Switch vs DS – VGChartz Gap Charts – November 2017 Update

Switch vs DS – VGChartz Gap Charts – November 2017 Update - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 04 January 2018 / 3,596 Views

The VGChartz Gap charts are updated monthly and each article focuses on a different gap chart. The charts include comparisons between the 7th generation and 8th generation platforms, as well as comparisons within the 8th generation. All sales are worldwide, unless otherwise stated.

Switch Vs. DS Global:

Gap change in latest month: 1,432,901 – Switch

Total Lead: 2,898,146 – Switch

Switch Total Sales: 9,103,150

DS Total Sales: 6,205,004

November 2017 is the 9th month that the Nintendo Switch has been available for. During the latest month the gap grew in favor of the Switch by 1.43 million units when compared to the DS during the same timeframe. The Switch is currently ahead of the DS by 2.90 million units.

The DS launched in November 2004 in North America, December 2004 in Japan and March 2005 in Europe, while the Nintendo Switch launched worldwide in March 2017. The Switch has sold 9.10 million units, while the DS sold 6.21 million units during the same timeframe.

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OTBWY (on 04 January 2018)

Obligatory "when's DS lite" post.

KLAMarine (on 04 January 2018)

What if a Switch lite releases?

  • 0
DialgaMarine (on 04 January 2018)

Switch has a far better library at this point. I remember DS's 1st year being pretty sub par for games.

Locknuts (on 04 January 2018)

At this point? I don't remember any DS games comparable to BOTW or Mario Odyssey.

  • -2
AntonTeiosanu (on 04 January 2018)

PS4 vs DS comparison pleaseeeeeeeeee........

Redguy (on 04 January 2018)

That would be interesting to watch

  • 0
PAOerfulone (on 04 January 2018)

The Switch has 6 months to build as big of a lead as possible before the DS Lite arrives.

Ljink96 (on 04 January 2018)

I don't think it has a chance when that happens, no matter what the build up.

  • 0
xMetroid (on 04 January 2018)

Well if Switch sells 20+ millions during FY 2018 then the DS may take a little while to surpass it. Switch is only on it's first year and it's already being compared to PS4's peak year.

  • 0
KLAMarine (on 04 January 2018)

what if Switch lite happens?

  • 0
PAOerfulone (on 04 January 2018)

What would a Switch Lite look like?
No Joy-Con attachments? It's a dedicated handheld that you can place inside the dock and so it still acts as a console? And have it shipped seperately from the dock so that it can sell for $199.99?

  • 0
trasharmdsister12 (on 04 January 2018)

It would look similar to the current Switch much like the DS Lite looked like the DS. But things could be adjusted. They could use the newer Tegra chip that uses 50% of the power to double the battery life while requiring less active cooling. They could adjust the screen used, possibly to an AMOLED with glass. They could improve the stand and include a mic right on the system for online voice chat. It could come with its own dock revision. There are a number of things they could change while maintaining compatibility with existing joy-cons.

  • +1
carlove (on 04 January 2018)


That's not making it 'lite'. The newer Tegra, AMOLED screen and glass will only UP the price. Expensive as hell. Take away the dock and you might have the Switch for the same price...

  • 0
trasharmdsister12 (on 04 January 2018)

That's assuming it comes out today. I'm not talking about it coming out right now. Give it a year or two and prices for the newer Tegra, an AMOLED screen and glass (which were all just suggestions on "improvements" and not my idea of the ideal upgrade) would be more affordable while allowing for revised construction and design.

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friendlyfamine (on 05 January 2018)

I don't know why Ljink is getting downvoted, I mean he isn't wrong. Keep in mind that the DS released in a market where dedicated handheld systems were the only competent devices for cheap portable gaming. It's not until 2012 where smartphone games truly skyrocketed and took the industry by storm. It's very unlikely in this day and age that anything will top PS2 and DS sales. Unless the Switch has some revolutionary and unprecedented breakthrough, we shouldn't even expect it to even sell 100 million easily.

  • +2
S.Peelman (on 04 January 2018)

DS is sharpening it's knife...