Game-Breaking Glitch Discovered in Pokemon X & Y

Game-Breaking Glitch Discovered in Pokemon X & Y - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 16 October 2013 / 6,261 Views

Pokemon X & Y released worldwide on Saturday to the joy of millions - 4 million of whom purchased the game within the first two days. However, some of these players have encountered a game breaking glitch that potentially could force them to restart their game. These players saved in the outside area of Lumiose City, a sprawling Poketropolis, only to find out that when they loaded the game back up, they were stuck and unable to progress. The below video shows the glitch in action.

The glitch has been reported in Japanese, North American, and European versions of the game. It does not seem to be limited to either retail or digital versions of the game.

Some workarounds to try and fix the glitch have been reported including: Taking out the cartridge and putting it back in (after quitting and before starting the game), removing the SD card and putting it back in (ditto) and loading many times (eventually it loads properly for some people). Note, we have not encountered this glitch here at gamrReview, so we cannot confirm if these methods work.

Nintendo has yet to make a statement on the glitch, but hopefully there will be a patch coming in the future to address the issue. Until then, do not save in Lumiose City.

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