Microsoft: E3 to Focus on the Games for the Xbox One - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 21 May 2013 / 4,844 Views

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has stated that today Xbox One reveal was about the console and its features, which meant that games were put second. However, he did announce that Microsoft will focus on the games coming out for the Xbox One at it's E3 Press Conference.

"We probably right now aren’t talking about [games] maybe as much as we should, because we’re talking so much about what’s new," said Greenberg. "People know we have gaming, and so we’re talking about entertainment and TV and all of the other things that we’re doing."

"But, when we go to E3 you’ll see us go almost all gaming, and that’ll be our main focus there," Greenberg continued. "We know it’s like us being musicians, and that’s the rock concert – people don’t want to hear slow songs, they just want rock, so we’re giving them rock for 90 minutes. And we’ve got a lot of games, and I would say our third party relationships are the tightest we’ve ever seen."

Microsoft's Don Mattrick at the reveal today did say that Microsoft Game Studios is planning to release 15 exclusives for the Xbox One in its first year. Two of these games were revealed today, Forza Motorsport 5 and a new IP from Remedy Quantum Break.

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Piernik (on 21 May 2013)

These CEO's are so stupid. They just cant learn that gamers whants to see games. That's it, this is that simple.

Azerth (on 21 May 2013)

which is what E3 is about. now they have all the boring non gamer stuff out of the way they can just focus on the games

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ironmanDX (on 22 May 2013)

Umm... They're referring to games... It's like some of you refuse to read I swear... Before the reveal the community was great. Why turn back now?

  • -1
ironmanDX (on 22 May 2013)

Everyone is jumping the gun here... EA showed 4 sports games, battlefield 4 was confirmed, everyone is forgetting Watch-Dogs, Assassins Creed, Forza, Quantum Break, Destiny, other games I cant think of because there is a good amount... Not to mention the 15 exclusives,8 new IP's to be shown at E3... They actually showed more games then the ps4 reveal.... This will get thumbed down a lot, but, it's the truth. Xbox ONE's problem will be having TOO MANY games at launch.

Wagram (on 21 May 2013)

All about them games.... and usher.

NSS7 (on 21 May 2013)

We want console for games. If I want all those skype, NFL, netflix i would get Smart TV not PS4 or Xbox One. Games should be main focus.

thewastedyouth (on 21 May 2013)

we will see in a few days

Nadwki (on 23 May 2013)

Not long now till E3 and then we will see these 15 games!

Michael-5 (on 21 May 2013)

I know Microsoft wants the 360 to be an all in one box, but....I'm not impressed. I'm not buying so I can use it as a HUB to switch between TV and a Movie, you can just plug a PC into a TV, or buy a $100 HUB and get better results. I want a .....what a stupid name, a one, for games primarily.

ironmanDX (on 22 May 2013)

Not going to wait till E3 to judge? They showed us a new IP, EA showed 4 games and then there was Forza and CoD? Everyone is just forgetting Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed, GTA..... It has a good amount of games already excluding the 15 exclusives launching first year. Why is everyone so anti-one? No games? LOOK!

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mutantclown (on 21 May 2013)

FAIL. Expect multiplats and Kinect games at E3.

NobleTeam360 (on 21 May 2013)

What part of "15 exclusives" don't you get?

  • +2
Ganoncrotch (on 21 May 2013)

Okie then it's going to be 15 kinect games.

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Michael-5 (on 21 May 2013)

LOL, 15 exclusives over 2 holidays seasons isn't THAT much. Plus how many will be good? 360 released with Perfect Dark Zero and soon after N3. Both games are bad, but they still count as exclusive games do they not?

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