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11/11/14 Sony Computer Entertainment America
03/19/15 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/14/14 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

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There’s no one way to play Minecraft. It’s an open-ended game where players decide what they want to do by themselves! Minecraft offers several modes, though: Creative Mode, where players are given limitless resources to build whatever they can imagine; and Survival Mode, where players must explore the world and mine its resources to feed, house and defend themselves. Or you can join your friends online and make up your own rules!

Nearly every block in the world of Minecraft can be broken down by mining and collected. Then those bits can be recombined to build new stuff!Punch a tree until you get some wood, turn the wood into planks and then combine the planks to create a crafting table. You can use the crafting table to make all kinds of useful tools, so long as you find the right ingredients.

Get Minecraft on the go with Sony's handheld. This edition supports multiplayer for up to four players and allows you to transfer saved worlds with PS3, as well as offering specially crafted skin-packs, mini games and more! Available as a physical disc or digitally from the PlayStation store.

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1 n/a n/a 40,640 11,054 51,694
2 n/a 14,340 36,147 16,459 66,946
3 n/a 7,202 33,607 12,469 53,278
4 n/a 8,930 49,188 17,505 75,623
5 n/a 9,400 51,104 18,245 78,749
6 n/a 14,233 47,165 19,406 80,804
7 n/a 12,007 47,786 18,545 78,338
8 n/a 4,914 15,401 6,459 26,774
9 n/a 3,366 4,754 2,848 10,968
10 n/a 659 4,445 1,513 6,617
Ganoncrotch posted 27/06/2016, 10:38
Such a great port on the powerhouse handheld system, really deserves all the sales it gets, the digital sales of this title could push it closer to the 3m mark when you consider there is a lot of perks to picking it up digitally, I got it on Vita from PSN knowing that I would also gain access to the ps3 version, and on buying a ps4 you can get the nextgen upgrade purchase of this from psn for about 2-3 euros instead of the full price again.

Digital sales should be very high I would think based on that.
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Dr.Vita posted 09/06/2016, 03:02
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SnowPrince posted 09/06/2016, 11:25
And it's over two millions !
Adding to that the confirmed 300k digital sales in Japan and you should have over 2.5M already.
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Kerotan posted 12/04/2016, 11:36
It was #6 in the Japan chart this week. King of legs
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FloatingWaffles posted 08/04/2016, 09:07
This game may very well be the Vita's only 2 million seller in its entire life cycle, and it's game that's owned by Microsoft on top of that.
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OneKartVita posted 11/01/2016, 11:39
The game sold over 110k this week! And with digital which is really high in Japan it's well over 2m!
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