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Xbox Series S Reportedly Best-Selling Console on Black Friday in the US

Xbox Series S Reportedly Best-Selling Console on Black Friday in the US - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 27 November 2021 / 7,332 Views

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X remain hard to find as the consoles quickly sell out whenever stock becomes available. It is the same for the recently released Nintendo Switch OLED Model. 

It is a different story for the entry level next-generation consoles from Microsoft, the $299 Xbox Series S, which has been readily available at retailers and online stores.

A report from Adobe spotted by Insider says the Xbox Series S was the one of the best-selling items for Black Friday 2021 in the US. Adobe in the report measured "over one trillion visits to U.S. retail sites."

Xbox Series S Reportedly Best-Selling Console on Black Friday

The PlayStation 5 is available for either $399 or $499 depending on if it comes with a disc-drive or not, while the Xbox Series X is priced at $499 and the Switch OLED Model is priced at $349.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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Zippy6 (on 27 November 2021)

Should probably mention that this is in the USA in the title.

  • +17
trunkswd Zippy6 (on 27 November 2021)

I've updated the title. I wrote this right before I went off to bed.

  • +3
Bandorr Zippy6 (on 27 November 2021)

Does black Friday exist outside the US?

  • +3
Zippy6 Bandorr (on 27 November 2021)

Yes it does, not really 20 years ago, but it's reached other countries now. Amazon in the UK has been running "black friday" deals for over a week now lol.

  • +9
Bandorr Zippy6 (on 27 November 2021)

Cool. Didn't know that.

  • +1
siebensus4 Bandorr (on 27 November 2021)

In Germany and Switzerland we know Black Friday for about 5 years, not much longer. For a long time it was unknown or very extraordinary to celebrate, just like Halloween and Superbowl. That changed a bit in the last couple of years. But it's still not that big like in the US.

  • +6
DroidKnight (on 27 November 2021)

What seemed like a dumb design move initially has been proven as a smart option.

  • +10
Mr Puggsly DroidKnight (on 28 November 2021)

I think many people were always open to a cheaper option that plays the same games with lower resolutions. However, I became skeptical of Series S when I saw they reduced the RAM speed and size.

Thus far however, Series S has been a fine alternative to PS5 and Series X for many. I hope sales remain strong as well to encourage developers to properly optimize for the specs.

  • +4
EricHiggin Mr Puggsly (on 28 November 2021)

Very dumb indeed. Who in their right mind would suggest launching a cheaper updated XB1X with the newest tech for next gen? Sometimes you just get lucky...

  • 0
scrapking EricHiggin (on 29 November 2021)

Not sure if serious....?

  • +3
EricHiggin scrapking (on 29 November 2021)

Good call.
I was super early in suggesting that, for MS to get back in the game, especially hardware, that they should replace XB1X with a next gen option, with next gen tech, at a cheaper price than XB1X. Which would also mean XB1X would no longer be necessary.
Seems like it's working out fairly well so far, and I'm not surprised, beyond that the pandemic has made XBSS an even worthier product at this time.

  • +1
scrapking EricHiggin (on 01 December 2021)

Ah. Then yes, I 100% agree. Apparently Microsoft predicted (as happened in the PS360 era) that prices wouldn't drop quickly this gen. The motivation for the Series S was partly in anticipation of that, so they say. If so, it'll likely pay off handsomely for them.

Conversely, if prices DO fall fast this generation, it won't pay off nearly as well.

The chip shortage lends itself to thinking that we won't see much in the way of price drops until at least 2023, , if not longer, so it looks like Microsoft's bet is almost sure to pay off.

  • +1
LittleCloud DroidKnight (on 28 November 2021)

Considering how Series S is sitting on the shelves all the time and barely any units are moving, in a time where all other options are out of stock, the thing that's in stock pretty much automatically becomes number one in sales over that specific time frame.

Over where I live, a few months after it launched, the Series S price has already been discounted and it's been like that ever since. It has also never been out of stock.

  • +2
VAMatt LittleCloud (on 28 November 2021)

Where do you live?

  • +5
LittleCloud VAMatt (on 29 November 2021)

Europe. MSRP is €299. Even Microsoft themselves sell it at €275.99 currently in Germany, €287.96 in Poland:

At most the Series S was out of stock at a specific store for a while but never generally. It's different for the Series X and the PS5s which are out of stock at trustworthy retailers all the time.

Doesn't take a genius to figure out that if Europe isn't keen on buying up all the Series S Xboxes, European retailers are ordering fewer and in turn more are sent to markets such as the US that have a higher Xbox brand engagement than Europe.

If 50,000 people want a Series X and another 30,000 people want a Series S and Microsoft can only ship 25,000 Series X units but 33,000 Series S units, Series S will sell better despite there being more demand for Series X.

  • +2
scrapking LittleCloud (on 29 November 2021)

Yes, Microsoft has done a better job of matching production to demand for the Series S than has been the case for the other current-gen consoles, so in some markets they are not too hard to find.

Yet in other markets they have been harder to find than you describe. In Canada, for example, the Series S is typically sold out on about half of the major electronics websites (Best Buy, EBGames, WalMart, the Source, Microsoftstore, Amazon, etc.) at any given time.

And even if more stores are starting to actually have them in stock more of the time, that doesn't mean they're not selling. All the stores near me have toilet paper, that doesn't mean toilet paper isn't selling.

  • +5
EricHiggin scrapking (on 29 November 2021)

Part of the reason you see XBSS selling quite decent in Canada is due to how much higher our prices are. It makes even more sense to get an XBSS in Canada than it would in the US or EU when it comes to affordability.
XBSS hits that PS4 launch sweet spot range in Canada. XBSX and PS5 prices are pushing the PS3 limit here.

  • +1
chakkra (on 27 November 2021)

I've been saying this since the XSS was revealed. This little machine was designed with the holidays in mind. You will see in a couple of years when it reaches the $199 price point.

  • +10
2zosteven chakkra (on 28 November 2021)

Big gates predicted the pandemic years ago. Maybe it was built for the pandemic?

  • -1
2zosteven (on 27 November 2021)

the last few weeks best buys in san antonio texas has had the series S in stock, even at the end of the day on black friday.

  • +6
Azzanation 2zosteven (on 27 November 2021)

They can still be the fastest selling without selling out

  • +2
2zosteven Azzanation (on 27 November 2021)

yes! wonder why they dont produce more of the series X?

  • +5
InkIt 2zosteven (on 27 November 2021)

Supposedly each Series X chip is worth 3 Series S ones.. that's why.

  • +4
trunkswd InkIt (on 27 November 2021)

Series X like PS5 is harder to produce with the shortages, while the Series S is easier to make.

  • +7
scrapking InkIt (on 29 November 2021)

No supposedly about it. The Series S chips are physically smaller, so more of them are made on each production die. And they're clocked just a tad lower, which helps with yields too.

  • +1
Pemalite (on 27 November 2021)

I have an Xbox Series X and a Playstation 5 and a Switch and High-End PC that is vastly superior.

However... The one console I wanted was the Xbox Series S so I could set it up at work and get some Halo in.

  • +6
mjk45 Pemalite (on 28 November 2021)

Why ,can't you set the series x up at work

  • +2
scrapking mjk45 (on 29 November 2021)

The Series S is the smallest of the current-gen consoles. It's a lot smaller than the Series X, and a LOT smaller than the PS5, so perhaps he's space constrained. I am, and I'm glad I resisted the temptation to wait for Series X and instead got a Series S, for that very reason. And also for the fact that I've been enjoying current-gen gaming for about a year on the Series S, whereas I'd still be waiting if I'd insisted on a Series X or PS5!

  • 0
Pemalite mjk45 (on 29 November 2021)

Travel across a continent via planes when your bag weight limit is 20kg. Every "kg" adds up.

The Series S is smaller, lighter and more convenient to take.

Plus it's allot cheaper and more readily available... So if it gets damaged I won't give a shit.

  • 0
mjk45 Pemalite (on 29 November 2021)

that makes sense I assumed by the way you worded it you were talking about the fire station btw are you urban or rural fire service?

  • 0
zippy (on 27 November 2021)

Awesome!! I love my series S

  • +5
PortisheadBiscuit (on 27 November 2021)

It was the only sku not sold out

  • +4
scrapking PortisheadBiscuit (on 29 November 2021)

It's sold out at about half the sites when I look, so it depends on where you are. It's clearly the current-gen system where supply and demand are closest to each other, but there's also still definitely significant demand for it (and that demand is definitely further inflated by an inability to find other systems, no question).

  • 0
thismeintiel (on 27 November 2021)

I'll wait for NPD. At least going by Amazon, PS5 is # 9 for the month of Nov. XSS is #25.

  • +3
scrapking thismeintiel (on 29 November 2021)

It's just for the day of Black Friday. This report could be completely correct, and yet not agree with the November NPD.

  • 0
thismeintiel scrapking (on 29 November 2021)

True. I don't think any of the other consoles were in stock Fri. So, XSS could win BF day, but I highly doubt it will win BF week. Or Nov.

  • 0
smroadkill15 (on 27 November 2021)

MS must be happy to hear that. It's an excellent console for kids and as a complementary system.

  • +3
Johnd (on 27 November 2021)

Since every shop has a series s available thats not surprising.

  • +3
scrapking Johnd (on 29 November 2021)

Series S is relatively easy to find in some markets, relatively hard to find still in others. I have never seen one in a physical store, and about half the online retailers are sold out in my country (Canada) whenever I check for Series S stock. So supply is definitely closer to demand with Series S, but it's not correct to say that "every shop has a series s [sic] available".

  • 0
siebensus4 (on 27 November 2021)

Nintendo and Sony must have had heavy shortages then. Under normal circumstances it would have been very unlikely this year. But congrats!

  • +2
Bandorr (on 27 November 2021)

Not too surprised. The PS5, Series X, and OLED are hidden behind all the companies "premier" accounts.
Techland, Prime, Wal-mart plus, Gamestop pro etc.

At any point in time you can find one without out effort, and without added cost. Plus i think it's the cheapest?

  • +2
scrapking Bandorr (on 29 November 2021)

You're correct that it's the cheapest. And it's correct to say that you can usually find one. They're relatively easy to find in some markets, and a bit tougher in other markets. But despite the Series S clearly selling well, a determined purchaser will definitely find one as supply and demand are definitely closer to each other on this system than other current-gen consoles.

  • 0
shikamaru317 (on 27 November 2021)

Hoping for a big sales week for Xbox. Would be pretty cool if they managed to beat Xbox One's black friday week in 2014, in spite of Series X shortages, on the back of Series S sales alone.

  • +2
Otter (on 27 November 2021)

Tried to get a series X in time for Halo and Series S was the only system in stock.

  • +1
ClassicGamingWizzz (on 27 November 2021)

Cause its the only one people find bruh

  • 0
scrapking ClassicGamingWizzz (on 29 November 2021)

For sure. That's why the first current-gen bundle out is for Series S, and we'll see more bundles over time. Despite there being seemingly steady demand for Series S, supply and demand are closer to each other for it than for the other current-gen systems.

  • 0
SegaHeart (on 27 November 2021)

I couldn't find an Xbox Series on my Bestbuy? my location for console restock sucks in California, I think this restock is available more so in other state, Even though I no longer game but was curious?

  • 0
Sogreblute (on 27 November 2021)

If this is true then it just goes to show how may Series S consoles Microsoft made. It's the best selling console, so it sold more than the Switch, Switch Lite, Switch OLED (if the Switch is counted in this), Series X, PS5, and PS5 Digital. And it's still in stock at most places, while the rest are sold out.
So if this report is accurate and the Switch skus are included then just how many Series S consoles did Microsoft make?

  • -1
Imaginedvl (on 27 November 2021)

This is not surprising, they even come up with a bundle right on time. For the rest of the world, the Switch probably dominated.

  • -1
Blood_Tears (on 27 November 2021)

Didn't Gamestop mess up and sell the S for buy 1 and get one for 10 bucks?

  • -3
Azzanation (on 27 November 2021)

The Series S is designed for these monsters sales. The flexibility in the price alone is huge. This is a very hard machine to undercut and out produce.

  • -3
Trentonater (on 27 November 2021)

is it actually measuring sales or site visits? THat's different especially when it's the only console you could jsut look up and buy.

  • -5
LudicrousSpeed (on 27 November 2021)

Does this include digital sales

  • -9
Libara LudicrousSpeed (on 27 November 2021)

So many triggered lol.

  • -7
2zosteven Libara (on 27 November 2021)


  • +2
Ashadelo LudicrousSpeed (on 28 November 2021)

Yes and No, because half of them went to China

  • -4