Switch Was the Best-Selling Console in the US in October

Switch Was the Best-Selling Console in the US in October - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 17 November 2017 / 4,597 Views

According to NPD the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console in October 2017 in the US, announced Nintendo. 

The SNES Classic was the second best-selling system. When you combined the Switch, SNES Classic and 3DS, Nintendo systems accounted for two-thirds of all hardware sold in the US for the second month in a row. 

Hardware sales in the US in October topped one million units in October for the first time since 2011.

In terms of physical sales Super Mario Odyssey was the best-selling game for the month, despite launching on October 27. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continued to have strong sales as they were the 10th and 11th best-selling games, respectively.

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AlfredoTurkey (on 17 November 2017)

I'm glad that this console is doing well because it took a huge risk and did something different. That sort of thing SHOULD be rewarded.

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Jranation (on 17 November 2017)

@Kan ummmmm...... You can't play the Wii U in the bus.

  • +5
Areym (on 17 November 2017)

Well, you shouldn't reward things just on the basis of being unique or different. Now, if it's a quality product AND is attempting something new, that is commendable.

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AngryLittleAlchemist (on 17 November 2017)

Well deserved. With Mario, Zelda, Splatoon and soon Xenoblade, what would you expect?

IkePoR (on 17 November 2017)

It to sell as well as Wii U because it had all those same games.

  • 0
AngryLittleAlchemist (on 17 November 2017)

Have you converted to Scientology recently, Ike?

  • +3
IkePoR (on 17 November 2017)

Just basing an answer to your question on the provided points, lad. Wii U had games from all those IP and sold pants. Course I know you meant to say "With PORTABLE HD Mario Zelda Splatoon and Xenoblade what would you expect", but you never said that.

  • +1
AngryLittleAlchemist (on 17 November 2017)

While I agree with your point, I also hate you for correcting me. I have a mixture of emotions.

  • +4
IkePoR (on 17 November 2017)


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Mr.GameCrazy (on 17 November 2017)

Congrats to Nintendo!!

PhatChips (on 17 November 2017)

Me as an Xbox guy, Nintendo deserves this.

zippy (on 17 November 2017)

Fantastic news

TruckOSaurus (on 17 November 2017)

I hate how NPD makes us do math problems. So total hardware topped 1 million, so Switch + SNES Classic + 3DS is greater than 666K. With Switch having the larger share of this is means it's at least 222K, but likely more than that.

fedfed (on 17 November 2017)

November and December next!

Errorist76 (on 17 November 2017)

So happy for Nintendo. They really deserve the success for daring to put out something different, innovative and just convenient. Big applaus! I'll have to bite after Octopath traveler hits.

Ggordon (on 17 November 2017)

I want THIS

Kwaidd (on 17 November 2017)

I dont understand how the console is selling so well. I mean, there's just no games. =p

LivingMetal (on 17 November 2017)

This shows that Nintendo cannot be counted out.

KeithC1990 (on 17 November 2017)

I literally am flooded with games on the Nintendo Switch at the moment. Zelda:BOTW Arms Splatoon 2 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Fire Emblem Warriors Super Mario Odyssey Doom L.A Noire Skyrim Rocket League Stardew Valley And thats not even them all, it's been an amazing first year for the console!

biglittlesps (on 18 November 2017)

It is not a console, more like 80% portable and 20% console. All of the Nintendo portables sold really well and this is not a replacement for Wii U which is home console. Switch replaced portable 3DS and removed console by giving a TV output with some tweaks thats all. Seems like Nintendo really making people to think that they have created a success out of a failure, but they just combined their portable with a small TV out inside a dock to look like to consider it as console.

Flilix (on 18 November 2017)

Since quite a lot of people were thinking that the Switch would be a huge failure, I'd consider this quite a success.

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Kanemaru (on 17 November 2017)

Quite funny knowing this is the exact same console than the wiiu but even worse.

  • -23
monocle_layton (on 17 November 2017)

Thanks for your insightful take on this Mr.Bean

  • +3
TruckOSaurus (on 17 November 2017)

You might want to look a little closer at both consoles, the difference is quite easy to spot.

  • +5
SpokenTruth (on 17 November 2017)

Trucks, it's not easy to spot by those who refuse to look.

  • +6
Flilix (on 17 November 2017)

If the Switch is worse than the Wii U, then why is it selling so much better?

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Flilix (on 17 November 2017)

Zelda isn't even the best selling game on the system. Mario Odyssey is selling better, and Mario Kart will probably end up selling better too. And in the next few years, we'll get Pokémon and Animal Crossing, which will also sell better.

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