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Square-Enix Profits $21m in Apr-Sept 10' on $840m in Revenue - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 04 November 2010 / 4,088 Views

Square-Enix has just announced its financial performance for the six months ending September 2010. In that time frame, Square-Enix earned 68.056b Yen, or $840.2m, in revenue. That was a big drop off from the previous fiscal year, when Square-Enix revenues were 90.561b Yen about $1.118b using current exchange rates. Nonetheless, Square-Enix still profited 1.723b Yen for the six months to September 2010, a figure which is roughly $21.3m. During the six months to September 2009, Square-Enix profit was 2.683b Yen, or $33.1m at current exchange rates.

There isn't a whole lot of other information in the Square-Enix's documentation, although an outline of the half year results may come in shortly on this page. Kane & Lynch 2 shipments for X360 & PS3 topped 1m units (Square-Enix owns Eidos) in the six months to September 2010, as did DQM: Joker 2 for the DS. For the six month period, roughly 52% of Square-Enix revenue came from its videogame division. Square-Enix believes its new alliance with Shanda Gaming, which is bringing Final Fantasy to China will create strong new revenue streams in the future. Furthermore, the company cites strong sales for games (Final Fantasy XIII) released in March 2010 (the final month of the previous fiscal year) as helping its performance in the most recent six month period.


The executive presentation has arrived, as expected. During the six months to September 2010, Square-Enix sold 2.84m games to the Japanese market, 2.48m games to the North American market, 2.71m games to the European market, and 0.14m games to the Asian market, for a total of 8.17m games. Square-Enix also noted that Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 shipments reached 1.28m units in Japan, while Kane & Lynch 2 shipments reached 390,000 in North America, 710,000 in Europe, and 20,000 in Japan, 1.12m worldwide. Final Fantasy XIV shipments reached 630,000 units in the period, with 190,000 units shipped to Japan, 210,000 shipped to North America, and 230,000 shipped to Europe. Just Cause 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep also passed 1m units lifetime, with the former shipping 560,000 in April-Sept 2010 after shipping 920,000 units previously. Birth by Sleep shipments reached 510,000 in Apr-Sept 2010 after reaching 760,000 previously. In total Just Cause 2 stands at 1.48m units lifetime, while Birth by Sleep is at 1.27m units lifetime.

Square-Enix still expects revenues to reach 160b Yen for the year to March 2011, with profit of 12b Yen ($1.97b and $148m respectively). Revenue in the March 2010 year was 192.257b Yen - so a drop off is coming, but profit was only 9.51b Yen in the previous fiscal year. Square-Enix still expects to sell 24m games this fiscal year as well, down from 26.66m in the last fiscal year. For the all-important December quarter, Square-Enix has a pretty light schedule for Western releases, with Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (DS), and Front Mission Evolved (PS3, X360, PC) essentially the only holiday titles. In Japan though, the lineup is stronger, with Tactics Ogre, Lord of Arcana, The Third Birthday, and others all arriving by the end of December.

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yum123 (on 05 November 2010)

ff 14 sold like 630,000 copies thats pretty damn good for all the shit its getting and the fact that its continuous revenue

  • 0
Wagram (on 04 November 2010)

Paper thin still equals profit and that is all that matters. Though their profits could have been up considerably more if Yoichi Wada didn't rush XIV.

  • 0
famousringo (on 04 November 2010)

Compared to its peers, paper thin is good enough to earn Square a gold star.

  • 0
SmokedHostage (on 04 November 2010)

Can anyone say paper thin?

  • 0