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F-Zero 99 Announced for Switch, Available Today

F-Zero 99 Announced for Switch, Available Today - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 14 September 2023 / 3,183 Views

Nintendo has announced F-Zero 99 for the Nintendo Switch. It will release today for free to Nintendo Switch Online members.

View the announcement trailer below:

Read details on the game below:

Rev up your engines and get ready to tear up the track, because with 99 racers on the course the margin for error is zero! F-Zero 99 features courses and machines from the original Super NES game in challenging multiplayer races brimming with high-speed, high-stakes action. Your Power Meter is your key to first place – it will decrease if you crash, or you can burn some of it to fuel a temporary speed boost. If the meter runs out, you’re eliminated! You can even relive your F-Zero glory days with the Super NES controller, available exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online members. Plus, complete goals while racing to unlock cosmetic options for your machine, so you can be as flashy as you are fast. Race your way to first place in F-Zero 99, available exclusively for active Nintendo Switch Online members … later today!

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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javi741 (on 14 September 2023)

Pain.... ;(

  • +9
JackHandy javi741 (on 14 September 2023)

Lol. Exactly what I came to express. All these years, all this waiting, all this dreaming... and we get this. haha.

I'm sure it'll be fun, though. Just not a proper F-Zero game.

  • +1
gtotheunit91 (on 14 September 2023)

Sees F-Zero

Me :)

F-Zero 99

Me :(

  • +5
Xxain (6 days ago)

I Love it!!

  • +4
Jumpin (on 14 September 2023)

at nintendo.

  • +3
farlaff Jumpin (on 14 September 2023)

No! I will huahuahuahuahua.

  • +3
darthv72 (on 14 September 2023)

well... here's to continuing to wait for a new FZero game. Maybe for Switch 2...?

  • +2
mZuzek darthv72 (on 14 September 2023)

Nintendo reading this comment: What do you mean, this is a new game!

  • +2
farlaff mZuzek (on 14 September 2023)

Lolol good one

  • +1
kems (3 days ago)

I've been trying this game and it's quite entertaining.
I don't like 2d racers, on F Zero I just like X (my favorite OST) and GX.
SO I wish this is successful enough to justify a new F Zero :)

  • +1
Salnax (on 14 September 2023)

F-Zero: Federation Force

  • +1
Kakadu18 Salnax (6 days ago)

F-Zero 99 is really good though.

  • +2
Salnax Kakadu18 (5 days ago)

And Federation Force wasn't that bad for a multiplayer-heavy third person shooter on 3DS.

  • +1
Kakadu18 Salnax (5 days ago)

It was mid.

  • 0
deerox (on 14 September 2023)

I would have been more okay with this if it had original track designs instead of just reusing the ones from the SNES game.

  • +1
Slownenberg (on 14 September 2023)

Looks really cool! Will be playing this later today. Though it would have been insanely cool if they had done F-Zero X 99 instead, but hey this still looks very fun. All the "99" games are great

  • +1
firebush03 Slownenberg (on 14 September 2023)

All the ppl getting their hopes too high are so mad rn lol. The way I see it: Nintendo actually acknowledged F-Zero’s existence! This is a huge deal!! They literally said “F-Zero is back” in the direct: symbolically this is pretty big win.

  • +5
Slownenberg firebush03 (on 14 September 2023)

agreed. This is the first work they've done on an Fzero game in 20 years!

  • +2
farlaff firebush03 (on 14 September 2023)

Completely agree! I had never played any of the 99 games, but I'll sure play this one. F-Zero is my favorite racer of all time and the one I played the most. It was also a showcase to kill Mega Drive/Genesis owners with envy for what they could not have back in the day lololol. This is kind of big news.

  • 0
Slownenberg farlaff (on 14 September 2023)

Just played it for a bit. It's pretty sweet. And they did a lot more to the game than just add 99 players to Fzero. We may not have a new Fzero game for many years, but FzeroX and Fzero99 both on Switch are awesome.

  • +1
Kakadu18 Slownenberg (6 days ago)

And hopefully F-Zero: Maximum Velocity will also come to NSO.

  • 0
Jumpin Slownenberg (on 14 September 2023)

I like these 99 games. Not really sure why people are angry about this line of games.

  • +2
Slownenberg Jumpin (on 14 September 2023)

Yeah 99 games are awesome and fzero as a 99 game looks great. Not sure what people wanted. I mean we know that Nintendo isn't working on a new Fzero game because someone from Nintendo said not too long ago that they haven't come up with any new gameplay ideas for the series so they aren't working on an fzero. So only realistic option was a remaster or port of GX which would have been awesome but this is awesome cuz it's free with NSO so millions of us can immediately play fzero99 today!

  • +2
Ayla (on 14 September 2023)
  • -11
tslog (on 14 September 2023)
  • -13