Dante\'s Inferno Team Apologise For \'\'Act Of Lust\'\' Competition

by Carl Rushworth, posted on 26 July 2009 / 2,369 Views

After a lot of people were upset about the recent "Sin to Win" competition for Dante's Inferno, makers of the game, Visceral Games, have apologised for "any confusion and offense that resulted from our choice of wording."


On their Twitter site they state:

"We created this promotion as part of our marketting efforts around the circle of Lust (one of the nine sins/circles of hell) Each month we will be focusing on a new Circle of Hell. This month is the turn of Lust."

"Commit acts of Lust is simply a tongue-in-cheek way to say take pictures pictures with costumed reps. Also, a "Night of Lust" means only that the winner will get a chaperoned VIP night on the town with the Dante's Inferno reps."

"We apologize for any confusion and offence that resulted from our choice of wording and want to ensure you that we take your concerns and sentiments seriously."

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dsister44 (on 27 July 2009)

With the fake Christian protest I decided I was not going to buy this.Now with this I will go around and tell other people not to buy it

Forager (on 27 July 2009)

I would like to take this moment to apologize on behalf of gamers everywhere. This was the most transparent marketing ploy since Ms Pacman was created to get girls in to video games. I apologize to EA that they think we are so stupid that this weak attempt needed an apology from them....we already know that there are no limits to the depths you will sink to EA....maybe for your new MMA game you can have a marketing stunk where gamers can win a chance to whip your as* in the octagon!

Aion (on 27 July 2009)

EA is such a great company.

KylieDog (on 27 July 2009)

Anyone who complained about the wording needs a life.

Stefan.De.Machtige (on 27 July 2009)

Pretty weak stunt, EA.

Canyarion (on 27 July 2009)

I bet they had this apology ready before they even released that whole 'act of lust' thing. Pathetic.

solidpumar (on 27 July 2009)

Their marketing is genius. Making a fake Christian protest and now this. They get people pissed and 1st page news, again and again

waron (on 27 July 2009)

@Slimebeast, just look at some coments on joystiq or anywhere else about this promotion.

Kantor (on 27 July 2009)


Slimebeast (on 26 July 2009)

"waron says: i can't believe that anyone took that promotion so serious. talking bout gamers being horny nerds and idiots. Posted on: 07/27/09, 00:21 " - Did they really say that?

Salnax (on 26 July 2009)

How did they possibly imagine this turning out well?

kiefer23 (on 26 July 2009)

Whats next? EA will hire the Phelps family to promote their game?

binary solo (on 26 July 2009)

Any publicity is good publicity. This will help sales, and of course it's free advertising.

The_vagabond7 (on 26 July 2009)

They seem to be trying really hard to promote this game as controversial. Unfortunately their attempts are transparent and lame, and that's how the game is being promoted.

badgenome (on 26 July 2009)

Man. The game looks decent, but I've never seen such off-putting promotional efforts in my life.

KungKras (on 26 July 2009)

My god. First the staged protests, and now this misunderstanding. EA really wants this game to get bad promotion.

waron (on 26 July 2009)

i can't believe that anyone took that promotion so serious. talking bout gamers being horny nerds and idiots.