Pixar Artists Open Gaming Studio Steel Wool Games - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 18 March 2013 / 2,690 Views

Five Pixar artists have formed their own video game studio Steel Wool games, according to Edge. The artists are still employed by Pixar, which allowed them to open up their game studio independently. Pixar is not involved or endorsing the studio.

Steel Wool Games was founded bySequoia Blankenship, Andrew Dayton, Jonathan Hoffman, Joshua Qualtieri and Jason Topolski. Blankenship and Topolski both worked the movie Brave. Dayton was an artist for Toy Story 3 and Qualtieri was the technical director on The Incredibles. Hoffman was a modeler for the Pixar TV series Mater’s Tall Tales.

UK-based publisher Ripstone will be publishing the studios first title, Flyhunter. The title is due to be released this summer and the platforms are not known at this time.

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Booyah (on 18 March 2013)

Already purchased by Disney by the time this article released

sniper989 (on 19 March 2013)

Will probably be creating games for mobile devices, sadly.