Nine Dots Studio CEO: 'I Honestly Just Want More Power' From PS5 And Next Gen Xbox - VGChartz
Nine Dots Studio CEO: 'I Honestly Just Want More Power' From PS5 And Next Gen Xbox

Nine Dots Studio CEO: 'I Honestly Just Want More Power' From PS5 And Next Gen Xbox - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 March 2019 / 2,599 Views

Rumors about the next generation of consoles have been on the rise with most leaning toward a 2020 release for the PlayStation 5 and next generation Xbox. 

CEO of Nine Dots Studio Guillaume Boucher-Vidal speaking with GamingBolt just wants more power when it comes to the next generation of consoles. 

"I honestly just want more power, as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were already relatively weak when they launched 5 years ago, and the X and Pro are still attached to those weaker consoles, since game behaviour must stay the same," he said.

"Higher resolution and higher frame rates are a nice bonus, but they do very little to the game experience for most players. If the base console is more powerful, then we can use that power for gameplay instead of only low impact visual adjustments."

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jonathanalis (on 15 February 2019)

I hope gaming community accept checkerboard and other super sampling methods instead of demanding always native 4k. It is killing the performance the games could have for negligible visual improvement

Naum (on 15 February 2019)

I want better AI "power" way more then Graphical "power"

Chazore (on 15 February 2019)

Same I want my believable worlds. I want to talk to characters and feel involved with them, rather than the usual special snowflake, the only one who can seemingly do everything for everyone, while everyone stays in one vacant spot, doing absolutely nothing, all until you interact with them. That design philosophy for AI feels so very dated and ancient now. MMO's are especially guilty of always resorting to that type of AI.

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Immersiveunreality (on 16 February 2019)

True, give me more technical progress on the gameplay and immersion beyond the top layer visuals.

Pemalite (on 15 February 2019)

I would like to see pop-in be eliminated entirely.

Chazore (on 15 February 2019)

I'm hoping for the same. I just want things like render distance, AI and texture clarity to be improved, especially AI, because this gen has tried to focus on games visually, but in doing so have left aspects like AI to the wayside, to being so very basic and entirely predictable.

Random_Matt (on 15 February 2019)

Have not seen decent AI since FEAR.

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Chazore (on 15 February 2019)

Same tbh. I miss when AI actually went to lengths to track you down.
I want to be able to talk to AI, rather than "what'ye buying/sellin" and the simple "hello" *staring into space*.

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Mr Puggsly (on 15 February 2019)

People have the impression we need power CPUs for smarter AI, but there are examples of smart AIs on 6th and 7th gen hardware. That's more about game design than specs.

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Chazore (on 16 February 2019)

Claiming that we need to stagnate and never bother with AI's using CPU power isn't exactly an appealing idea.

I'm not the sort of guy that heavily agrees with "well, we'll just use duct tape and do with what we've got", knowing full well what we have before us and have had for years now.

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tripenfall (on 16 February 2019)

True CPU power as opposed to GPU upgrades is what I took from this....

Zoombael (on 16 February 2019)


Ganoncrotch (on 16 February 2019)

A quick Google tells me I've never played a game from this company and looking at their games library I could safely say that what they want from the hardware in the ps5And Xbox two will be of no concern to their manufactures.

KLAMarine (on 16 February 2019)

Visuals are vanity, interaction is sanity, gameplay is king.

Mr Puggsly (on 15 February 2019)

It doesn't matter how powerful the consoles next gen are, developers will primarily use the specs for graphics. Developers can be innovative on the current specs, that doesn't require cutting edge specs.

Immersiveunreality (on 16 February 2019)

Yeah maybe but im not sure how much work it is and resources it needs to keep improving them compared to previous gens so unless we are game developers ourselves it is fairly hard to understand what progress to expect i do think.

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Azzanation (on 16 February 2019)

Obvious is obvious. I mean it's not like more power isnt what we want. Devs need to just utilise the power better rather than focus on visuals.

Mystro-Sama (on 16 February 2019)

Really? This guy is the first person i've heard complain about the power of current gen consoles. Everyone seems to be ok with it.

EricHiggin (on 15 February 2019)

The only way I see the next gen consoles achieving this is if they launch both the base and pro models together. That way the tech and price will itself be a limiting factor on how much more powerful the pro model can be. So for example, maybe an 8TF base console and a 12TF pro model, but both consoles having identical, 'uncompromising' CPU's? Same amount of RAM, or just slightly more in the pro? Same storage medium and speeds?