strategyking No. You underestimate the intense narcissism of Molyneux. He really believed this was some massive, incredible, unbelievable, inconceivable change that only he could possibly imagine with his infinite genius.

Strategyking92 (on 12 February 2010)

anybody else think he said this just to make the 1% of people who were going to be pissed not pissed?

FastFord58 (on 12 February 2010)

Only he could hype people up to get pissed off lol. The man is legendary.

huaxiong90 (on 12 February 2010)


solidpumar (on 12 February 2010)

And the overhyping and disappointment cycle of Molyneux begins.

richardhutnik (on 12 February 2010)

Note the "What the hell..." comment to kick this off here. It is a bit of hype, but those who didn't know something was different about the game seem to be a bit in a shock regarding it.

richardhutnik (on 12 February 2010)

He did overplay it. I go, "ehhh..." and give it a wait and see. I do believe he needed to say something there, because if he didn't hint at this, then people would be more upset. Anyhow, I think of NES Pro Wrestling and how it didn't have a health gauge in it, and it worked. The more your wrestler panted, the more tired your wrestler was. I would predict that the condition of your character in the game will give clues to how badly off your character is. I am seeing in games like Halo and Gears of War (and Call of Duty) there isn't a life bar. The screen changes color until it fades to black. So, Fable III joins this in its own way.

Demotruk (on 12 February 2010)

That's it...? That's the big RPG staple that Fable 3 is abandoning. Wow, revolutionary....

kitler53 (on 12 February 2010)

lol, i'm glad i'm not the only person that thinks peter is a huge tool.

Notorius.A.i.G (on 12 February 2010)

Overhyping again ?

Podings (on 12 February 2010)

Peter Molyneux. I don't care about you anymore. You sound idiotic, and your games suck. That is all.

naznatips (on 12 February 2010)

Can Molyneux ever just talk like a normal human being? Seriously it's getting ridiculous. Stop hyping the shit out of everthying. You know what, I'm just going to ignore every word of hype or build-up that comes out of his mouth.

brainiacxiii (on 12 February 2010)

This isn't news worthy, it has already been done in other games. limping when your hurt etc. Has no one played the fight-night games? you don't need the HUD to see how your doing, you get sluggish, visibly hurt etc. Wolverine did the same thing except in a much cooler way then fable will, he actually got torn to shreds as you played and he'd heal muscle then flesh

Recon1O1 (on 12 February 2010)

Fine by me. I wasn't interested in playing 'King in Albion' anyway. That's Sir Peter's ideal game. Bargain bin after my tour of nucleated Nevada maybe.

--OkeyDokey-- (on 12 February 2010)

This is interesting actually. Maybe the character will get bruised, wounded and start limping when he's close to death.

Bamboleo (on 12 February 2010)

Molyneux hyped his own birth.

AlkamistStar (on 12 February 2010)

Ahh Molyneux, you can hype a hype machine.

snyperdud (on 12 February 2010)

@Soulsamuari Yeah, that could maybe work.

heruamon (on 12 February 2010)

LOL....after Fable II...what will he come up with next.

Seece (on 12 February 2010)

The comment he made "going to be pissed" was to hype it up, which in turn pissed me off because the announcement didn't piss me off ... or did it?

tio_coyote (on 12 February 2010)

Resident Evil 1 already did this...in 1996!

soulsamurai (on 12 February 2010)

Take a look at the getaway. When you got shot you had a blood stained where you were shot and you would start limping if shot in the leg, breathing heavily when shot a lot, and lose aim when shot in the arm. I think something similar will happen here.

snyperdud (on 12 February 2010)

Ummm. What? How the hell....

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