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by William D'Angelo , posted on 26 February 2014 / 6,181 Views

Welcome to the VGChartz Gap charts. The charts will be updated monthly and each article will focus on a different gap chart. The charts include comparisons between the 7th generation and 8th generation, as well as comparing the 8th generation consoles. All sales are worldwide, unless otherwise stated.

Wii U vs Wii – VGChartz Gap Charts – January 2014 Update

Wii U Vs. Wii Global:

Gap change in latest month: 1,047,868 - Wii

Gap change over last 12 months: 14,309,755 - Wii

Total Lead: 16,552,165 – Wii

Wii U Total Sales: 5,644,779

Wii Total Sales: 22,196,944

In the latest month of sales the Wii U has fallen another 1,047,868 units further behind its predecessor the Wii. The Wii currently leads by 16,552,165 when you compare the first 15 months. The gap is expected to continue to grow in the next month.

Both consoles launched in November, the Wii in November 2006 and the Wii U in November 2012. The Wii U has sold 5,644,779 units in its first 15 months on sale, while the Wii has sold 22,196,944 units.


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Captain_Yuri (on 26 February 2014)

This almost feels like clubbing the baby seal that can't escape

Azhraell (on 26 February 2014)

Is this necessary?

Carl (on 26 February 2014)

You sadist.

AnthonyW86 (on 27 February 2014)

I'm considering printing this graph on a t-shirt, look up Iwata and say ''please understand''.

garretslarrity (on 26 February 2014)

This is just depressing.

Ljink96 (on 01 March 2014)

Isn't the Playstation's biggest competitor the Xbone? Nintendo is going though right now. The Wii U was a premature leap that hadn't even been fleshed out yet. I'll enjoy my Wii U this generation and my PS4.

Devil_Survivor (on 27 February 2014)

I guess it just shows much of a fire cracker the Wii was that burned out so fast.

fory77 (on 26 February 2014)

This is just sad. And its getting boring. Try a GameCube vs Wii U gap chart.

pezus (on 26 February 2014)

This is getting silly lol

HylianSwordsman (on 26 February 2014)

This comparison is just mean. It's even meaner than PSP vs. PS Vita or DS vs. 3DS.