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Xbox Has No Plans for More FPS Boost Titles 'in the Immediate Future'

Xbox Has No Plans for More FPS Boost Titles 'in the Immediate Future' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 22 November 2021 / 1,421 Views

Xbox director of project management Jason Ronald in an interview with the Iron Lords Podcast said the team at Xbox currently has no plans to add more FPS Boost to more titles in the near future. 

"We're always looking at new ways that we can enhance titles, whether it's resolution increases, frame rate improvements, things like Auto HDR," Ronald said.

"I'll say right now, with the existing technique that we have with FPS Boost, we've tried plenty more than [the 130 FPS Boosted titles] and in some cases the vast majority of the game works great, but then we find a game-breaking bug 80% of the way through.

"We're going to continue to look for new opportunities and new ways that we can enhance titles, but we don't have anything in the immediate future... Right now, I think we're kind of finding where some of the limitations of our current technique is."

For those that don't know, FPS Boost increased the frames per second on older titles.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Xbox, Microsoft added 76 new games to backward compatibility, while 37 games got support for FPS Boost.

Thanks, PureXbox.

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Zippy6 (on 23 November 2021)

"but then we find a game-breaking bug 80% of the way through." well just find a way to turn off FPS boost for the broken portion of the game. A bit sad if the game works with FPS boost for the vast majority of it but because it breaks a single scene/event it's not included at all.

FPS Boost is one of my favourite features of the Xbox Series consoles.

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NextGen_Gamer Zippy6 (on 23 November 2021)

That would be a really difficult task, and I'm not even sure how you could implement it at all. The way FPS Boost, and resolution increase, and 16x Anisotropic Filtering work right now is completely at the system level, with no changes to the game code at all. So all of those systems have no awareness whatsoever of what they are running. Think of when you turn anti-aliasing on in a PC game: that AA has no idea what "part" of the game you are playing, so it would have no way of turning off at a certain point. Same goes for FPS Boost or the other Xbox backwards-compatibility systems.

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Zippy6 NextGen_Gamer (on 23 November 2021)

It's not impossible for the system to know what part of a game the user is in without changing the game code at all. They can read values in memory to determine this. But admittedly this is a lot more effort than just, flick the switch and if it works it works.

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Mr Puggsly (on 23 November 2021)

I'd love to see FPS boost in more titles, it would be an excuse to revisit some games. I am mostly happy they brought it to Fable (except 2, sadly) and Gears titles. That was among my most desired.

Also, Sonic Generations looks amazing with 4K and FPS boost. Its kinda like a perfect remaster.

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Pemalite (on 23 November 2021)

I think they are cutting their losses with the amount of resources they have invested in this over the years as well... Resources that can be directed to other efforts to benefit the ecosystem.

At the very least I would have LIKED to have seen parity with the Xbox 360's OG Xbox backwards compatibility, but alas... For some reason that never eventuated.
That means for OG Xbox games, the Xbox 360 is the better console in terms of the amount of games it can run than the Series X or Xbox One. (Especially considering the Xbox 360 has HDMI too unlike the OG Xbox.)

Hopefully one day the emulators that Microsoft has built can be ported to another platform (I.E. ARM+Android) so we can have some quality Micro-consoles happening.

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Mr Puggsly Pemalite (on 23 November 2021)

Well they keep bringing desired titles to BC, even years after they've stopped. I think their message is stop begging and have no expectations.

360 will always have the edge on running old OG Xbox games, but the results are very mixed. Some games are virtually broken, poor performance, etc. I personally didn't use the 360's BC much for these reasons. I still own a couple OG Xbox's just in case I want to revisit an old game.

Its most important OG Xbox BC gets notable games. The list I put together has just over 100 OG Xbox games I'd like to see on BC. But some are less important than others thanks to PC ports and many being multiplats. For example, I could play Freedom fighters on PC or PS2/Gamecube emulators.

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