Rumor: Nintendo to Release New Switch Model in Second Half of 2019

Rumor: Nintendo to Release New Switch Model in Second Half of 2019 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 04 October 2018 / 3,236 Views

Nintendo is working on a new Nintendo Switch model that will launch in the second half of 2019, according to a report on The Wall Street Journal, citing "suppliers and others with direct knowledge of the plan."

Nintendo is still working out what new hardware and software features to add to the new model. One possibility is an improved LCD screen. The current model uses a lower-end LCD that is missing some technology newer smartphones use. It is unlikely Nintendo will use the new OLED screens that Apple uses in the iPhone X, according to the report. 

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TallSilhouette (on 04 October 2018)

Just want a Switch Lite with better bezels, price, and battery life.

Heavenly_King (on 04 October 2018)

Dockless (TV less) Switch incoming

ResilientFighter (on 05 October 2018)

I hope if a better one comes out it is TVless that way my smash bros switch doesn't lose value or its place in my living room lol

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Slownenberg (on 04 October 2018)

I think this was pretty expected. Probably will be the better display mentioned, possibly filling to the corners of the system so the display is a bit bigger, maybe throw in 128GB storage, sell for $300 so they can drop the OG to $250

SuperNintend0rk (on 04 October 2018)

Can't say I'm surprised! I wonder if it'll be a portable only Switch or a Switch Pro...

KazumaKiryu (on 04 October 2018)

It was clear that a better switch hardware will appear in 2019. The official announcement comes in June 2019 on the E3 / directly from Japan. Release: In summer or end of 2019.

ResilientFighter (on 05 October 2018)

Im not happy with this. I just bought the preorder for the smash bros switch :(

Mystro-Sama (on 04 October 2018)

Hopefully it has a better battery life.

Landale_Star (on 04 October 2018)

Probably adding a power light.

V-r0cK (on 04 October 2018)

I just bought mine 2 days ago! ...but i was fully aware this was going to happen, tho does it feel its a bit too soon for a new model? Anyways, im thinking the new model wont be drastic as im sure Nintendo will make sure the current joycons can still be used. Lets also hope all future games can still work on the current model.

Cerebralbore101 (on 04 October 2018)

Switch Light.

Kwaidd (on 04 October 2018)

....and here we go

CaptainExplosion (on 04 October 2018)

Well they have done this with past consoles, so why not?