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[Updated] Bloomberg: Horizon Forbidden West Delayed to Q1 2022

[Updated] Bloomberg: Horizon Forbidden West Delayed to Q1 2022 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 August 2021 / 3,893 Views


Bloomberg's Jason Schreier has heard from a person familiar with the matter that Sony has delayed Horizon Forbidden West to the first quarter of 2022.


VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb during his GrubbSnax show on Giant Bomb this week said he heard from a source Sony is "leaning towards" delaying from Holiday 2021 to 2022. 

"I've heard, not certain, but I've heard that something's coming in September," said Grubb. "And I'm trying to debate if I want to be the one to say this. I think that game is going to get delayed to 2022."

"I don't know for sure, I think it's still undecided, but I think it's leaning towards Horizon Forbidden West in 2022," he added.

"I think they’ll have a September State of Play to say, 'here are the other things we're going to have in the fall. here's a bunch of exciting stuff. don't worry.' But then I think Horizon Forbidden West is going to be 2022."

Horizon Forbidden West 'On Track' for Holiday 2021, 'But It Isn't Quite Certain Yet'

The Head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst last month in a Q&A said Horizon Forbidden West is "on track to release this holiday season." However it "isn’t quite certain yet, and we’re working as hard as we can to confirm that to you as soon as we can."

Horizon Forbidden West is in development for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. 

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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EnricoPallazzo (on 30 July 2021)

In other news, water is wet. This was already expected.

  • +11

Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if it's true. No shame in delaying a game that needs more time.

  • +2
JRPGfan SvenTheTurkey (on 31 July 2021)

He makes it sound like its due to avoiding competion in the holidays.... its "undecided yet". Could be this dude is just rumor mongering, for clicks.

  • +3

Yep. Nobody wants another Cyberpunk/Anthem/ME4 fiasco. You can kill franchises doing stuff like this.

  • +4
Otter (on 30 July 2021)

Didn't he say Starfield was launching Q4 2021?? Yeah, anyway Sony have literally said they don't know whether the game will release this year. If a company is saying that expect the worse. Same with Nintendo saying Zelda is "targeting 2022"

  • +9
yvanjean Otter (on 30 July 2021)

Jeff Grubb said targeting a Q1 2022 launch window. Quite a different statement than you saying launching Q4 2021.

  • -4
Otter yvanjean (on 31 July 2021)

And even more different from its actual Q4 2022 release date. That was the point.

  • +4
Bristow9091 (on 30 July 2021)

I'd prefer it wasn't delayed because it'd make a lovely birthday present for me lol... but I mean, I still have a ton of games I need to play through anyway, so delays really don't mean much to me anymore lol :P

  • +8
JuliusHackebeil Bristow9091 (on 01 August 2021)

10 years ago a bought so many games day one. Therefor every delay felt really bad. Now I have a ton of PS4 games to finish and big ones too, like Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding, and the only PS5 game I got to so far is Astros Playroom. Having not enough time for games can be a blessing sometimes. (But I'd rather have it the ither way :))

  • 0
gtotheunit91 (on 30 July 2021)

As much as it sucks that there's some major game delays lately, it really is for the best in the end. It took the sacrifice of Cyberpunk 2077 (which was still a mediocre game at best tbh) to do it, which is strange since there's been SO many broken launches over the past several years, but hopefully this is leading the industry to not launch a game until it's actually ready. Covid has had a major impact on game development as well to be sure.

As Shigeru Miyamoto once said, "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad" Take your time Guerrilla.

  • +7
smroadkill15 (on 30 July 2021)

Now Jason Schreier is saying it's delayed to 1st quarter 2022. Grubbs is not always right, but Jason only really says stuff if he knows it's true. Either way, better to delay than release a unpolished title.

  • +3
DonFerrari (on 30 July 2021)

So now the rumor sligthly changed to him hearing concrete information, ok.

  • +2
ClassicGamingWizzz (on 30 July 2021)

Playstation : we dont know if this game is ready for this year.

Jeff scrub : horizon might be delayed, u dont know for certain, maibe... I can be wrong, i think it is , we will see about it!!! They are leaning to a delay , maibe...

Lamegamesmedia : writes an article


Dont you have anything better to write about? Can we stop giving these attention whores credit?

  • +1
Libara ClassicGamingWizzz (on 30 July 2021)

I feel this comment will age well.

  • +9
shikamaru317 Libara (on 30 July 2021)

Now it's not just Grubb, Schreier has said it is delayed as well. You were right, it didn't age well.

  • +12
Otter shikamaru317 (on 31 July 2021)

It aged fine because Grubb and Schreier made completely different statements. Grub said could be 2022 & that its undecided (which we already knew from sony themselves), Schreier said it has 100% been decided its 2022.

  • 0
hiccupthehuman Otter (on 31 July 2021)

Jason came out with his story right after Jeff openly talks about it, and even credits Jeff with the scoop. Jason says that Jeff's tip was a little older, when it was just leaning 2022, while Jason's source is very recent. Either way, those are just technicalities, and Jeff was right.

  • +3
DonFerrari (on 30 July 2021)

So it is a new based on a rumour of the possibility of something? Cool.

  • +1

These guys have nothing worthy to write so they write about every thing these idiots say or they pick a interview, split them in 10 and write 10 articles.

  • -7

Yep, I remember complaining about Phil Spencer talking to much... but if we would really analyse it was a single interview split into a month worth of daily tidbits clickbait articles.

  • +2
LudicrousSpeed (on 31 July 2021)

No one is surprised by this. I feel like we all knew it was 2022.

  • 0
fauzman (on 30 July 2021)

Disappointed but better than the alternative. If this comes to pass 2022 will be an amazing year for ps5 exclusives.

  • 0
pikashoe fauzman (on 30 July 2021)

Not a ps5 exclusive

  • 0
kazuyamishima (on 02 August 2021)

Expected, Sony is planning to ship more than 22.2 million PS5’s for FY2022.

  • -1
JRPGfan (on 31 July 2021)

Why? game looks great, and polished enough? " I think it's still undecided" is this sony trying to avoid competeing at this holiday time with it? what? why? Lets see if Jeff Grubb is full of it or not.

  • -2
shikamaru317 (on 30 July 2021)

If this happens they won't have any big exclusives for Q4, so I guess they will have to lean heavily into their CoD and GTA V marketing deals. Won't change much sales wise, PS5 is so high in demand that they will be selling all of the consoles they ship this year regardless of Horizon 2 being delayed.

  • -5
method114 shikamaru317 (on 30 July 2021)

Which is most likely why they don't care much. Sales are so high with no signs of that chaining there's no point in pushing everyone to the max to get this out in time.

  • +1
TallSilhouette shikamaru317 (on 30 July 2021)

Sony hasn't really cared much about first party software in Q4 in a long time. If anything they actively avoid releasing their big titles then and let the big third party titles of the world do the heavy lifting for them.

  • +10
mjk45 TallSilhouette (on 30 July 2021)

yes around march seemed to be a date they like

  • 0
xMetroid (on 31 July 2021)

That PS5 reveal aged terribly, Sony always promises blindly. PS5 selling with the hype cuz right now there is not much else going on for it.

  • -6
Rafie xMetroid (on 31 July 2021)

Wow your comment is ignorant at best.

  • +5
Signalstar (on 30 July 2021)

Return of the Delaystation? Sony already jumped the gun by releasing GT7 and God of War Ragnarok teaser trailers with 2021 dates. To have it happen again with Horizon FW would be embarrassing and disingenuous. But that is how game development goes sometimes I guess. It will release when it is ready.

  • -6
Otter Signalstar (on 30 July 2021)

Honestly Horizon is the one title where they've been very honest about this. It was never confirmed for 2021 unlike GOW/GT7. Even back at reveal, Gorilla only said that they're targeting 2021. There was not release window in the trailer or anything

  • +14
mjk45 Otter (on 30 July 2021)

you should never have Gorillas make your video games .

  • +1
Ka-pi96 mjk45 (on 30 July 2021)

Guerrillas however are a good idea.

  • +1

Embarassing is releasing a game like cyberpunk... Sigh

  • +15
EnricoPallazzo Signalstar (on 30 July 2021)

That happened at the beginning of last generation. Sony didnt have the games at the time, but released just tease trailers for a lot of games which helped them a lot to create hype and push console sales even if the games were 3 years ahead. Its normal, just strategy, and to be honest it works.

  • +2
KratosLives (on 31 July 2021)

Did anyone really think it was coming this year? Lol. Hell i'd be surprised if it launches before november 2022.

  • -7
JuliusHackebeil KratosLives (on 01 August 2021)

I sure did not have that foresight. Was convinced it would be this year. Especially given the already long development time coupled with them not having to start from scratch but making a sequel.

  • 0