Vanille Returns to Final Fantasy XIII

Vanille Returns to Final Fantasy XIII - News

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 07 October 2013 / 1,802 Views

For a game that's so obsessed with dressing up women, it seems weird that Vanille's new getup in Lightning Returns is so… well… lazy. It's the same as her normal rags, just with a goofy hat thrown on top. Come on, guys, this is supposed to be a time travel story. You gave us a future badass version of Hope, why are you being so reluctant to change up the ladies' designs?

Well, whatever. Vanille is officially returning to the world of XIII. Rather than a rebellious l'cie, she's now part of a group called "The Order" and can hear the voices of the dead. Whether or not she plays more than a supporting role has yet to be revealed.

In addition, the magazine scans that reveal Vanille's existence also show off even more costumes for Lightning, specifically a Yuna getup and an Aeris outfit. Both of these seem to arm her with the trademark staves of those girls. Whatever you think of all these costumes, having Lightning use different weapons in the game should add at least some variety to the combat.

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