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Five Ways to Connect Your Xbox One with a VPN for Streaming Netflix

Five Ways to Connect Your Xbox One with a VPN for Streaming Netflix - Article

by Craig Snow , posted on 05 November 2020 / 3,802 Views

The following is a guest editorial.

Many people love to stream Netflix due to its diverse content, however some geo-restrictions can limit individuals' access to Netflix's full range of content. Fortunately, an individual can access this content by connecting their Xbox One to Netflix using a credible VPN that guarantees maximum privacy and safety. Getting a reliable and trusted VPN in the UK with military-grade encryption and fast speeds isn't easy, so below are the steps to connect to Surfshark (one of the best VPNs available in the UK) on Xbox One using different devices.


1. Connecting Xbox One with a VPN via Wi-Fi router

The simplest way of using VPN services on a user’s Xbox One is to connect to a home Wi-Fi router. A user must have a premium VPN subscription to experience the best service, but a single account will serve Netflix services across diverse regions.

How to connect your Xbox One with a Wi-Fi-router:

  1. The first step is turning on the Xbox and going straight to the settings.

  2. The user should then select the network (encrypted by the VPN).

  3. Ensure that the network is stable.

  4. Complete the set-up of the wireless network to connect with the Xbox One.

  5. The Xbox One should detect the wireless network in the user’s area (Wi-Fi).

  6. Connect to the network and stream Netflix with maximum speed and privacy.


2. Connecting Xbox One with a VPN via PC

Many users prefer to connect their Xbox One with a VPN via PC for streaming Netflix in their respective regions without geo-blocking. This type of connection is considered safer and easier to set-up than most other options.

How to connect your Xbox One with a PC:

  1. The user should install the VPN (Surfshark) software on their PC.

  2. Plug an appropriate Ethernet cable directly into the Xbox One to the PC.

  3. Connect to the Wi-Fi network available at the user’s location.

  4. Go to the operating panel --> the network and sharing icon.

  5. Click on the change adaptor menu available on the left-hand side of their PC.

  6. Right-click on the VPN’s icon and go straight to properties.

  7. Open the sharing tab> this helps to allow other network users to connect to the PC’s internet connection.

  8. Test whether there is a stable connection on the Xbox One > an individual can then stream Netflix on their Xbox One via the VPN.


3. Connecting Xbox One with a VPN via Android Phones

Many users will prefer to connect an Android phone with their Xbox One, since they can then stream Netflix on their phones while relaxing in bed. The Xbox One should have Bluetooth for an easier connection with Android devices.

How to connect your Xbox One with Android devices:

  1. Download the VPN app on your Android phone.

  2. Open the phone settings and click to open a notification icon.

  3. Press the icon for Bluetooth --> if it doesn't respond long press.

  4. Ensure that Bluetooth is appropriately toggled on.

  5. Ensure the phone is scanning for available devices --> if it doesn’t automatically scan correctly, click on the screen.

  6. Turn your Xbox One on.

  7. Hold the Xbox button for a few seconds until it blinks.

  8. Tap to pair on your Android phone.

After a safe connection, you can stream all Netflix content without worrying about privacy or speed.


4. Set-up Xbox One with a VPN via Mac

Users with Macs can also get connected to their Xbox One; you only need a Mac (desktop or a laptop), an Ethernet cable, and an active VPN subscription. This will allow you to enjoy streaming high-quality content from Netflix without geo-restrictions.

How to connect your Xbox One with a Mac:

  1. Install the VPN software on your Mac.

  2. Plug an Ethernet cable from your Xbox One to your Mac.

  3. Go to the system’s settings and select the sharing icon. Ensure that internet sharing is initiated on the window.

  4. Share the connection to link with the Wi-Fi.

  5. Check whether there is a stable internet connection shared between Mac and Xbox One --> green icon must appear to show a successful connection.

  6. Open the VPN software to Mac and connect to the server.

  7. Test the stability of the internet connection on the Xbox One – there should be a connection between the VPN and your Xbox One.

After a successful connection, you can stream all Netflix movies from any geographical location with maximum privacy.


5. Connect Xbox One with a VPN via Smart TV

You can also connect your Xbox One with a Smart TV and stream all available content through it. This can be done through Surfshark VPN to help ensure you stay anonymous during online navigation, as well as pass through any geographical restrictions.

How to connect your Xbox One with a Smart TV:

  1. Access the Smart TV control panel via a remote or any synchronized device.

  2. Navigate to the network settings and ensure all icons are visible --> if not, shut down the TV and switch it on again.

  3. Enter your VPN details sent after successfully subscribing to your chosen VPN service --> these include password, username, and VPN server address. Confirm the changes went through correctly on the TV using the icon setting panel.

  4. Boot up your Xbox One and head to its settings page.

  5. Select wireless network and fuse with the new network.

  6. The Xbox One will detect the Wi-Fi network connected to a Smart TV.

  7. Insert relevant log-in details and test whether the connection was successful.

  8. The Smart TV should cause the Xbox One to appear in the chosen remote location.

After the connection is successful you'll be able to stream Netflix from the comfort of your couch or any other room in the house. For the best Xbox One VPN check out and download Surfshark here.

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