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Soulslike Metroidvania Biomorph Announced for Switch and PC

Soulslike Metroidvania Biomorph Announced for Switch and PC - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 10 August 2022 / 1,593 Views

Developer Lucid Dreams Studio has announced Soulslike Metroidvania, Biomorph, for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. It will launch in 2023.

View the teaser trailer below:

Read details on the game below:

In Biomorph, players must use their skills to explore a vast, varied world. Solve puzzles and platforming challenges, fight deadly monsters and take their shapes to use their powers. But beware—every conquered creature can come back with new and even more threatening powers. Players will level-up their character as they fight through the vast areas around the city, collecting new abilities, mementos and blueprints. The journey will reveal surprising and alarming truths about our hero’s own origins.

Become Your Enemy

Play as the enemies by killing them and taking their shape. You will be able to use their skills to fight other enemies or use their powers to navigate in uncharted territories.

They Learn Your Ways

Fight your way through a challenging AI system where previously mimicked creatures unlock new powers to create a unique experience while revisiting areas of the game.

Choose Your Weapons

Choose your fighting style by using an arsenal of melee and range weapons, each of them having its own upgrade trees, to bash and shoot enemies. Create different builds in support of your play style by equipping and mixing different unique skills that you can upgrade.

Explore a Vast World

Explore a vast non-linear, interconnected world composed of 16 different environments, home of optional boss fights, eccentric NPCs, tons of secrets and upgrades to reward the most daring explorer.

Personalize a Village

Rebuild the city of Blightmoor and befriend the townspeople, learning more about both their and the town’s origins. Customize the look of the city to have a unique experience and to feel at home.

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DonFerrari (on 10 August 2022)

This must be because PS isn't japanese enough anymore so the big japanese 3rd party are skipping it.... ow seems like this is a different case =p

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