5 Microsoft Studios Games Out Now on Steam and at Retailers for PC - VGChartz
5 Microsoft Studios Games Out Now on Steam and at Retailers for PC

5 Microsoft Studios Games Out Now on Steam and at Retailers for PC - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 October 2018 / 2,665 Views

Microsoft Studios has announced it has released five of its games on Windows PC via Steam and at retailers that sell physical copies of games on Windows PC. 

The five games are ReCore: Definitive Edition, Super Lucky’s Tale, Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection, Disneyland Adventures, and Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure.

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Ka-pi96 (on 15 September 2018)

Aww, no Halo MCC :-(

Vertigo-X (on 16 September 2018)

For real.

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Masked_Muchaco (on 15 September 2018)

None of these games are big sellers, so they probably put them on Steam to get some more sales.

Azzanation (on 16 September 2018)

That seems to be the strategy

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Chazore (on 16 September 2018)

Likely that way. MS wants to make extra dollar off of Steam's base, without actually putting full commitment to them. Can't say I applaud that though.

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Chazore (on 15 September 2018)

Doesn't really sound all that impressive, considering that they still haven't sold the mainline Halo games on Steam, as well as any other big games.

teamsilent13 (on 16 September 2018)

I've been waiting sinc 1999 for Combat Evolved to hit the Mac,

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Cerebralbore101 (on 15 September 2018)

Breadcrumbs being offered up here.

Arkus (on 15 September 2018)

More less incentive to buy XBOX ONE

Azzanation (on 16 September 2018)

Is someone asking you to buy an X1?

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Chazore (on 16 September 2018)

For what they are offering here?. It's literally breadcrumbs being tossed to the side.

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hiccupthehuman (on 16 September 2018)

Suuuure. Tons of hardcore gamers were lining up to buy an Xbox One to play Disneyland Adventures and Rush-Pixar... They make those kid-oriented games more available so parents tight on money can buy those on PC for their kids, but you fanboys never cease to make everything about console wars...

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DialgaMarine (on 17 September 2018)

That's good. Now I can finally play Recore, and with my DualShock 4 to boot. Maybe I'll give SLT a go too.

TheBird (on 16 September 2018)

Didn't know some of these were exclusive?.

Errorist76 (on 16 September 2018)

They'd be smart to put all other games on Steam as well. The damn MS Store is the only reason that's keeping many people from buying their games, me included. Did it once...never again.

KLAMarine (on 15 September 2018)

Now these games are available to many more people. For anyone wondering why I will stick up for Microsoft from time to time, now you know one of the reasons why.

Azzanation (on 16 September 2018)

These are the things i want to see companies do. Share. They dont have to share everything but these are good practises that help support devs games that dont sell that well.

Chazore (on 16 September 2018)

It'd be nice if they shared games that are actually really good and of higher quality, rather than tiny games that aren't as good or don't do as much. Sharing say Peggle isn't an applause worthy move, and neither would the Halo tablet game either.

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poroporo (on 16 September 2018)

It's not a charity move, now that they've made all the money they could on their platforms, moving it to steam probably means these games were not profitable, or didn't make nearly enough money so the only option is opening up to steam.

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hiccupthehuman (on 16 September 2018)

@poroporo All companies care about profit. Exactly why does the motive matter when in the end more gamers get to enjoy their products? They used their money to make the games, so why shouldn't they try to make as much as possible from their investment? This is really nitpicky.

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Azzanation (on 17 September 2018)

@Chazone so i am guessing you have ignored other titles like Killer Instinct, Ori and Qauntum Break as just a couple more examples. Its better to share around games than locking them in on a platform and forcing users to buy a console. Either way the publisher and developers make money which is healthy for the industry.

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Chazore (on 17 September 2018)

Yes, because QB ran so extremely well on PC didn't it?. Ori is an indie title from a Private studio, not owned by MS. The studio that made KI is owned by Amazon, with the game being published by MS.

It's better to share all the games than sharing the less successful ones and keeping the ones that are popular locked away. Either way, more users getting all the games is healthier than caring about a companies money, please eject the "I love a company making more money than consumer regards" out of the mind, that is literally the unhealthiest form of thinking.

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Azzanation (on 17 September 2018)

@Chazore these are MS IPs, Ori and Killer Instinct are great success stories, and MS placing them on Steam helps MS and those behind the hard work make more money. I couldn't care less who actually makes the money I am just saying, plus its great that everyone plays and supports these games, Ori is a masterpiece and KI is a strong 1st party title. QB wasn't received well but its still a big AAA game that got released on Steam. There performance has nothing to do with this conversation. Plus its been heavily patch so maybe check it out again. MS own these IPs and its there choice to release them on Steam not the devs. However these type of moves benefits both parties. I would love to see more and I would love to see other companies do the same.

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