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PS5 Sales Top 28M, XS Tops 20M - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Nov 27-Dec 3

PS5 Sales Top 28M, XS Tops 20M - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Nov 27-Dec 3 - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 19 December 2022 / 26,637 Views

    The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 932,599 units sold for the week ending December 3, 2022, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 118.20 million units lifetime.

    The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 698,791 units to bring its lifetime sales to 28.26 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 591,167 units to bring their lifetime sales to 20.26 million units.

    PS5 sales compared to the same week for the PS4 in 2015 are down by nearly 95,000 units, while the Xbox Series X|S compared to the same week for the Xbox One are up by nearly 97,000 units. PS4 sold 793,700 units for the week ending December 5, 2015 and Xbox One sales were at 494,574 units.

    The PlayStation 4 sold an estimated 5,815 units, while the Xbox One sold 117 units.

    PlayStation 5 sales compared to the same week a year ago are up by 383,459 (121.6%), while Xbox Series X|S sales are up by 229,406 units (63.4%) and Nintendo Switch sales are down by 148,145 units (-13.7%).

    The PlayStation 4 is down 21,302 units (-78.6%) year-over-year and the Xbox One is down 6,169 units (-98.1%).

    Looking at sales week-on-week, the Nintendo Switch sales are down by nearly 399,000 units, PlayStation 5 sales are up down by nearly 356,000 units, and Xbox Series X|S sales are down by over 493,000 units.

    2022 year-to-date, the Nintendo Switch has sold an estimated 16.49 million units, the PlayStation 5 has sold 11.26 million units, and the Xbox Series X|S has sold 8.99 million units.

    PS5 Sales, Xbox Series X and S Sales, Switch Sales

    Global hardware estimates (Followed by lifetime sales):

    1. Switch - 932,599 (118,202,128)
    2. PlayStation 5 - 698,791 (28,255,097)
    3. Xbox Series X|S - 591,167 (20,255,744)
    4. PlayStation 4 - 5,815 (117,033,125)
    5. Xbox One - 117 (51,278,915)
    Americas (US, Canada, Latin America) hardware estimates:
    1. PlayStation 5 - 437,738
    2. Xbox Series X|S - 411,369
    3. Switch - 381,238
    4. PlayStation 4 - 1,078
    5. Xbox One - 70
    Europe hardware estimates:
    1. Switch - 269,906
    2. PlayStation 5 - 149,348
    3. Xbox Series X|S - 123,904
    4. PlayStation 4 - 376
    5. Xbox One - 35
    Asia (Japan, mainland Asia, Middle East) hardware estimates:
    1. Switch - 246,365
    2. PlayStation 5 - 74,943
    3. Xbox Series X|S - 23,702
    4. PlayStation 4 - 4,327
    5. Xbox One - 5
    Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) hardware estimates:
    1. PlayStation 5 - 36,762
    2. Switch - 35,090
    3. Xbox Series X|S - 32,192
    4. PlayStation 4 - 34
    5. Xbox One - 7

    VGChartz Methodology: Hardware estimates are based on retail sampling and trends in individual countries, which are then extrapolated to represent the wider region. This typically allows us to produce figures that end up being within 10% of the actual totals.

    This data is regularly compared against official shipment figures released by the console manufacturers and figures estimated by regional trackers with greater market coverage than ourselves. We then update our own estimates to bring them into line with those figures. This can result in frequent changes often within a short space of time, but we feel it's important to prioritise accuracy over consistency.

    Note that our estimates are based on sell-through data (units sold to consumers). In almost all cases the figures released by console manufacturers are based on shipment data (sell-in), where as soon as a device has left the factory and entered the supply chain for delivery it is considered a sale. This is why there is always a difference between the companies’ figures (sell-in) and VGChartz estimates (sell-through), even after we’ve made adjustments. The one exception to that is when a console has been discontinued and the remaining stock has finally sold out – at that point the figures will match.

    A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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    Kristof81 (on 19 December 2022)

    Switch to outsell gameboy next week

    • +14
    BuckStud (on 19 December 2022)

    Curious as to why do the headlines here always say "PS5 Sales Tops xxxM". Why doesn't this headline say Nintendo Switch Sales Top 118M? The amount of headlines that this site gives Sony systems is always disproportionate to the others.

    • +13
    eddy7eddy (on 19 December 2022)

    Thanks William for this week's numbers, I'm a little curious about how monthly numbers would look on the front page if you decide to go with it.

    Next Week, Switch will dethrone Game Boy from 3th place.

    • +10
    SanAndreasX eddy7eddy (on 20 December 2022)

    It's been a hell of a run, watching Switch surpass system after system. It might not surpass DS or PS2, but it will definitely be legendary.

    • +2
    scrapking SanAndreasX (on 22 December 2022)

    The Swtich is closing in on the DS despite fewer major revisions than the DS, too (4 for the DS, 3 for the Switch). Definitely impressive.

    • +2
    Matsku SanAndreasX (on 23 December 2022)

    I feel like at this point the Switch will at least catch up to the PS2 and DS. I've been looking at vgchartz numbers and it's really closing in on Japan+rest of world, it should pass both in the US and Europe should be close to the PS2. If there is a Switch Pro it will pass the PS2.

    • 0
    Blakeava1821 (on 19 December 2022)

    Nintendo Switch will OUTSELL the gameboy/gameboy color THIS YEAR!

    • +8
    jvmkdg (on 19 December 2022)

    when will we have the update until the 10th? wouldn't it be released today?

    • +4
    eddy7eddy jvmkdg (on 19 December 2022)

    I don't think always making too much pressure on VGChartz would help...

    • +6
    loy310 (on 19 December 2022)

    Good shit vgchartz😎
    Thank you

    • +2
    jvmkdg (on 19 December 2022)

    ps5 sales seem low to me considering the fact that sony had 3.2 million in stock. ps5 was supposed to be at least 29 million

    • +2
    RaiNoblesse (on 08 January 2023)

    PS5 unavailability still helping the XSX/S sales?...

    • 0
    scrapking (on 22 December 2022)

    I find it striking how Microsoft is fairly close to Sony in the global sales figure, but because they're close-ish in every region. Rather than way ahead in North America, and way behind everywhere else, as they often were in the PS360 era.

    • 0
    HigHurtenflurst (on 19 December 2022)

    Switch might fall just shy of 20m for the year at current rate, ~3m for next 3 weeks then last week should be a bigger drop than last year as it doesn't include Jan 1st (so Japan won't be holding sales up as high)

    • 0
    siebensus4 HigHurtenflurst (on 19 December 2022)

    If Switch can hold above 900k in the upcoming 4 weeks, we're getting another 20M calendar year ^^

    • +8
    HigHurtenflurst siebensus4 (on 19 December 2022)

    It's not getting anywhere near 900k in the last week... Sales in Americas & Europe will probably be almost down to regular levels. Switch should hold out a bit due to Japan as the sales there are usually similar for the week that crosses new year as the week before Christmas.

    • -8
    Slownenberg HigHurtenflurst (on 19 December 2022)

    Yeah sales slowing a bit. Definitely expected Switch this year to do 21-22m, but looks like its gonna be right at 20m probably when official numbers are announced that include all data up through last day of the year (unlike what we'll get on the charts here since Japan won't count the last 6 days).

    • 0
    HigHurtenflurst Slownenberg (on 19 December 2022)

    VGC data is for weeks ending on Saturdays, Famitsu is Sundays... though VGC uses Famitsu to calibrate as I understand it so it may just match week for week for simplicity.

    • 0
    Mars2001 (on 19 December 2022)

    Ps5 low in Asia-EU.Needs a new model.3.9M 2021 in this Q.Now about 5-6M.Switch from 10.7M in this Q 2021 now about 8-9M.

    • 0
    CourageTCD (on 19 December 2022)

    I wonder if last week will be the last week the Switch reached 1M+ this year. If the Switch drops a lot next year, last week can be the last week the Switch reached 1M+ in its lifetime, what do you think?

    • -1
    Lukitoo CourageTCD (on 20 December 2022)

    There's still Christmas week, it will probably cross 1M again

    • +3
    xMetroid (on 19 December 2022)

    Switch should just get a price cut... so many games i haven't bought just bc they are too expensive. C'mon now playing video games shouldn't be that expensive especially when some games don't sell at the current price and would benefit from it..

    • -1
    eddy7eddy xMetroid (on 19 December 2022)

    Looking how good Switch is selling, The soonest we are going to get a price cut could be Next Year, If you take Inflation in consideration, the $300 base model now cost under $250 for 2017 dollars.

    Look for discounts, usually you can get any game around $40 or Lower, but that's how Nintendo play their cards, or get Game Pass (Nintendo's Games not included).

    • +4
    Slownenberg xMetroid (on 19 December 2022)

    Switch itself doesn't need a price cut (though it could probably use one next summer as sales continue to slow down), but yeah definitely the games need a price cut. There's a bunch of first party games that barely sell these days at $60 and should be given the old Player's Choice / Nintendo Select price drop to $30. I would definitely pick up a few Nintendo games at $30 that I will not buy at $60.
    And if there were a bunch of first party games at $30 that would probably entice new people to pick up a Switch since they would be able to get a bunch of top games for cheap. Really the only games that are older than a year old that shouldn't get a price drop to $30 are probably MK8D, Smash, and BotW because they still sell a ton, but since the sequel to BotW is coming out it'd be nice to try to bring in more potential TotK buyers by getting people into the first one at $30.

    • +3
    eddy7eddy Slownenberg (on 19 December 2022)

    Right now BotW is at 39.99 in some retailers, but it's true, Nintendo need more First Party $30 or Nintendo Select Games.

    Edit: I meant, only after a few Years.

    • -1
    eddy7eddy eddy7eddy (on 19 December 2022)

    Or not.. haha

    • +2
    Kakadu18 eddy7eddy (on 20 December 2022)


    • +1
    eddy7eddy Kakadu18 (on 20 December 2022)


    • 0
    pukem0n (on 19 December 2022)

    how is the goddamn Switch outselling shiny next gen machines 5 years after launching? It's a true mystery to me.

    • -4
    kazuyamishima pukem0n (on 19 December 2022)

    It has more stock everywhere.

    • -1
    SanAndreasX pukem0n (on 20 December 2022)

    Better stock and still not a lot of compelling PS5/XSX software.

    • +4
    Slownenberg pukem0n (on 20 December 2022)

    Cuz its arguably the most popular system ever (HW it'll probably fall just a little short of DS/PS2, but software it should easily set the record), and has an incredible library, and you can play anywhere, and its cheaper, and there is more stock, and the other two systems don't have much of a standout library yet.

    • +3
    lombrico pukem0n (on 20 December 2022)

    Switch isn't in challenge witch PS4-One or PS5-X/S.

    two notes:
    -Switch is not the most popular system ever, both software and hardware. Switch compares to nintendo's year sales, less than DS/Wii, more than 3DS/WiiU (not difficult)
    -the actual gen isn't shiny :D

    • -2