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GTAV Sales Top 175 Million, GTA Series Sales Top 395M, RDR 2 Sales Top 50M

GTAV Sales Top 175 Million, GTA Series Sales Top 395M, RDR 2 Sales Top 50M - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 February 2023 / 5,721 Views

Take-Two Interactive has released its latest earnings report for the quarter ending December 31, 2022 and in the report has provided an update on the latest sales figures for its best-selling franchises and provided an update on the sales of individual games.

The Grand Theft Auto series is the best-selling franchise by Take-Two with over 395 million units sold-in. This is up from 385 million units from the previous quarter ending September 30, 2022. It is "one of the most successful, iconic and critically acclaimed brands in all of entertainment," according to Take-Two.

Grand Theft Auto V has sold-in over 175 million units. This figure is up from 170 million units, It is the best-selling game of the past 10 years in the US, based on both unit and dollar sales and it has also "released across an unprecedented three console generations."

The Red Dead Redemption series with only two releases have sold-in over 70 million units worldwide, which is the same as the previous quarter. Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold-in over 50 million units, which is up from 46 million units. It is the second best-selling title in the US over the past five years based on dollar sales.

GTAV Sales Top 170 Million, GTA Series Sales Top 385M, RDR 2 Sales Top 46M

The NBA 2K series has sold-in over 130 million units worldwide, which is the same figure reported from the previous quarter. It is the best-selling basketball simulation IP in the US based on dollar and unit sales.

The Borderlands series has sold-in over 78 million units worldwide. This is up from 77 million in the previous quarter. Sales reported for Borderlands 2 has sold-in over 27 million, which is the same as the previous quarter. Borderlands 3 has sold-in over 16 million units, which is also the same as the previous quarter.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is an "all-new, fantasy-fueled offering that has taken our partnership with Gearbox Software to new creative heights." It is "viewed as best new franchise from 2K in several years" and is "being supported with four DLC packs in Fiscal 2023."

Sid Meier’s Civilization series has sold-in over 65 million units. This is up from 63 million in the previous quarter. The BioShock series has sold-in nearly 41 million units, which is the same as the previous quarter.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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The Fury (on 06 February 2023)

Said this last, say it again. Hello, I am a gamer who doesn't own GTA5. I'll accept your applause.

  • +8
V-r0cK The Fury (on 06 February 2023)

I'm with you there :)

  • +1
Kakadu18 The Fury (on 06 February 2023)

I own the PS4 version of GTA V but no Playstation.

  • +1
The Fury Kakadu18 (on 07 February 2023)

True dedication.

  • +1
AJNShelton The Fury (on 07 February 2023)

Hello, I bought the game 5 times, can't even tell why

  • +2
dane007 The Fury (on 07 February 2023)

I have 2 copies. One on xbox one and one on pc

  • 0
TheLegendaryBigBoss The Fury (on 07 February 2023)

I'm going to buy it on Steam rn

  • 0
zero129 (on 06 February 2023)

Well ya know when its been the one game for so long... I hate how R* has become and i hope someone else can make a really great GTA clone like Saints row 1+2 was.

  • +7
Ka-pi96 (on 06 February 2023)

Great sales and all, but it is annoying how obsessed they are with just 1 game. Like, GTA6 should've already been out by now, stop milking GTA5 and do something new instead!

Oh, and a Steam port of RDR would be nice too. I don't really want to play #2 until I play #1 first!

  • +6
SanAndreasX Ka-pi96 (on 06 February 2023)

Probably doesn't make sense from a financial standpoint to invest in GTA 6 when 5 is still outselling entire game series every year.

  • 0
Chazore SanAndreasX (on 07 February 2023)

If that's the case they may as well drop SP GTA and just forever keep adding to V and rename it GTA online, instead of GTA V online, we know that's what they want anyway, given how the SP crowd never got any DLC the past decade.

  • +4
SecondWar Chazore (on 07 February 2023)

To some extent, they already have. When you install it on Xbox (unsure about PC & PS) it comes up as GTA Online rather than GTA V.

  • +1
Chazore SecondWar (on 07 February 2023)

That doesn't surprise me that they'd do that.

I got vibes that 6's story plot is gonna be short and the focus again being on 6's online for maximum shark card gains.

  • 0
Ka-pi96 Chazore (on 07 February 2023)

I hope not. I really couldn't care less about the online stuff. 99% of my GTA play time has been the single player part.

  • 0
Chazore Ka-pi96 (on 09 February 2023)

Look how they treated GTA V/RDR 2 Sp players, they gave both set of consumers nothing to go on for years on end, only the online only players got content given to them.

it's almost insane how there are plenty of SP games out there that either do or don't have online components, and yet those SP players get content added in over the years via DLC, patches or expansions, while GTA V/RDR 2 get diddley squat.

hell, RDR 2 online fans have been left out high and dry now, hence the "#saveRDR2" on social media. Only GTA V online players have been getting content from R, and it's mostly content designed to get you to buy the damn shark cards (even RDR 2 online went heavy into selling you in-game gold via MT's to even pay for the online content, like what bullshit is that?).

I made the right call in dropping R
games, because the definitive trilogy sucked ass, still does a year later on Steam (seriously it hasn't been patched since the last patch in Oct 2022), GTA V/RDR and the Trilogy all require the shitty launcher client, and both GTA V?RDR 2 online are skinner boxes designed around selling you MT's, and you get fuck all security from hackers, because R*/T2 only care when their bottom line is touched.

Company has gone completely downhill since GTA V...

The writing's on the wall Kapi, just look at the past decade of their history, they don't care about SP gamers, they don't even care about their online paying customers, or their own security, they just care about smashing records.

  • +1
Ka-pi96 Chazore (on 09 February 2023)

Yeah, it's a real shame. They used to be one of the examples the best dev studios around, where you could be confident everything they put out was very high quality. They put out a fair bit too!

Where's that Rockstar now?

  • +1
Chazore Ka-pi96 (on 09 February 2023)

I know, I miss the old R*...

They used to be the cream of the crop, the creme de la creme, and now they're just another company in a line of others that nickel/dime their customers and lack proper quality control and love for the fans.

  • 0
TheLegendaryBigBoss (on 07 February 2023)

The most profitable entertainment product.

  • +4
LivncA_Dis3 (on 06 February 2023)

Gtavs legs are insane

  • +4
DonFerrari (on 06 February 2023)

It gets more ridiculous every single time.

  • +4
SanAndreasX (on 06 February 2023)

For anyone who wonders why no GTA 6. Take-Two could sell off everything not related to GTA V and still be hugely profitable for years to come. I think GTA might have sold more copies than Pokemon by this point.

  • +3
Machina SanAndreasX (on 07 February 2023)

Pokemon is at 453 million (to increase with the next set of financials), GTA is on 395 million.

GTA outships Pokemon during normal quarters, but Pokemon's more frequent releases allow it to maintain a lead. GTA VI, when it comes out, might change that...

  • +4
SanAndreasX Machina (on 07 February 2023)

I read an article not long ago where GTA was within 23 million units of passing Pokemon. I think they were at 345 and 368 million, respectively, when it was written.

  • 0
Machina SanAndreasX (on 07 February 2023)

That's true - for example as recently as the end of 2021 the gap was ~30 million, but it's increased lately to 58 million+ because of all the new Pokemon releases.

  • 0
2zosteven (on 06 February 2023)

We will never see these kinds of sales again!

  • +3
Chazore (on 07 February 2023)

I almost forgot I owned the game, and then I remembered it was the one game my rig somewhat couldn't handle, as well as it having visual bugs and game mechanical ones up the wazoo.

I stopped around the time they demanded I install that crappy R client to launch the game from Steam in the end, so I think I dodged a bullet, especially with the recent modder exploits going on, that R still cba to fully address.

  • 0
Slownenberg (on 06 February 2023)

That's insane. We talk about how MK8D keeps selling like crazy but GTAV is light years ahead of that. Of course I guess this game is on 6 different systems across 3 generations (make a new game already lol) plus PC. But still this is next level ridiculous and it sold 10m over the holiday quarter?!

I wonder are there lots of people who bought this two gens ago, bought it again last gen, and bought it again current gen?

Personally I got tired of the GTA gameplay after playing Vice City for two weeks back in college. Couldn't stomach any more GTA after that. It just got too boring after a couple weeks, even went back and tried to play GTA3 later on and couldn't do it for more than 10 minutes, just same boring feeling. But obviously there are many millions of people who can't get enough of this series, and hell even this one entry in it.

  • 0
Ka-pi96 Slownenberg (on 07 February 2023)

There are definitely a fair few people that have bought it on multiple gens. Personally I've bought it on PS3, PS4 and PC.

Might be worth another try though. GTA5 is quite different from Vice City/3. The shooting at least is vastly better, it's a decent game just as a 3rd person shooter along now, even without the other stuff. Shooting sucked back on VC/3.

  • 0
AJNShelton (on 07 February 2023)

"it has also "released across an unprecedented three console generations."

Yeah I wouldn't brag about it

  • -2