PlayStation 4 Sales Top 320,000 in 2 Days in Japan - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 25 February 2014 / 10,299 Views

Sony's 8th generation home console, the PlayStation 4, launched on February 22 in Japan. Sales figures for the first two days are in. The PlayStation 4 sold 322,083 units, according to Famitsu. This is slightly better than the Wii U launch which sold 308,570 units in its first two days.

The PlayStation 4 did outsell its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, by a large margin when you compare launches. The PlayStation 3 sold just 86,742 units in its first two days on sale, according to VGChartz. The PlayStation 2 still holds the record for biggest opening for a Sony console in Japan, with sales of 630,552 units in its first two days.

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Michael-5 (on 25 February 2014)

PS2 launched in Japan first, and had Japan oriented games. PS4 has almost nothing for the Japanese

Azhraell (on 25 February 2014)

Not bad. Nothing oriented for them apart of Yakuza, which is on PS3 too.

DialgaMarine (on 26 February 2014)

I was kindof expecting more out of JP but good numbers and this still pushes the PS4 into the number 1 selling 8th gen home console spot. Well deserved for such a great machine. Can't wait to enjoy fantastic hits like Infamous, The Order, and Uncharted.

hieuth09 (on 25 February 2014)

May be PS4 gonna bump by the time of FF XV releasing :v

Pibituh (on 02 March 2014)

There more japanese oriented games apart of Yakuza, obviously. And that's why I'll buy the PS4 for. Hoping that Sony will give some love to those games. In Japan the mobile and the handheld market is the thing nowadays ~

drake_tolu (on 25 February 2014)

For me nex week (24 FEB-2 MAR) PS4 will sold 100.000. 322.000 + 100.000= 422.000 in 2 week. Not bad for me.

WagnerPaiva (on 25 February 2014)

Amazing sales, congrats Sony! 8th gen already... that makes me think, Nintendo is on the market since the 3rd gen, Sony since the 5th, it makes me kinda sad. I mean, Nintendo is the history of gaming, and they are still alive, makes me want to buy a WiiU just to support this living legend.

HipHopGodd (on 25 February 2014)

Save your money! Nintendo surely doesn't need it as much as you do. And no, that is not an insult.

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Sensei (on 25 February 2014)

Do they really deserve the support by repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Let them suffer through mistakes like Sony did with PS3, then maybe they'll pull their own PS4 in terms of giving players what they fucking want.

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Ganoncrotch (on 25 February 2014)

Some wise words Sensei.

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