Austin Wintory's Monaco Soundtrack Available Now

Austin Wintory's Monaco Soundtrack Available Now - News

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 24 April 2013 / 1,246 Views

The Austin Wintory helmed Monaco soundtrack can now be yours. Released today, the soundtrack to the highly praised PC and XBLA game, Monaco: What's yours is mine, might not be exactly what you expect from the Grammy nominated composer, who also masterminded the Journey OST.

Largely consisting of often jaunty, and sometimes jazzy, piano solos, the soundtrack is overflowing with class from start to finish. Once again, Wintory has shown that he is a master of completely capturing the tone of a game within his music.

You can buy the Monaco soundtrack right this second for a mere $9 at Austin's bandcamp page. For a limited time you'll also get the Gentlemen's Private Collection included with the soundtrack. This collection features reimaginings of certain songs by some of the internet's biggest stars, and they certainly offer a new perspective on the Monaco OST.

Here, I've even posted the trailer below. Just remember, what's yours is mine, but what's mine isn't necessarily yours, unless you ask real nice.  

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