Report: HMV to Close Up to 100 Stores - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 04 February 2013 / 3,174 Views

Retailer HMV is currently under administration and the Telegraph reports that between 60 and 100 stores will be closing. If this report turns out to be true up to 1,500 employees may be laid off.

The source also says that Hilco and Deloitte which purchased some of HMV's debt and stores is planning to keep between 120 and 160 stores open for the time being. The source added that HMV will be closing one of its main London stores. However it is not known which store it will be, the Oxford Street or Piccadilly Circus store.

Just last month, retailer GAME was looking into purchasing some of HMV stores in locations that GAME is not currently located. GAME was interested in 45 stores.

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fedfed (on 05 February 2013)

NOT Oxford Street please... there is nothing left there!!!!!

Ganoncrotch (on 04 February 2013)

Aye HMV have pretty much a policy on only employing people who know how to be dicks and try and talk down to customers when they clearly have no idea what they're on about, recall being asked which console I wanted to preorder forza 4 on... was just after a big pile of crap about which system was doing best worldwide which was absolutely 100% the persons POV and nothing to do with reality.

AIAS (on 04 February 2013)

I am glad. HMV staff were notoriously snobbish to customers (or at least me !). They got what they deserve

darkknightkryta (on 04 February 2013)

I like HMV Canada, they turned into a hipster store. Got my Batman water bottle from there.