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Street Fighter V Announced, Exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 December 2014 / 8,325 Views

Capcom has announced that it is currently working on Street Fighter V. Also a teaser for the game, which has since been pulled, revealed the game is an exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and PC. However, it is not known if the deal is timed or for the lifetime of the game.

"Do we feel the need to go out and buy outright exclusivity? Probably not," said PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan back in August. "I think the partnership we have with Activision on Destiny is a good example of where it makes really good sense for them, it makes good sense for us and it benefits our consumers. When you complement those two things we think that gives us a pretty complete position in the market."


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StuOhQ (on 05 December 2014)

Good to hear. I really enjoy the level of polish that typically goes into a title for a single system (and maybe PC as well). As a long-term Nintendo gamer, multi-plats generally feel cheap to me. Even the ones that are done right leave the sense that they would have been better had the developer been able to focus on a single console.

WebMasterFlex (on 05 December 2014)

PS4 worldwide domination baby.

HylianSwordsman (on 05 December 2014)

About damn time. If there's any exclusivity, it will probably be only for this iteration. Super Street Fighter 5 and so on to Ultra Super Hyper Street Fighter 5 Turbo Alpha Special Arcade Championship Edition will be multiplat.

chidori-chan2 (on 05 December 2014)

Really lame crapcom.

FentonCrackshell (on 05 December 2014)

Tomb Raider or Street Fighter: Which company moneyhatted the better exclusive?

Yafea (on 05 December 2014)


Mr Puggsly (on 05 December 2014)

But Sony fans told me Sony is above moneyhatting. Oh well, im sure SFV will be on X1 eventually.

FentonCrackshell (on 05 December 2014)

Oh, Puggsly. You're so predictable.

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kix05 (on 05 December 2014)

There is a bunch of hypocrites on VgChartz. When X1 gets an exclusive its all thats not fair to Playstation fans and MS must of spent a shit ton of money. When Sony gets one its all GOOD JOB SONY. You guys are funny.ment...

estebxx (on 05 December 2014)

i know its not much but as a PS FAN im not okay with this... I HATE MONEYHATS regardless of who does them. so yeah...

lets hope there was an actual reason for this, after all Ono said he didnt had the money to fund SFV so maybe, just maybe this is like the Bayonetta 2 scenario.

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