Temple Run 2 Downloaded 20 Million Times in 4 Days - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 21 January 2013 / 4,071 Views

Imangi Studios has announced that its newly released game Temple Run 2 was downloaded more than 20 million times in its first weekend on the Apple App Store. That averages five million downloads per day.

"The response from fans has been overwhelming," says Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi. "We are thrilled players want more of the Temple Run universe, and we hope to grow and expand the game over the coming months."

Temple Run 2 already has more than 210 million sessions with a combined 1,775 years played of the game. The game also shot to the top of the Free App charts in just eight hours and is the number three on the Top Grossing App chart.

The first Temple Run has been downloaded more than 170 million times for the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Store.

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Miguel_Zorro (on 23 January 2013)

It was free, so I downloaded it. I don't think giving away 20 million copies for free calls for a huge celebration.

Soonerman (on 22 January 2013)

I wonder how many millions also deleted from their devices cuz this game sucks balls. Way to ruin a great game.

Bman54 (on 22 January 2013)

So maybe they can get on fixing the horrible, horrible lag. Half the time, I can't do the first jump because the lag is so bad it ignores my jump swipes. Rarely have I died due to my own fault. Once this is fixed, I shall be happy with the game.

VGKing (on 22 January 2013)

You must be on an old-gen iPhone or iPod. I'm on the new iPod and it runs perfectly. The speed of the running is also really fast compared to iPod 4th gen.(yes I tested it)

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Bman54 (on 22 January 2013)

Yeah, I'm using the 4th gen. That's no excuse though. It's not like it's the most graphically intensive game.

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Trunkin (on 21 January 2013)

It's out!? I have to go get it nao!!!

Bristow9091 (on 21 January 2013)

... Holy shit!