Gust Teases Next Project in Dengeki

Gust Teases Next Project in Dengeki - News

by Karl Koebke, posted on 14 February 2013 / 1,015 Views

This is one of those really simple news stories where the title basically told you as much as you needed to know.  But you were kind enough to click the link so I'll try to flesh things out as much as I can.  An image in Dengeki PlayStation from Gust seems to be teasing their next project with a silhouette of a girl in a skirt holding a staff with what looks like a crescent moon shape on the top.  

Safe bet is that it's teasing the sequel to Atelier Ayesha, which was will soon be releasing in the West, published by Tecmo Koei.  But since this particular teaser is so close to Sony's rumored PlayStation 4 reveal there's some chance that it could be related to that and Gust will be moving into the next generation more quickly than it started developement for the current.  Hell, maybe they'll stop pumping out Atelier titles (much as I love them) and revisit some of the off-shoot series like Mana Khemia.  

Still though, the safe bet is Atelier Ayesha sequel on PlayStation 3, and that's what I'm going to stick with.  So get your round bottom flasks ready, it's time for some alchemy.  


Source: [All Games Beta]

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