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by William D'Angelo , posted on 24 July 2012 / 16,540 Views

Welcome to the ‘Top 10’ weekly feature. Each week we will be taking a look at the top 10 selling games in a particular genre, platform, most recent month, even sprinkling in the top 10 selling games from a past year. All sales specified will be worldwide, unless stated otherwise.

This week we will be looking at the top 10 bestselling games published by Square Enix, including games before the two companies merged. Last week we looked at the top 10 selling games in June 2012 and the week before that the top 10 selling games published by Namco-Bandai. If there is a particular top 10 you want to see leave a comment and it may be featured in a future top 10.

Top 10 Selling Square Enix Games

Looking at the top 10 bestselling games published by Square Enix, it is easy to see that the publisher has primarily focused releasing games on Sony platforms and that the Final fantasy franchise is its biggest by far. Seven of the top 10 games are for the Final Fantasy franchise, two for the Dragon Quest franchise and one for the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

The seven Final Fantasy games sold a combined 46.75 million units or 6.68 million each on average. This is also 73.4 percent of the total games sold in the top 10. The two Dragon Quest games sold a combined 10.83 million units or 5.42 million each on average. The one Kingdom Hearts game sold 5.85 million units.

There are three PlayStation One Games, five PlayStation 2 games, one PlayStation 3 game, and one DS game. The three PS1 games sold a combined 22.88 million or 7.63 million each on average. The five PS2 games sold a combined 30.35 million or 6.07 million each on average. This is also just under half of all the games sold in the top 10. The one PS3 game sold 4.84 million and the one DS game sold 5.62 million.

Top 10 Selling Square Enix Games

Taking a look at the top 10 bestselling Square Enix games as a bar graph shows how big Final Fantasy VII really is. While it may not be the bestselling PS1 game, Square switching over from Nintendo to Sony is one of the main reasons why Sony took over as the biggest console manufacturer of the time. Final Fantasy X the first in the franchise on the PlayStation 2 continued Square’s dominance as the top JRPG developer.

As a quick note the Final Fantasy franchise to date has sold nearly 100 million units to date. Also the Dragon Quest franchise has sold over 50 million units to date. The Kingdom Hearts franchise has sold just under 20 million units to date.

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2000cc (on 24 July 2012)

I second Wiibox's question, it seems unfair to not count sales for a single title only, because it was multiplatform, including the 360 sales would put it into spot 4 comfortably.

Xancho (on 24 July 2012)

Uhmmmm you NEED to fix de FFXIII sales, add the Xbox360 numbers, because you know its the SAME game, and the FFXIII will jump to the fourth place with aroung 6.6 million

oniyide (on 25 July 2012)

these charts never have combined sales for different platforms, ever. Why would you think they would start now?

  • -1
WiiBox3 (on 24 July 2012)

Is there a reason why the 360 version of FFXIII is not combined with the PS3 version for this list, since they came out at the same time?

kumagawa (on 24 July 2012)

For these Top 10 sales lists they always do it by individual platform.

  • +4
Signalstar (on 24 July 2012)

Square Enix has been nothing but terrible to Sony this generation yet 9 of those games are on PS.

Heavenly_King (on 25 July 2012)

Yeah, their reasoning on how to make more money is really flawed. They are quite dumb, because they are thinking in short term when they took all those "exclusive" agreements with M$; because they could have earned more money in the long road if they did not do that. Also because of this flawed way of thinking is why they suck this gen with every game they are developing.

  • 0
NightDragon83 (on 26 July 2012)

Sure, blame everyone else for Sony's mistakes this generation. Square didn't force Sony to include Blu-Ray in their system and publicly say that people would be willing to work an extra job to afford a PS3.

  • +1
Jedidiah-Rose (on 24 July 2012)

Someone asked me recently why I associate Square with Sony so much, after seeing this I feel somewhat vindicated in that association.

NightDragon83 (on 26 July 2012)

That's because nobody in the west except for a niche audience knew who Square was prior to FFVII, then they all jumped on the bandwagon. And nobody knew who Enix was until they merged with Square.

  • +1
halil23 (on 30 July 2012)

I second that Signalstar, unfortunately SE won't see that and realize it stupid mistakes...

spurgeonryan (on 26 July 2012)

Wow! A lot of users that I never see in here. I have high hopes that DQ X can someday make it on this list.

stealth20k (on 25 July 2012)

god dq IX was so good

mightyERone (on 25 July 2012)

Uhh, No, just no. Seperate Publishers when this happed. If you can list when they were Sqaresoft and Enix then Combined games after the merger then I might Understand better.