Check Out Eight Minutes of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Gameplay

Check Out Eight Minutes of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Gameplay - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 18 August 2017 / 6,685 Views

An eight minute gameplay video of the upcoming third-person shooter RPG set in the fictional Gun Gale Online virtual reality MMORPG, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, has been released by Dengeki Online.

View it below:

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC worldwide in early 2018.

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Xen (on 19 August 2017)

Looks like a solid 6.5/10. In the anime, this part got very little time, I wonder what they come up with for story.

Liquid_faction (on 18 August 2017)

I have bought every SAO game that ever existed, except for the PSP one, but got Hollow Fragment. They are seriously pumping these games out too fast. All of Hollow Realization's DLC hasn't even come out yet and we already had one SAO game come out and another announced. This is worse that Activisions COD practice.

AngryLittleAlchemist (on 18 August 2017)

What do you expect? It's one of the biggest literary hits of this decade.

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Liquid_faction (on 18 August 2017)

But it's not making big bucks like COD or any AAA game though. Servers for the New SAO are barely full. There's like 100 people online at a given time. It would make more financial sense if they didn't produce so many games, but sold DLC instead.

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Teeqoz (on 18 August 2017)

How are the games, gameplay and story wise? I've been considering purchasing one for a while. Also, are they single player or multiplayer? And which game should I buy?

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Liquid_faction (on 18 August 2017)

The story is weak. You don't buy an SAO game for the story, you buy it for the characters. It just adds a little more depth than the anime since the anime just steamrolled over familiarizing characters. If I were to buy an SAO game again, it would have to be Hollow Realization, this to me is the most well balanced SAO game with the best MMO aspects. It plays exactly like an MMO, and even has complex skill trees and such, and it is only $20 if you look around. Game came out in end of 2016, so it's not that old. Server population is okay, not too big, but you can find a game. It is both single player and multiplayer. If you care more about gameplay though the newest one would be the best one to buy, SAO vs Accel. But because there are Accel World characters, there are heavy balancing issues in that game, plus it's priced at $60.

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Teflon02 (on 19 August 2017)

Story wise, it's like making up a story similar to the LN/Anime. Example, hollow fragment is a what if. What if you glitch SAO when he goes to finish the game early and corrupts the entire game
Lost Song is Genuinely it's own take and unique Story wise. It's basically them playing a new version of Alfiem or something, haven't played in a while so can't remember but it's pretty tame.
Hollow realization is about them rebuilding SAO on the seed servers and changing it up a bit, like removing the floors and making fields instead.
Accel World vs SAO is basically what you'd guess. It's a straight follow up to lost song where randomly server problems occur and everyone is told to log out. Kirito and friends never seem to learn so they stay logged in to find out someone from the future basically hijacked ALfhiem Online and it ended up merging with the Accelerated world of the future. Kiroyukihime and others from Accel were curious and traveled through and the culprit basically kidnapped Yui the AI Kirito and Asuna calls their child. Personally I like the ALO series better than the Hollow series. But you should do a look up of which you'd prefer since theyre quite different gameplay wise

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