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Hacker Group Anonymous Condemns PSN Attacks - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 29 April 2011 / 19,297 Views

We’ve all heard what Geohot has to say about this whole PSN hacking thing, but what about Anonymous? The hacker group did say that they’re not the ones behind the attacks, although they also can’t say if someone or a group of people branched away from the core group and are now doing this on their own.

Anonymous was asked by Console Monster what they thought of people blaming the group for the recent PSN outage.

"No matter who did it, this action is against the Anonymous principles, so it wasn't an Anonymous attack, it just was an attack to get private data. Thats not Anonymous, that's just a crime to make money."

They were also asked if they were planning on attacking the PSN once it’s back up online. PS3 users you can rest easy.

"No, i don't think that someone related to anon will attack them in the future, they already stopped the anonymous cyber-attacks against Sony in the past and instead they demonstrate in real life."

There you have it. Anonymous is not the ones behind the attack and you can rest easy that once PSN is back online that they won’t be meddling with it further (at least for a while).

Do you think the ones responsible are former Anonymous members or are these people involved in the biggest security breach Sony has ever seen just thieves who’ve seen an opportunity and used it to cover up their primary intentions?

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CaptainObvious (on 01 May 2011)

Anonymous? Hmmm who are these people?

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Michelasso (on 30 April 2011)

I don't believe the Anonymous kids have he skills to do such an intrusion. Behind it there must be a network security wizard. No doubts about that.

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KeptoKnight (on 30 April 2011)

Why you guys think it was them?
Most of you pretty much stated they are just a bunch of script kiddies......Now all of a sudden, "Anonymous did it."
Many of you sound so stupid posting comments, assuming left and right.

Anonymous are Anonymous even amongst themselves.

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Kaufer (on 30 April 2011)

Then what was the "biggest attack yet" they were boasting before all this happened? The most likely scenario is they did then got afraid with all the bad publicity(again) and now the FBI and Homeland Security is involved. They would be f*cking stupid to claim responsibilty even if they are anonymous.

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pitzy272 (on 29 April 2011)

How did they condemn the attacks? I don't see how anything they said does this...

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dirkd2323 (on 29 April 2011)

I think its another group taking advantage of all the crap going on between them and Sony, I could be wrong but thats what I am thinking

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UnknownFact (on 29 April 2011)

This didn't happen by chance. This has been planned for long, long time, and the Anonymous warning issued a few weeks ago gave the real criminals the perfect timing for the attack. I don't think an attack like this could be planned in a couple of weeks or so. (If they did in after a 2 week planning I'll be greatly impressed, and then disappointed @ Sony's PSN security).

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italo244 (on 29 April 2011)

Oh, the irony...

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tyty15 (on 29 April 2011)

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Icyedge (on 29 April 2011)

LOL, like Anonymous is some kind of concrete entity that follow the rule establish by its leaders. Anonymous themselves dont know if Anonymous did it or not.

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dsage01 (on 29 April 2011)

bull shit I don't trust a bunch of hackers

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Serious_frusting (on 29 April 2011)

Pure bullcrap, me na post no more but a bul crap ting that is. Na body lie bout shit. Nobody knows who these stink mout people am.

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agreatflood2121 (on 29 April 2011)

they're lying

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Reebokanonymous (on 29 April 2011)

Blaming anonymous for anything is like shouting out a window, so there's no need to do it in the first place.

That being said, do you think some assholes who are willing to steal money from the general public are going to be involved in a group like anonymous? I should think so. There are bound to be a few (or more) bad apples.

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Genera1MLD (on 29 April 2011)

lol are anon for real, first they make bullshit demands to sony, then call sony incompetent then condone the psn attacks, hang on isnt that what anon started in the first place, just to say they diddnt do it means they must have 1 huge guilty consious so its blatently obvious they did it and now there are supposedly rogue hackers that used to be part of anon, the psn hacks were alway intended for criminal activity, the jailbreak for pirate games (a very small % of ps3 owners actually used the other os feature for anything other than hacking) constantly hacking psn so the service would go down and disrupt genuine honest gamers and now taking of personal information, anon were so quick to boast about hacking psn but now they deny it, my verdict GUILTY.

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Barozi (on 29 April 2011)

Anon never tried to get PSN down with their DDoS attacks. Only Sony websites and they said they won't try to bring PSN down, so why would they suddenly ignore their principles and try to steal customer informations from PSN ?

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NobleDarkula (on 29 April 2011)

I allways knew it wasn't them.... 'cause it was me!!! HAHA

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yo_john117 (on 29 April 2011)

I knew it wasn't them.

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sepulnation1986 (on 29 April 2011)

is there someone sh**ing in his pants? come on... first saying "oh sony we will kick your ass", then there is the PSN-outage and then "ehm, no, we don't do thinks like this..." !!! For me, you hackers belong to the same category! and right now, i wish to punch in your face !!! you did a bad thing to sony and specially to all of these people who love to play on PSN and online generally... some of us spend a lot of money to support the video game industry and sony, but you bitches don't want to spend money and you spend your time infront of a screen to harm everyone... so much hate inside of me... i hope you can celebrate right now... woohoo, party-hats for everyone...

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agentaxel (on 29 April 2011)

i just wish i had those F*** who did this right in front on me !!!!

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kayoss (on 29 April 2011)

@ richardhutnik

Im not blaming Anon nor im saying anon did it, But im just saying that Anon as an collective group is seen as responsible and the prime suspect in this case. Who ever is representing Anon straight out and said that they will attack the PSN, no other group or individual as we know of have said anything about attacking the psn. Until they find the perp who did it, Anon is still the Prime suspect even if they are claim that they are innocent.

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SONYisBP (on 29 April 2011)

meh doesnt matter now, it has been done. just find the ones who did it if possible and make sure it is a real good pounding in the a** prison they go to.

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voty2000 (on 29 April 2011)

The problem is that the US can vote in another guy to pull out of the war or punish a rogue soldier to reconcile the situation. Anon does not have this option. The hacker may have nothing to do with anon and even if he did, they have no way to punish him so anon gets labeled for the attack and all they can do is say they didn't do it. Anon is somewhat responsible but I don't think it's right to put the blame on them. We should be saying hackers did this with the unintentional help of anon.

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ratchet426 (on 29 April 2011)

So let me see's all over the news that the FBI and 22 state AG's are investigating this incident, and a "spokesperson" for a loosely-connected group of anonymous (heheh) dipshit hackers denies that the group had anything to do with it.

Aaaaaand therefore the logical and unequivocal lconclusion MUST be: "There you have it. Anonymous is not the ones behind the attack "

Of course, because why wouldn't they proudly proclaim victory and grab the attention of the FBI?

How's about this: Anon is running for cover for fear that one of their ass-hat cronies decided to go 'rouge' and attack PSN. Better get that public disclaimer out there asap before the Feds start snooping.

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richardhutnik (on 29 April 2011)

People will believe whatever they want to believe.

kayoss, there is no commander and chief with Anonymous. There is no one in charge at all, just individuals who will believe what they want to believe. And, unless you can see anyone from Anonymous wanting to claim responsibility for these attacks, you are just seeing what you want to see. You want someone to pay, so you then single out Anonymous. Would you blame Microsoft if it is actually some XBox Fanboy doing these attacks?

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kayoss (on 29 April 2011)

I agree with you in many or even all of your points. But I think you are conveying your points in a different way then you are intending.

The way I see it is that Anon came out as a group in beginning and say that they will attack PSN. They stated this several times and each time they the severity of the attack they claim will be increase. This pretty much make them as group responsible for the actions of other Anons who may have gone rogue. If you are commander and chief of an army and you declare war on a country. You set everything in motion and the attacks begins, but a few days later say you stopped the attack, but other members of your army are still attacking and claim that you are not responsible for their actions. No matter how you state it you are still responsible for this mess.

Once you declare something you will be responsible for it. Here is another example. You claim you going to murder a specific person and post all over the internet about it. Coincidently that person happens to die but you did not kill him, the Police will make you their prime suspect. Same thing in this case.

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snowdog (on 29 April 2011)

Lol, why a fork of all things..? Made me chuckle! :oD

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ArnoldRimmer (on 29 April 2011)

Anonymous has no problem taking the fame when a single member hacks something. They said "Attack/Hack PSN!" and someone did.

Due to the nature of Anonymous, a good analogy would be the muslim fatwa against Salman Rushdie. One influential muslim (Chomenei) demanded "Kill Salman Rushdie!". Most muslims were against it, but a few actually took that as a command.
Now imagine a single fundamentalist muslim would have actually killed Rushdie with a fork, and now that everyone's protesting, Chomeinei says "I am not at all responsible for this! I would have never wanted him to get killed by a fork!"

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kitler53 (on 29 April 2011)

@ voty2000 -- i completely understand where you are coming from and i don't entirely disagree. but think about it in the context of other places.

if a rogue employee of a corporation does something illegal the newspapers will read, "Company does something illegal" not "Joe Smoe does something illegal".

When a the US military went into Iraq/Afghanistan it was "US goes to war" not "The US's commander in chief decided to go to war regardless what a majority of US citizens may think"

it won't be treated and different here. anon put out the hit on sony ... they can't really decide after the fact they the guy who performed the hit went to far. not as far as headlines go anyways.

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usrevenge (on 29 April 2011)

anon doesn't want to hurt the gamers, so they wouldnt shut the network down, they would instead do things such take off sony retail websites

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Teo (on 29 April 2011)


They gave him the tools and the knowledge on how to do it. So they would be responsible if it was one of them. Just like when someone in a corporation messes up, the whole company is blamed and takes responsibility.

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theprof00 (on 29 April 2011)

This is such an interesting series of events. I can't wait to see what happens next. It's like, a nerdy soap opera.

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voty2000 (on 29 April 2011)

@Kitler I can't totally refute that point but a rogue should not define the group.

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kitler53 (on 29 April 2011)

@ voty2000 - does vgc define itself as a flock of birds traveling in the same direction for a common purpose and then make that purpose to terrorize sony? cause if that was the case then yes. ;)

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voty2000 (on 29 April 2011)

Before someone states that a single member of anon did this so anon is responsible let me ask this. If a member of VgChartz robs a bank is VgChartz responsible?

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