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PlayStation 3 Slim vs. Xbox 360 S - Launch Sales Comparison - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 08 September 2010 / 31,466 Views

The two HD consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, have both released a new slimmer model in the last year. The PS3 Slim released in 2009, September 1 in America, September 3 in Japan, and September 11 in Europe. The Xbox 360S was released in 2010, June 14 in America, June 24 in Japan, and July 16 in Europe. It won’t be a perfect comparison as they were released at different times of the year, however they both did launch at the same price.

The PlayStation 3 received a price drop of $100 to $300. The Xbox 360S launched with one model at $300, the same price as the previous elite model. A month after release the X360S Arcade model without a hard drive was released for $200. The X360 has been priced at $200 and $300 since September 2008. The old PS3 models dropped to $300 from $400, while the old X360 models received a $50 price drop on June 14, to $150 and $250. The PS3 Slim launched with a 120 GB HDD and the X360S with a 250 GB HDD. The PS3 Slim comes with a Blu-ray drive while the X360 comes with a DVD drive and they both come with built-in Wi-Fi. The PS3 Slim was released in September when sales generally start picking up as major titles are released. The X360S was released during the summer a period that usually sees the lowest sales as few major titles are released. Now that the differences are explained, the first ten weeks in America and Japan and the first seven weeks of EMEAA are shown and discussed below.  

Americas Aligned Launch

In America the PS3 Slim had a bigger opening week than the X360S.  PS3 Slim sales dropped until week 3 when sales stabilized in the 80,000 range. Sales increased on week seven due to the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The X360S sales increased in its second week as available stock increased. X360S sales have remained above 100,000 in its first ten weeks on the market. Sales picked up in week eight as the $200 arcade model was released. In week ten both systems have evened out as the X360 is only ahead by a few thousand.


To sum it up, in Japan the PS3 Slim launch dominated the X360S launch. Before the PS3 Slim launch sales were similar to the X360, fewer than 5,000 a week, however afterwards sales jumped considerably 150,000 in its first week. Sales since then have remained high outselling the Wii slightly on a weekly basis. The X360S helped increase sales slightly as first week sales were at 17,000. The minor boost would only last a couple of months as sales would drop to pre-X360S sales.


The PS3 Slim had its biggest opening in EMEAA its biggest region with sales of 269,000. The X360S opened up with 217,000 in its second biggest region. In their second week on sales only 9,000 separated the two, in favor of the PS3. However the gap would grow in the third week as the PS3 Slim will remain ahead for at least the first seven weeks as that is how long the X360S has been on sale in EMEAA. X360 sales increased slightly on week six as the cheaper arcade model was released.


Now taking a look at worldwide numbers with each region aligned, it shows the PS3 Slim had a much bigger opening than the X360S, with sales of 585,000 compared to 356,000. However the PS3 Slim with the much bigger opening had a much bigger drop off in its second week as sales become equal between the two, both selling 322,000. The PS3 Slim did pull ahead slightly after the second week and has increased to 75,000 in week seven. The gap looks like it will grow as PS3 sales increased each week and as the X360 will decrease for a couple more weeks, before the release of Halo Reach.

Worldwide Total

The worldwide total adding up each week shows that the opening week is the main reason the PS3 Slim has ended up selling more in the first seven weeks than the X360S, however the gap did grow about 150,000 more. The PS3 Slim ended up selling 2.2 million in its first seven weeks, while the X360S sold 1.8 million, a difference of 400,000. The gap for the aligned launches will most likely grow as the PS3 Slim goes into the holiday season while the X360S will be just going into September and October. Both slim models helped to increase sales for both systems considerably as sales were up more than 100% year on year.

Another comparison will be done at the end of this year looking at the PS3 Slims first holiday (November/December 2009) and the X360S first holiday (November/December 2010). This will be a better comparison as it will look at the same time periods.

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Alby_da_Wolf (on 19 September 2010)

The Japanese aren't racist, they just don't trust a company that sold buggy HW for almost 5 years before really solving the problem.

  • 0
AnthonyTonyMagic (on 12 September 2010)

I don't buy the idea of Japanese not supporting 360 just because it's foreign.

Gamers in Japan have very specific preferences when it comes to gaming that an overseas company like Microsoft might not fully appreciate. In addition, they have two huge companies, Nintendo and Sony, providing them with exactly what they like.

Why would they want to buy the Xbox, which has very few exclusive software titles targeted at the Japanese gamer demographic, when they already have two consoles that they know will provide all the experiences that they want.

This may change with Kinect, as it may give Japanese gamers a reason to buy a 360. But, if the Kinect technology doesn't impress then Japan will be off-limits to Microsoft for the rest of this generation.

  • 0
Kleeyook (on 10 September 2010)

@bad22 Japanese is not racist. The 360 just doesn't have what Japanese like. Japanese don't like multiplayer FPS like westerners do. They prefer the games they prefer which are Japanese style. the reason why Japanese games don't sell as well in the west as they do in Japan is because most western gamers don't like them. Isn't that the reason why Japanese developers try desperately to make games to appeal western gamers? The reason why 360 doesn't do well in Japan is also from the same reason. Most of their JRPG, sports, shooter genre do incredibly well in their mainland but not FPS while it's another way around in the west.
And for god's sake, it seems like you are a damn 360 fanboy yourself!

  • 0
bad22 (on 10 September 2010)

Japan is racist country japanese gamers will not buy 360
they also give threats to SE for FF13 360 version
Idiot Japanese fanboys

  • 0
geddesmond2 (on 09 September 2010)

@ Dr Sensitive

Well people should explain themselfes better then because when I read the no price cut thing what I got from it was the PS3 only sold more because it had a pricecut and I read some of the comments again and I still get the same exact meaning from those comments.

I mean I couldn't give a crap who sold more but some peoples comments are just too funny. Factoring in a lot of stuff to justify the sales. All I'm saying is for ever factor going for the 360s the PS3 had its own factor too. Also isn't the holiday season in November/ December and not September/October. Like I know the summer drought ends in September and sales pick up a bit. But just watch the charts over the next few weeks. They don't pick up as much as some people think they do.

  • 0
scat398 (on 09 September 2010)

@snesboy...Oh I see something too...crazy talk.

  • 0
SnesTea (on 09 September 2010)

So nobody buys Xbox 360 in regions where the people are actually smart. I see a trend.

  • 0
Serious_frusting (on 09 September 2010)

i think sep is the worse month to launch because the last thing someones pairents want to do is get the kids a console when they have just started a new school year. Now in the six weeks if they are bored the pairents my just get them a console to make the time pass

  • 0
bannedagain (on 08 September 2010)

I think xbox 360s did really well considering it launched in june and not in sept more close to holiday season. People may say that it doesn't make a difference but go look at how much sales spike from sept to dec.
Either way I think had the slim waited until sept to launch we would see hugh difference in numbers sold. however we will see what reach does and what kinect does for there sales.

  • 0
chapset (on 08 September 2010)

I remember when lining launch date was wrong and every ps3 fan got burn for doing so... awwwww good time

  • 0
Dr.Feelgood (on 08 September 2010)

What some people aren't factoring in is that when ps3 slim came out not only was there a price drop (which a lot of people were waiting for in order to buy it, people who wanted a ps3 but didn't want to pay that much for it) it was also the cheapest version of the ps3 so who wouldn't have bought it instead of the normal version? And when the 360S came out it was the most expensive version of the 360's so a lot of people were/are buying the cheaper/older versions of the 360.

@ geddesmond2
Everyone is saying that 360 didn't have a pricecut (in the slim version because it did in the older models which if anything hurt the slims sales) because for the simple fact it didn't and also we're not comparing the prices of the 2 slims, we're just saying that the ps3 slim had a pricecut as soon as it came out aiding its sales (again I'm not comparing its price to the 360S I'm comparing it to the other ps3's at that time)

While when the 360S came out it didn't have a pricecut it was actually the most expensive of the 360's (and since I'm sure you still don't get it I'll repeat it, I'm not comparing the prices of the 2 slims just the prices of the 360's)

And holidays are a factor in sales since the summer is the slowest in console sales and the holidays are the best in sales. Also when people compare sales of life cycles of consoles why wouldn't they include every year that a console was out, do you want them to just cut the 360's sales to right when the ps3 and wii came out so that it's an even comparison, that makes sense (YEAH! Lets pretend the 360 never had any sales until the ps3 came out that way the world is fair and everyone can live happily ever after!). And most of the time people do statistics for console sales year on year, and also month on month so if you want to compare them use those comparisons.

  • 0
gekkokamen (on 08 September 2010)


I know man, you said it best. However, look at that Japan chart.......the 360 S sells a lot without any support from that region, just saying. If the 360 sold in Japan at least half of what the PS3 does it would be a VERY different picture. Life is only fair I guess, or the Japanese truly hate foreign videogames, heh.

  • 0
geddesmond2 (on 08 September 2010)

Wow people are talking about MS not having a pricecut. Seriously? The 250gb 360s is 100 euros cheaper than the 250GB PS3 here in Ireland and you people are saying the PS3 had the advantage because it came with a pricedrop lol. Also the Xbox 360s arcade sells for 180 euros over here. Thats 110 euros cheaper than the cheapest PS3.

Lol and 360 people are making excuses aswel saying it launched during the holidays. Oh so now time factors into it. The 360 launched over a year before the PS3 and had a holiday season all to itself but thats never taken into consideration when comparing lifetime sales of both consols. Sometimes things are too funny that I can't even laugh.

  • 0
Halo_Reach (on 08 September 2010)

360 no price cut, plus playstaion 3 had a cut AND launched in holiday
if 360 launched and shipped 1 million in holiday thats what it would of sold first day no price cut

  • 0
arcelonious (on 08 September 2010)

How come the article doesn't mention that Microsoft cut the 360 elite from $400 to $300 and the 360 pro from $300 to $250 last year? I mean seriously, the 360 pro was only phased out last year.

  • 0
Bagaren85 (on 08 September 2010)

360 without pricecut did great.

  • 0
TheFlyingDutchman (on 08 September 2010)

WOW!!! Another comparison that confirms that only the US is in the 360's favour.
EMEAA's 360 sales are 35% or more coming from UK and AUS.
Japan is still lost.

It would ne nice to see another comparison after 2 months.
As you can see on the rightend of all the graphs that the PS3 is growing on each of them while the 360 is dropping.

  • 0
ioi (on 08 September 2010)

The old model 360 is makes up less than 10% of weekly sales since the X360 S launch

  • 0
Spedfrom (on 08 September 2010)

X360 didn't get a price cut, but Microsoft does sell a cheaper version for less money, which sells a very significant amount of units every month. So spare us the fanboy perspective.

  • 0
gekkokamen (on 08 September 2010)


indeed it DID...

  • 0
yo_john117 (on 08 September 2010)

Ha wow the 360 did great for not having a price cut.

  • 0
Barozi (on 08 September 2010)

Back in 2009 the Elite only accounted for ~10-15% of all 360 sales.
So the price cut is hardly worth mentioning.

I was going to make just the same example with a $10 cheaper PS3 SKU.

  • 0
Hyruken (on 08 September 2010)

People don't mention the slight Elite price cut because the elites were the lowest selling version of the 360....That is like saying Sony had another price cut recently due to the 160gb going from £269 to £259.
The actual two versions that sold in the arcade and premium went up in price.

So you can try and spin it all you like but the fact is the versions that probably sell 99% of the weekly 360 totals have not had an official price cut for almost 2 years. If they had a price cut the sales spike would of been bigger. MS still have the price cut card to play. No doubt they will play it when sales drop down to what they were prior to the new slims release.

  • 0
Baalzamon (on 08 September 2010)

Yea, people still don't think microsofts price cut was a price cut, they like to refer to it as more of a "replacement", I think its cuz it makes it sound better. @dragonmagician: while there is some truth to what you are saying, people see a price cut a lot more than the average consumer will see that a product offers more

  • 0
paulrage2 (on 08 September 2010)

X360 also had a price cut in september 2009. When SONY cut the slim price, Microsoft cut in US$100,00 to.

  • 0
dragonmagician (on 08 September 2010)

The 360S also added wifi adapter, and other improvements. So better value on same price vs the price cut for PS3.

  • 0
Tridrakious (on 08 September 2010)

Why do people seem to not mention the 360 (elite) had a price cut last year as well? The Elitle was $400 before September. After the PS3 Slim launched, Microsoft dropped the price to $299.

  • 0
evolution_1ne (on 08 September 2010)

@iHuGi ps3 did have a price cut last year..........and it was still the most expensive console on the market, and 360 didn't have any price cut.....on the slim, it did however have a clearance on all previous models, and.... the ps3 wasn't cheaper....

clever spin.....typical.... but clever

  • 0
Dno (on 08 September 2010)

So we have to remember Xbox had price drops also on each Model there was a 150 dollar model out. Sony lowest system is Microsofts highest even with the price drop. All this shows is at the same price e Sony sells more. If there was a 150 dollar model ps3 I'm sure Sony would of killed in sales. It also shows Sony will be in last place this Gen because they will always have a higher price. Great article IMO.

  • 0
reidlosdog (on 08 September 2010)

Good comparison, but the Slim came out closer to Christmas, and sales go up for all markets during christmas.

If Microsoft had done that, chances are high Slim and 360 would be aligned.

I'm more interested on the end of the year sales numbers. I want to know what Kinect, Reach, and Grand Turismo is going to do to the console war. Don't see GT5 doing TOO much, and Kinect is a variable. I really don't know what Kinect is going to do. Pre-orders are pretty high for it for sure, but that just short term, what's going to happen long term.

Reach is a pretty sure deal it will increase sales.

Any other ig PS3 hits coming out this year? Not too much really...

  • 0
gekkokamen (on 08 September 2010)

The comparison between "first holidays" is very long shot from being "a fair fight". It will be very disparate once again. This year the X360 Slim has a Halo Reach bundle which will have an effect on sales. The PS3 Slim had no bundle last year. This holiday season the X360 S has a Kinect Bundle (for $300 no less), and last holiday season the PS3 Slim had no such thing. So we can safely say a comparison between first holidays is moot.

  • 0
iHuGi (on 08 September 2010)

Ps3 had price drop and they release it on Holidays... Summer is a slow period 360s would have Smash Ps3 if release on September especially on Americas :D

  • 0
iWarMachine (on 08 September 2010)

it's very impressive to see the 360 doing those numbers without a price cut.

  • 0
donsterydo2 (on 08 September 2010)

Remember folks - PS3 Slim had 100$ price cut.

  • 0
Cueil (on 08 September 2010)

it's not really fanboy war material... that would be their next chart they are going to do.

  • 0
Baalzamon (on 08 September 2010)

haha Silver...I do like this info though, because I woulda swore 360 was doing better...gotta remember though (as a ps3 fan), I'll admit that ps3 did their release a lot closer to christmas.

  • 0
Silver-Tiger (on 08 September 2010)

ohh, thia rticles just cries after fanboy war.

grabs the popcorn

  • 0