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Warner Bros: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Fell Short of Expectations

Warner Bros: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Fell Short of Expectations - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 March 2024 / 3,873 Views

Warner Bros. Discovery Chief financial officer Gunnar Wiedenfels in an earnings call with investors revealed Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League fell short of expectations.

"We are lapping the release of Hogwarts Legacy in February last year, which saw the largest portion of its very positive financial impact in the first quarter," said Wiedenfels (via VideoGamesChronicle).

"This year, Suicide Squad, one of our key video game releases in 2024, has fallen short of our expectations since its release earlier in the quarter, setting our games business up for a tough year-over-year comp in Q1."

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League released for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on February 2.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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Hiku (on 23 February 2024)

Odd, cause it reached everyone else's expectations.

  • +34
G2ThaUNiT (on 23 February 2024)

shocked Pikachu face

  • +19
hellobion2 G2ThaUNiT (on 23 February 2024)

Great comment!

  • 0
Darwinianevolution (on 23 February 2024)

What a disastrous way to end the Batman Arkham universe.

  • +7
Dulfite Darwinianevolution (on 23 February 2024)

A great series either dies a hero or lives long enough to become the villian.

  • +3
hellobion2 Darwinianevolution (on 23 February 2024)

Wait do not tell me this game actually took place in the same universe as the arkam series

  • 0
Darwinianevolution hellobion2 (on 24 February 2024)

Yes, it does.

  • 0

Very sad to see the arkham series end that way :(

  • +1
Leynos (on 23 February 2024)

We live in a year where a big budget western DC licensed multiplayer game flops but a Yakuza game and a Persona game are a huge success in the same week. lol I love it

  • +6
JRPGfan Leynos (on 23 February 2024)

I don't want to see western developers fail.... But I'm legit glad Yakuza and Persona seem to be doing really well. Feels like for years they have been flying under the radar of most peoples attention. Then for some reason, they started getting alot of attention recently. Persona 5, was the break point I think.

  • +1
VAMatt JRPGfan (on 24 February 2024)

The metrics needed for success versus failure are very, very different in those cases. The budgets are much smaller on those Japanese games, and they don't have huge licensing fees to pay.

  • 0
JRPGfan (on 23 February 2024)

there are about 700 people playing it currently on steam.... Fell Short of Expectations, is putting it mildly.

  • +6
G2ThaUNiT JRPGfan (on 23 February 2024)

And WB was expecting those 700 people to continue buying battle passes and cosmetics for months, if not years lol

  • +1
Mystro-Sama (on 23 February 2024)

Ya don't say...

  • +2
JWeinCom (on 23 February 2024)

Everyone: No one can fuck up a super hero game more than Square did with Avengers.
Warner Brothers: Hold my butterbeer.

  • +2
KrspaceT JWeinCom (on 23 February 2024)

And this was supposed to be the type of game to focus on instead of Hogwarts Legacy...

  • +4
Dahum (on 24 February 2024)

The warnings were there all along and yet they persisted on releasing it the way it is.

  • +1
dane007 (on 24 February 2024)

That's what happens when U give people a live service game over a singleplayer focussed game

  • +1
Imaginedvl dane007 (on 24 February 2024)

I don’t think that the reason…
And plenty of service games are proving it. The game is just bad…

  • +2
dane007 Imaginedvl (on 25 February 2024)

These guys are known for single player not live service ones

  • 0
Qwark Imaginedvl (on 25 February 2024)

I think it definitely has something to do with it. Making singleplayer games is different from live service multiplayer games. Only a few studios are able to make the latter really work. Though the mechanics of this game would let it fail regardless of what type of game it would be.

  • +1
TheLegendaryBigBoss (on 23 February 2024)

That's an understatement, the game bombed so hard.

  • +1
LivncA_Dis3 (on 25 February 2024)

Pathetic Warner bros,

Back to back shithboxes with Gotham knights and this abomination

  • 0
thomas995 LivncA_Dis3 (on 26 February 2024)

Ironically Gotham Knights has more players online now than SS:KTJL :P

  • 0
hellobion2 (on 23 February 2024)

Well compared to there Batman games I am not surprised. Espeically when you are going after the super heroes in this game.

  • 0
KrspaceT (on 23 February 2024)

I swear this is fast for admitting that. They usually wait a bit longer before saying it.

  • 0
Dulfite (on 23 February 2024)

Skull anf Bones vs. Suicide Squad

Battle of which game I'm most devastated by...

Absolutely loved Black Flag and the Arkham games. What horror these two follow-ups are.

  • 0
shikamaru317 (on 23 February 2024)

Least surprising news ever. It got a 60 on opencritic. On Steam, it's peak concurrent players were below both Arkham Knight and Arkham Origins, games that released 9 and 11 years before it respectively, when Steam had alot less users. It had already fallen off of Xbox's top 50 most played games within 2 weeks of release.

  • 0
JRPGfan shikamaru317 (on 23 February 2024)

There is about 5100 people playing Batman-Arkam Knight right now, and there are about 700 people playing Suicide Squad kill the justice league atm... says it all really.

  • +4
Qwark (on 25 February 2024)

Take a good look Sony, this is a likely outcome for al lot of your live service games. There are only a few studios that can release good live service games and keep people interested for longer than a few months

  • -5
RedKingXIII Qwark (on 25 February 2024)

What the failure of this has anything to do with Sony? Didn't they just released Helldivers 2, a very successful live service game?

  • +4
Qwark RedKingXIII (on 26 February 2024)

Success for a live service game is mostly measured in time. We know Helldivers 2 sold more than a million and that's basically about it. Helldivers 2 still needs to prove it's relevant after 6 months. Also Sony wants to release a lot of live service games the next few years.

  • -4
RedKingXIII Qwark (on 26 February 2024)

You said their live services games would flop, I pointed out they just released a very successful one, and now its success doesn't matter, what matters instead is if it will be relevant in 6 months? Sure, keep moving the goalposts buddy.

  • +1
Qwark RedKingXIII (on 26 February 2024)

What's very successful, selling a million units at 40 euro. For most PlayStation releases we would count selling one million units at launch at 40 euro a failure. Hell FF16 sold 3.5 million at a 70 euro pricepoint and (although it didn't really have legs) we where not really impressed by that.

It's the best selling Sony game on PC, but almost none of them have ever sold at the same time as on Playstation. Also a life service game by default has to attract players for a long time. Avengers sold 3 million units, it was still a massive failure. So I am not really that impressed by a game selling a million at a 40 dollar price point.

When it sells 3.5 million units this year and have legs perhaps I will be more impressed.

  • -1
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