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Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics Pack Cancelled

Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics Pack Cancelled - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 August 2019 / 930 Views

Developer Mojang announced it has cancelled development on the Super Duper Graphics Pack for Minecraft that was announced at E3 2017.

Read the full statement from the developer below:

Some of you might remember us announcing the Super Duper Graphics Pack during E3 2017. Super Duper was an ambitious initiative that brought a new look to Minecraft but, unfortunately, the pack proved too technically demanding to implement as planned.

We realise this is disappointing to some of you – there was a lot of enthusiasm for Super Duper from inside and outside the studio – but unfortunately, we aren’t happy with how the pack performed across devices. For this reason, we're stopping development on the pack, and looking into other ways for you to experience Minecraft with a new look.

Minecraft is available on a wide range of platforms, and we’re constantly trying to make the most of the technical architecture of each one. We’ll be able to share more on that subject very soon.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for not following through on our plans!

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Jranation (on 13 August 2019)

What a shame. It did look good. Probably cant handle on Switch anyway. The minecraft now have issues.

Ganoncrotch (on 13 August 2019)

Maybe next gen? Or just canned until Minecraft 2 A scarlet exclusive?

Chazore (on 13 August 2019)

Well, as things currently are, shaders are more or less a PC exclusive thing, though it baffles me as to why they cannot get them to work with their BE edition.

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Ganoncrotch (on 13 August 2019)

Oh yeah Chaz I know you can get amazing texture packs on the PC already which kinda shame most of what they were showing off in this one that they've canned. I wonder why they didn't reach out to some of the community who created some of those for the PC to see could they help bring them on board for this version. But instead gone and canned it.

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Chazore (on 13 August 2019)

You can get some good texturepacks like Sphax BD on consoles as well, so there's that option.

Meanwhile, I'm still here looking at how laggy my Switch version of BE plays =/

They could have done that easily, but for some reason, many a dev doesn't seem to like an outside source telling them how to do their job, or the right way to solve a problem. I gave kudos to Two Point dev's when a modder came up with an easy solution for copy+pasting rooms in Two Point Hospital. The devs saw this within a couple of days and decided to make that mod baseline within the game itself. It made us all happy, and now console folk will be able to enjoy that addition when they get to play it as well.

Just think of how much easier this could have been, had they contacted modders like Sildur or Sonic Ether. Those two are good at their craft, and manage to further optimize their new versions of their respective shaderpacks each time, as well as offering you different versions, depending on your PC specs (they even have lite versions for potato specs). MJ could have gone out to fly these guys in and personally work with them to make their own shaderpacks work in tandem with Minecraft BE's code.

This is an insanely huge and wasted project/opportunity for them to show what Minecraft can be capable of.

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Ganoncrotch (on 13 August 2019)

Completely agree, a lot of these modders survive on donations from people towards their projects or they just do it with their spare time or as passion projects, imagine what some could achieve if you were to give them the financial backing of Microsoft or even just some of the increased hardware tools for debugging that MS would have access to where a person doing it for themselves wouldn't have access to.

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JRPGfan (6 days ago)

This was from back around or just before the xbox one X, reveal right? Remember Oculus Rift VR for xbox one X? I feel like Xbox lies or changes it tune, way to often. As a consumer, sooner or later, you'd have to release you basically cant count on what Xbox says... right?

Ashadelo (on 13 August 2019)

It's canceled because they wanna do Minecraft 2 eventually.

Chazore (on 13 August 2019)

And yet we've had gamers making addons like Optifine, that boosts performance for Java ED, as well as multiple shaderpacks as well for years, but MJ cannot seem to add shaderpack support, to their superior coded version?. Does it run like arse on current gen systems or what?. Because MJ aren't being specific on this. BE runs superior to Java ED without a doubt, but Java ED easily supports multiple shader packs of various types.

Chazore (on 13 August 2019)

Also, how else are they going to show us MC in a "new look". We've already got multiple editions of the game across a range of devices, new and old. We've got texturepacks across most devices, and shaders have been on PC for years and sin't anything new, so what else could you possibly bring to *the* game, and not spin-off games, because that should never count as a "new way".

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HylianSwordsman (on 13 August 2019)

I'm sorry, what? Too technically demanding? Look, Mojang, if it doesn't run on Switch, just don't add it to Switch. Even if it requires a high end PC, at least release it for PC, and maybe next gen consoles. Don't cancel it.

Chazore (on 13 August 2019)

I was able to run shaderpacks with optifine way back in 2012, on my crummy af pre-built system.

It's do-able, it's that they are incompetent with their newer version over Java. If users, mere gamers can do what they cannot, and have done since 2011, then I dunno what to say, apart from sheer incompetence.

They are backed by a trillion dollar company, and some coders in their own home can do this...

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HylianSwordsman (6 days ago)

I mean I didn't want to comment further and reveal my lack of technical knowledge, but I've seen amazing things done by modders, as in individual people modders, that would make me believe this is completely doable on all systems, even Switch, probably even Wii U, because like you said, we're talking one guy in his basement doing what a whole studio of people that supposedly made the game from scratch couldn't do with the backing of a trillion dollar company. Like wtf guys, I call bs.

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DonFerrari (on 13 August 2019)

Ambitious? Ok then.

Ganoncrotch (on 13 August 2019)

ambition is the enemy!

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DonFerrari (6 days ago)

I find ambition fine, I don't like greed. But this seems more like a case of seeing no revenue to cover cost so let's not bother, they already made the hype for X1X so now it can rest.

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hunter_alien (6 days ago)

Yet another failed promise by MS. Is it even surprising anymore? I am truly amazed that this brand manages to keep a couple of hardcore fans, considering how abysmal their performance is for the last 10 years.